A new member posted anti-vaccination propaganda.

First toot.

"A vaccine developer who has worked for the Gates Foundation (he's no anti-vaxxer) is pleading with people not to take the Covid 'vaccine.'

Well, Geert Vanden Bossche is NOT a "vaccine developer."

He has a PhD.

He's a researcher.

Everybody's LYING about him.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he's a "virologist."


He has ZERO medical background.

Except in veterinary medicine.

He's published almost nothing on vaccines. Therefore he's not a "world-renowned expert."

In fact he claims that COVID-19 is "harmless."


Here's Vanden Bossche's argument:

The more people we vaccine, the more the virus will mutate to defeat the vaccine, until we're all dead.

He's lying.

The reason viruses mutate is to become LESS LETHAL

This is Virology 101.

Viruses exist to spread. If they kill their hosts, THEY DIE TOO.

So they mutate to allow the host to live.

When the host lives, the virus can spread.

The movie The Andromeda Strain explains it perfectly without explaining.

A satellite brings in an extraterrestrial virus. It kills everybody instantly.

That's all you need to know.

Anti-vaxxers always LIE in order to push their agenda.

We have to ask THIS:

What exactly is their agenda?

Without vaccines, we'll all have a lifespan of about 30 years.

We'll get diseases you can even imagine.

I understand the dummies who think vaccines are Satan's handiwork, but what about the wealthy?

The answer is population control.

Kill us off to save More Earth.

THAT'S their agenda.

Nice, huh?

Here's the deal:

If you choose to live among others, you have to make accommodations.

Because of rabid anti-vaxxers, we're seeing the resurgence of diseases that we'd eradicated.

These people send their kids to public schools and infect OTHERS.

Ever heard of Typhoid Mary?

Mary Mallon, an Irish cook who was an asymptomatic and chronic carrier of the typhus bacteria.

She didn't believe in bacteria, so she kept going underground to work as a cook.

SHE KILLED PEOPLE because she hated being told what to do.

So they stopped playing games and locked her up.

I approve.

If you want to kill yourself, be my guest.

But when you become a risk to OTHERS, you have to be stopped.

I haven't been vaccinated. It's not that I refuse to be; it's that I don't see the need at this moment.

If my movements are restricted unless I get vaccinated, I'll do it.

And I'll get the @#$% on with my life.


@TrishaW @ThomasWic

Black and white thinking is the way of the panda but we are not pandas. However, there is always some grey and browns mixed in. Here is a subset to the vaccine dilemma: should children be forced into taking this particular vaccine? Children appear to be unaffected by this virus.

These questions must be addressed aside from the vaccination canard.
The Hippocratic oath, first, to do no harm. Once this vaccine becomes apparent as harmless, the more it will be accepted.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @ThomasWic

Good information. It’s imperative to have access to, and read, everything available to us in order to make a decision on what is best for our families and

@haithabu @Donjanusgjrdrm @TrishaW @ThomasWic exactly. I am not opposed to the vaccine.for me I have just not made up my mind yet. Retired RN here..I use a holistic/natural approach with my health and meds. All prescribed meds and treatments have side effects. I am in a wait and see at the moment.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @TrishaW @ThomasWic

Examine the VAERs database, vaccine adverse events. The vaccine is not harmless. Last I looked over 1200 deaths.

@ThomasWic I had an beloved Mom's little brother. He contracted polio and died at 12 years old. Mom mourned him right up to her death almost two years ago at age 87. We're NOW seeing a resurgence of TB at the border, which reminds me...I'm due for my tetanus, diptheria & pertussis booster.

@TerriC @ThomasWic my aunt contracted polio at age 7 in Italy. Half the kids in her town got it. One of her legs is useless. She has to walk with a brace it basically ruined her life but she has survived this long. On a side note she saw Mussolini as a result because she was sent to an institute in Rome with other polio stricken children. Apparently IL Duce's daughter had it do he formed this institute for children and he came on a few occasions.

@GmanFan45 @ThomasWic Wow! The only thing I remember him for was hanging from a lamp post when they caught him! I make reference to the "Il Duce treatment".

@TerriC @ThomasWic

TB has been in the community right along; although, greatly diminished. Polio has not. You don't want to see a resurgence of that or smallpox. But we may, with the idiots running around.

@TerriC @ThomasWic all people coming through should be quarantined for 2 weeks &vaccinated. PERIOD. My daughter had to be vaccinated to go to school, but they are letting Latino kids come into schools carrying who knows how many diseases. And don't get me started on teaching them English at tax payer expense.

@TerriC @ThomasWic

Why do you need those vaccines?
I see you're a teacher, is it the job that requires them?

Thank you, I’m making an appointment for my tetanus booster tomorrow!

@ThomasWic have you researched the mRNA v. J & J? Initially, I was inclined to stick with traditional vaccine. After hours of reading over months, I took 1st Pfizer last week. No way to know on the front end if it was best for me, but I did everything I knew to make an educated choice...

Mr. Wictor,

I'm in your boat.

My range among the population is minimal, my normal precautions effective. I wear a mask when I have to in order to buy food, but otherwise, nope.
I take care of my horse, I buy groceries.

I don't have to work among others. I'm lucky that way.

I'm watching, learning and not making choices that limit my future choices.

like-minded... if my ability to move is restricted, I'll take the shot.

@ThomasWic I'm not anti-vax per se, but I am wary of them. These ones are a question in my mind still. They are a whole new approach to vaccine generation and they were rushed through, understandably. So, I'm not in a rush to have it in my body. I'll wear a mask for the time being, thank you.

@ThomasWic On a side note, you're right about viruses becoming less lethal over time. Viruses adapt to become less lethal. The reason there's no true vaccine for the flu. Same reason there won't be a real vaccine for this virus either over time. It will be an endemic disease in time, but not a particularly lethal one, just like the flu. Another reason I don't see the need to take the current vaccine. I don't take yearly flu shots either.


But muh freedom and rights?

The Preamble is PRO VAX!!!

“Protect the GENERAL WELFARE and secure the blessings of liberty, for ourselves and our posterity.”


I had tried to tell folks, BIL included, about Typhoid Mary for years. Bitch couldn't be bothered washing her hands. Yes, she deserved to be locked up. I thought we came out of the womb knowing to wash our hands, such a simple premise. You could fill these servers with just the inanity of non-vaxers coming into this country and the threat they impose. It's a losers game.

@ThomasWic But for the fact that I'm in a high-risk group, I would NEVER have taken the vaccine. I weighed the odds and decided not to gamble with my life. I felt it was the right thing to do, so I did it. No regrets, only thanks.

@ThomasWic I highly value vaccines. And if what they believe about mRNA works, it will be a game changer in medicine.

But we won't know for at least a year of the effectiveness vs side effects. The problem I have with this rush is people are not given a choice of vaccine being administered.

There are now 4 vaccines, and many variables.
When they are all available at my Dr's office, I will consult with him to which I'm better suited.

@ThomasWic How exactly are you going to force us to get that shot and if you think life will be back to normal because you did get the shot, you haven't been paying attention.

Exactly this ☑️
And if I do have to get it I'm not going to go waving the sticker around like a pennant.


The virus has a 99.9x% survival rate. Why would we need to vaccinate? And if people are worried about it, they are free to take the shot. If this virus is so deadly, why has the homeless population not been decimated?


I agree but what’s happened with the Covid pandemic is our economy ruined, lives destroyed and too many talking heads sticking to their talking points. All for a virus that has a 98% survival rate in the US.

I reluctantly got the vaccine because I’m borderline high risk.

I don’t like vaccines, have only had a few as an adult.. and I’m not anti-vaxer. Although I question the number and frequency with children especially infants.

@ThomasWic How do I "roll" your Thread to share with my daughter? Thanks

@ThomasWic Wow, have your account been hacked? The China-virus and the vaccine is NOT a medical issue, it is a control of the entire human population issue. The CCP in cooperation with globalists are using extreme measures to ensure that the wealthy and the powerful continue to be in control of the future. Elections are rigged all over the world and fear have turned out to be a very effective tool to keep the population under control. This is more important than Donald Trump - he is just one man

I share your pragmatic approach.

I don't intend to travel in the near future, so that gives the different vaccines out there a chance to gather real data... So maybe by next year some time, I might get the shot if the stats look trustworthy...

Until then, I'm a home-body in no hurry!


1) I have not been vaccinated yet. My primary physician is waiting for an ok from my neurologist. (My MS makes it tricky on what I can take sometimes.)
This last Thursday morning at 4am I saw the ambulance come and take my 84 year old neighbor to the hospital. She had underlying problems, but was deemed safe to get the vaccine a few days ago.
They are still trying to find what happened now.
Another neighbor, 67, has been sick all for days after getting the shot last week.

@WheatGirl @ThomasWic

Both my brother (who is autistic/group home) and my 85 year old father had the vaccine. They both responded well. My father took it so he could see my brother. He hasn’t been able to see him since Christmas.


2) Frankly, I am afraid to take the vaccine. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but jeez.....
If I'm told I have to get it to stay in my apartment, or some other legitimate claim, I'll get it.
Until then, I'm being careful. I wear the damned mask, and wash my hands so much my skin is cracking.

I'm nervous and afraid of the vaccine. Europe reporting deaths by blood clots? I can't risk blood clots, I have enough problems with my blood.
So, I'm going to wait and see.

@ThomasWic Mr. Wictor, you appear to be making an argument to GET vaccinated but end your Thread by announcing that you haven’t been because you don’t see the need. You lost me there...

I like what I read about the Johnson and Johnson version. One shot and no serious reaction or hospitalization cases. I'll take it when I get the opportunity. I know people my age who died from COVID, and some who spent weeks in ICU. That's mid to late 50s. It's a real deal. I also know people who said it was no worse than a cold.

My wife can't take it nor the flu shot - egg suspension causes anaphylactic response.


This one is my ideal choice. I expect I’ll get it within the next three months or so.

One is not “anti-vax” by simply objecting to THIS particular vax. This is a category error.
If all vaccines were the same, we wouldn’t need more than one kind. Each of them go about their solutions differently. This vax does not eliminate the carrier problem. It reduces the symptoms of covid.
I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise. But when people resort to name calling (from both sides), I’m not persuaded.
I have enough undiagnosed health issues and don’t want to add to that mystery

@ThomasWic I'm tired of people who feel the need to proclaim that they got the vaccine, like a badge of honor. Then they will ask: have you gotten it yet?
I simply say "I do not discuss my medical decisions."

@ThomasWic You sure abt that? This isn't abt one vaccine. This is abt control. I joined this platform for open minded info. Putting ppl into a box of anti-vaxx and saying they have to be stopped is the same rhetoric any country in history used to control the general public. No one has the right to restrict your movements unless you have committed a crime. An illness with a 99% recovery and survival rate is no reason either. These are divide and conquer tactics, I'm surprised you took a side.

@coperto @sandman4224 @tonnepress @ThomSam @Bumpkin @SaraMarie777 @ThomasWic

Thank you ALL for saying what I've been thinking. This good thread has inspired me to toot my first toot.

I found this platform by dumb luck, after first stumbling upon TW's youtube videos right after the fraudulent Nov election. I've been hooked on him ever since.

But lately, after lurking around a while and loving this place, I'd soured a bit. The arrogance was palpable. This thread gives me hope. <3


I just did some grocery shopping SANS mask. No one but another UNmasked shopper and her son said anything.
I've had both shots, im done.

@ThomasWic The Moth and The Iron Lung by Forrest Maready is a fascinating read.

@ThomasWic Wondering if this top vaccine developer is a fraud how to tell? What he is saying is quite disheartening

@Becca6656 @ThomasWic
I find VandenBossche concerning but unconvincing. He doesn't speak with the precision I would expect of a world-class scientist. He seems to ascribe intent to non-living particles as he discusses mutation. Mutation is a random event during replication. Some mutations are beneficial and others not. That said, Coronavirus vaccine development has had its challenges, and I'm not in favor of mandates.

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