I have no idea why anybody ever took this con artist seriously.

NOW she's warning of a war with Russia, which "would come at a cost beyond anything that we can really imagine."

1. We already HAD our war with Russia.

2. It lasted three hours.

3. The Russians got wiped out.

On February 7, 2018, we inflicted the greatest military defeat on Russia she had ever suffered.

We destroyed a 600-man Mobile Detachment Combat Group (MDCG) at Deir Ezzor, Syria.

The MDGC suffered 100 percent casualties.

About half were killed, and half were wounded.

Only a handful of men got out unscathed.

A MDCG has at its core three motorized infantry companies.

They use BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles.

Here's one company.

And a platoon of six Pantsir air-defense vehicles armed with surface-to-air missiles launchers and automatic cannons.

Facing all that firepower were 40 (forty) Green Berets.

The official story is we used air power, but I now don't believe that.

There's ZERO FOOTAGE, except for two short clips taken by American drones.

Deir Ezzor is a large city. Nobody filmed anything.

Do you have any idea how HARD it would be to utterly wipe out an armored unit like a Russian MDCG?

ONE tank and ONE infantry fighting vehicle survived.

To spread the story.

And Putin gave up. His combat troops left Syria.

Tulsi Gabbard is living proof that that too many members of Congress are unfit to control the military.

My guess is since she's on the Iranian and Syrian side, she's on Russia's side as well.

Another John Kerry, down to the virtually fake combat record.

Biden is adhering to the Trump military policies.

So far.

He may not have a choice.

At any rate, I'm not worried. We won't go to war against Russia.


If Russia invades Ukraine proper, Putin will lose A LOT of men.

As he he did at Deir Ezzor, Syria.

February 7, 2018.

It had to be done. The world is a hard taskmaster.

And the funny thing is, all the dumbass antiwar-for-no-reason types like Tucker Carlson and Tim Pool don't even know that we ALREADY HAD our war with Russia.

If they DID know, they'd oppose it retroactively, even though it saved the lives of God knows how many Syrians.


Perhaps many took that con artist seriously because they believed she was a combat veteran and has a nice a$$.
As you often say- nobody knows how anything works.

@cshores8 @ThomasWic

I wonder how much combat a medical records clerk saw in the green zone? I know, she fought off human wave attacks with her SOF sharpie.

She does have a nice ass.

@masterblaster @cshores8 @ThomasWic

I won't tell Miss Merritt her grandpa talks like that. Mum's the word. 😉

@masterblaster @cshores8 @ThomasWic Always the little head will be to her advantage. Meanwhile she is unfit, pandering and thinks all Republicans will welcome her. No thanks. She can stay over on her side of the aisle.


Just this morning I listened to a discussion about Russia’s utter failure in Syria. I’m sure you’ve seen these articles, but just in case.

@ThomasWic the visual aids helped me to understand the enormity of what you were explaining. I remember you mentioning this before, but I did not appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishment until this thread, without air support...incomprehensible to someone with my limited knowledge of weapons and war.


To this day, they stick with a three-man crew for their tanks, using an automatic loader for the main gun.

Humans can load almost twice as fast.


Something strange happened there if it is as you say. I recall the reports that we got in the news.

I'd say they, Russia, would pay a high price for a buffer zone. To have NATO on the boarder would not be comfortable for Russia. Personally, I agree with them. NATO and Ukraine is pushing too hard.


I'm curious about what to make of OBiden approving the sale of the F35s to the UAE.

Also, do you think the burning centrifuges in Natanz was the work of Mossad or did we have a role in that?


Biden seems to be unable to deviate from Trump's military plans.

For whatever reason.

As for the centrifuges, my guess is the Israelis handle the cyberwarfare, while the Gulf Arabs do the actual fighting.

Israelis are totally conflicted about using violence, while the Gulf Arabs are a warrior culture.

It's a perfect relationship.

@ThomasWic @Movietime_Blues

Israelis must be conflicted about using violence because Palestinians paint them as war criminals every chance they get

Why do the Israelis never defend themselves against Pallywood charade, I have no idea


Israeli here, with some answers.

First, we have this vision of living here in peace. For some this means that there SHOULD be no wars anymore.

In fact, today is indep day here, yesterday was the day of fallen soldiers...

Second, we have our share of leftists. Quite a bunch, in fact. Many are as stupid as the American ones, but at least not as violent.

Next, relations between Arab Israelis and Palestinians create additional difficulties.

And more...

@ThomasWic @Movietime_Blues

I'm not even sure if the Russian military is in any shape to carry out such a massive endeavor of invading a country as big as Ukraine.


I remember when Tucker Carlson was the bow-tied misfit trying to make a name for himself.

Now he has. And he shows every sign of believing his own press/propaganda.

Tulsi indeed. Pride goes before the fall.

@BeThankful @ThomasWic

I am so thankful that my hubby no longer watches Tucker every eve. We have found more productive ways to spend the evenings.

@ThomasWic Tulsi and Tucker
are both NPC to me. Why
anyone would believe anything
either of them have to say is
beyond me. It’s like listening
to an album by Alvin and the


I doubt the people saying Gabbard has a nice ass, have actually seen it.

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