Here's one of the benefits of Trump's current strategy:

With no Trump to fight, leftists are eating each other.

The ideology is more fractured than at any other time in modern history.

They're fighting each other to see who can be the most woke.

This is why RADICAL leftists are being fired left and right.


The ideology has reached peak self-nullification.

Prior to the current "anti-Asian hate crime awareness" fad, Asians were called...the new white supremacists.

And in California, the state is decrying anti-Asian hate crimes AS IT PREPARES TO ABOLISH HATE-CRIME ENHANCEMENTS in sentencing guidelines.

Hate-crime enhancements have already been abolished in LA County.

Now the incoming attorney general will do the same.

Trump didn't fight the election theft because his plan was for his Judas goats to help the political left destroy itself.

A united front will be impossible in the future.

Now that the fascists have experienced what it's like to have actual power, they'll never give it up.

And THAT means no more working with establishment Dems.

The GOP, on the other hand, is totally united behind Trump.

And Trump is garnering support from non-Republicans.

Long-term planning.

Big-picture thinking.

Special Operations Command just reassigned their new "diversity" bozo.

We'll see what happens.

I seriously doubt that the guy will have any real power regardless.

See, the current fascists have no idea what they want.

Stop hate crimes, but don't punish people who commit hate crimes.

In other words, just talk.

And now they're defending senility, corruption, nepotism, elitism...

Thank Trump for leading them into this trap.

Too many Americans nowhave to experience something before they know it's bad.

And always remember:

Trump GOT his landslide.

But he couldn't pass up the opportunity to deal a death blow to ALL our enemies, foreign and domestic.

In time, you'll see that he made the right choice.


Question. Need insight on Myanmar: is their military the good guys or bad? Seems the people there are suffering at the hands of the military.‬
Also, on another site, I’m being questioned & doubted no matter how much research I present 😞 What is your advice for genuine sites to fact check from?‬
Although I think these people will pick on anything I say bc it goes against the beloved “Q” streamers they are obsessed with....


Since you already admitted that nothing you say will make a difference, why are you still trying?

Welp......I can’t argue with that. Point taken 😉 Thx for reply.

And here’s a live White House YouTube video I screen recorded a while’s the one where some guy’s mic appears to cut in live while Biden is speaking. Strange stuff?! Did the recording myself at livestream of event, so I am 100% confident that it’s authentic.
Curious to know what you think he’s saying/referring to.....


Shorter version with WH YouTube credentials visible. Might be nothing, might be something 🤷🏼‍♀️

@ThomasWic A strategic political retreat that created a vacuum(or famine) of power that everyone is scrambling to fill. And like the Mongols he will make that fateful turn, encircle and destroy his enemies. But not before those enemies have thoroughly cannibalizes each other.

@akelm88 @ThomasWic
Thus, the Scavino videos of powerful, deadly, precision fighter jets going straight up, circling, and reengaging.

@KirkWhisenant That image is hilarious considering not a singular person who illegally investigated Trump got shit for it. They got cushy jobs working at state media outlets and then stole an election and were rewarded with power.

Now after being told since 2020 to wait for Trump's 2nd term for the insanity to subside, we'll have to wait four more years at a minimum to return to some semblance of normalcy. Maybe


Excellent points, Janis. I would have never guessed this all happening- especially the states fighting back.

@Linnie @janis
Agree! Nothing has been more glorious than watching states stand up & fight to take their rights’s all gotta start at the grass roots local level so that the deep clean that Trump is finishing up is not all for naught. Makes me giddy watching it all go down 👊🏻

@janis @KirkWhisenant I could have predicted the total shitshow. Not to a tee but I knew it would be shit.

I predicted that Florida would definitely fight back but I wasn't expecting the sheer amount of pushback from other R states. I'm pleasantly surprised.

I would not say that the situation is hopeless, I'm just furious at the amount of waiting I have to do. I don't think Biden will be able to do much domestic damage specifically because of the treatment the states are giving him.

@A_Single_Soda_Bottle @janis @KirkWhisenant Okay, Trump wins. All Dems unite again with ever more fervor to destroy him. His 4 years are up and they’re more galvanized and powerful than ever. The people who thought Orange Man Bad still think it. Then what? The Dem narrative and the media’s hold on the people has to be destroyed. That’s the only way to save America.

@janis @KirkWhisenant Learning to emotionally disengage from politics is way easier said than done. I've been working on projects to keep myself preoccupied since Jan 2020, where I become engaged in the first place bc I was told that at the end of Trump's 2nd term, the US would be a way better country. I was hungry for that country because I'm exhausted from the extended bout of volume 200 insanity we've been suffering since 2017.

@A_Single_Soda_Bottle @janis

Difficult to keep a full head of steam of pissed off as you research because the more sources and stories that you look into, the more you find things change from initial POV.

@janis @A_Single_Soda_Bottle

The unfortunate part is that his constituents think he's making mistakes, and he's just executing the democrat's platform that they
( supposedly ) voted him in for. No wonder they're upset. 😂

@janis @A_Single_Soda_Bottle @KirkWhisenant

Yes! How half of the country could not is what truly makes me think America is lost!

@janis @A_Single_Soda_Bottle @KirkWhisenant As hard as it is right now it had to be this way. States are learning to take their power back which is how it should be. One has to look at the long haul and overall picture..not just short term satisfaction. I have faith Trump has this

@A_Single_Soda_Bottle @KirkWhisenant

I feel ya! I’m pissed, tuned off all radio, TV is out and only get my news here even though I know that is not wise but everything else is so corrupt and full of lies, this QV is something special. We will see. Buckle up for both directions this might go!

@YoungBlood that is a good one for the Dems to think on. it will keep them wondering what is coming next, what Trump might/could have waiting for them around the corner. because, for Trump, it's fun to get back.


TW -

Just one point...

Biden ripped the Reps at his news conference...I heard nothing the next day...from the Reps.

The only thing they did was go to the border...okay...that's real important...BUT...

...they may be behind 45... but they annoy the shit out of me because they do not know how to really fight like 45...

Maybe I am expecting too much!? 🤔

@ThomasWic I live with one of those. Can't wait until he has to put 200 gallons of fuel into his f'n boat.

@ThomasWic But people (voters) will be told what they have seen and heard and will parrot the party line to friends and family. We are cooked.


My In-Laws are Democrats to core! I'm talking it's in their bones, But, NOT anymore, they came over last night & were complaining about the Democrats the whole time, My father in-law watched CNN 24/7 and believed everything they would say, but, last night, his exact words, "CNN has to have the stupidest people that walk among us on TV", I thought I might have a stroke, those words came out of his mouth, then he said, "What the hell is all this Tranny stuff, etc" He was on a rant😂

@BlkLdyPatriot @ThomasWic

My Husband and I are still in shock! Never in our life did we think they would turn, we couldn't talk about Trump around them, when Trump was in office, it would turn into an argument between my husband and his mom, so I told him it's not worth it, now, they want Trump back, of course my husband reminded them how they hated Trump, and of course, they acted like that was never true..lmao🤣 I'm just so happy they came over to this side!🤗

@CClark—It’s as if the scales were literally ripped from their eyes.

And we’re not even at the six month mark.

Biden is even worse than Jimmy Carter. It took him more than a year to screw things up.


@BlkLdyPatriot @CClark @ThomasWic
Oh ouch. My parents were staunch Democrats. Jimmy Carter was the last Democrat they ever voted for.

@FreakinChickenLittle —At least they learned early. It took 12 years for me to finally wake up (1992). Haven’t voted for a Democrat president or congressional seat in nearly 30 years.

@CClark @ThomasWic

@CClark Only THEY can open their own eyes. It is miraculous when it happens! Blessings! @ThomasWic

@CClark @ThomasWic

I’m really only half kidding when I say this is all an elaborate plot to break through the fog surrounding the foggiest of the fogged up Democrat voters 🌫 who will literally never change until they have to suffer a little for their stupidity — just like teenagers who ignore your warnings against drugs and have to experience the hell of addiction, withdrawal, and rehabilitation.

I get all moves now, remember how pelosi said they would have to pull him out of the whitehouse after the election? She said it over and over. My thinking is,(could be way off), but what if the Dems knew they were going to be caught cheating by Trump. They could then use the msm assets to show Trump was a dictator and cause a massive problem (civil war analogy, but not that level). He then leaves with his evidence and squelches there chances at making him look bad. Genius.

@Jeromy @ThomasWic I hope after all is said and done President Trump writes a highly detailed book about every little bit of his plan. It would be an outstanding best seller.

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