Why the hell would THIS be happening if Biden is the real president?

China wants North Korea back. It's a priority. What does this tell you?

"Unnamed alleged officials in the administration of President Joe Biden confessed to Reuters this weekend that attempts to communicate with the communist regime of North Korea since Biden took office have been met with silence."

The North Koreans have everything to GAIN by embracing Biden.

He'll return to the Clinton-Obama policy of appeasement and paying them off.

Check THIS out:

"Since Biden’s inauguration, North Korean state media — often the only metric for gauging regime sentiment in the highly secretive country — has largely ceased referring to the United States in general."

Not saying anything good, not saying anything bad.

HERE'S an idea:

When Mike Pompeo was CIA director, he went to Pyongyang and back IN TOTAL SECRECY.

Nobody but Trump and Pence knew about it, and it never leaked.

What if Kim is coming HERE?

Wouldn't THAT be a mind blower?

I'll tell you something I know from personal experience:

It's FUN to be involved in clandestine hugger-mugger. It's EXCITING, especially when you know that you're dealing with total professionals.

Sure, it's serious business, but your eyes are opened up to a whole new world.

You see the POWER and the competence, and to be frank, you're flattered that they let you in on it.

They test you over and over and over, and they interview you endlessly. When they're looking for is people who have no need to brag.


They want people who understand that THEY THEMSELVES are not the point; the operation is the point.

You're just a cog in the Great Machine.

So far, North Korea's total refusal to even acknowledge Biden's existence is the best circumstantial evidence we have that there's a shadow presidency.

North Korea is acting ACTING LIKE TRUMP.


Sure, Trump puts out statements, but they're what we expect from him. There's no sign of what he's DOING.

And Pence--the Operations President--is even MORE off radar.

Pence promised that we would get the real vote count from the last election.

I believe him, and I think they DID get it.

As I said yesterday, this isn't about an election.

It's about THE WORLD.

Someone told me recently that Trump is golfing and watching the Democrats implode.


Trump is working like a maniac.

Doing what?

Shaping the battlefield for the counterattack that wins the war.

The greatest military strategists made up their own rules.

What we're seeing is the Battle of Tours (October 10, 732).

Charles Martel--The Hammer--defeated and killed the Moorish invader Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi.

Read up on it.

Charles's plan was absolutely brilliant on ever level, and he showed that well-trained militia foot soldiers could defeat professional heavy cavalry.

Martel's greatest weapon was DECEPTION.

The Hammer saved most of Europe from becoming part of the Umayyad Caliphate.

All credit goes to HIM.

One battle changed the course of history.

The Hammer's victory stopped the seemingly invincible Moors in their tracks and taught them that the Franks were not like others.

TRUMP is not like others.

If you didn't pick up on that over the past fiver years, you're hopeless.


@ThomasWic Little pieces here and there when you pay attention closely that tell you who is really in charge.

@ThomasWic your threads are so much better than the guy who posted that we must “accept the bitter truths” of our reality. Where critical thinking and analysis are simply fantasizing and dreaming up theories.
I do respect the differing opinions, but I choose to make up my own mind. I trust Donald Trump, and I appreciate your detail and critical thinking.

@ThomasWic anyone who dismisses golf as just golf is not worth listening to.

A whole lot of business gets done out there.

@Zentrification Absolutely, and why, when my husband started on The Street, he had to take it up. @ThomasWic

@Zentrification @ThomasWic
My husband did more business on the golf course & in strip clubs than he did in the office. Real Estate development 😂

@Zentrification @ThomasWic

And Trump said in his own book that when he plays golf his mind works through complex problems. So every time he’s golfing we should expect he comes off the course with a plan to defeat the insanity of the Left even further. It’s glorious 😂😂

@TiffanyMauk @Zentrification @ThomasWic Makes so much sense. For some people it’s on the treadmill, in the shower ... for me it’s while gardening. Body is doing something relaxing but the mind is active.

@Zentrification @ThomasWic Sadly in my career, I wasn't one one the guys and I didn't play golf. Many times we lost projects to companies that couldn't produce the quality and pricing that we offered, but they became golf buddies with the clients. Those relationships and information exchanged on the golf course made a huge difference. I admit I tried golf, even took lessons, but I was absolutely terrible at it. We made it anyway, but playing golf would have made it easier and faster!


Thank you for another goosebump moment, Thomas.

I’m growing quite fond of them.

@OneRandomGuy @ThomasWic

President Trump looks good! The only President who never aged.

Being A Corrupt Criminal, Like Barack Obama & Bill Clinton, really takes a toll, and ages someone, just look at these two.

@ThomasWic I recently saw a translated video of Kim Jong Un calling Biden incompetent, and stating he is still in touch with Trump.

@ThomasWic thank you for the insight, give a genius more time behind the scenes should scare them to death. Couldnt go after cuomo and all the other governors in regard to nursing homes if he was in office either.

@ThomasWic another question, is that all Trump's wording on the economy, I believe he is going after our currency system as well, I do not claim to know anything about this section, but I have been reading the creature from jekyll island and our current enslavement currency system. Time will tell what he will reveal.

@ThomasWic The scale of it all is mind boggling. You are an artist, Mr. Wictor; every brush stroke a part of the masterpiece. The big reveal will be amazing.

@ThomasWic that is why I have read your every word for the last five years when possible!


Isn’t this friggin exciting? I never knew much about Trump before he announced his run for the POTUS-just bits and pieces of celebrity stuff here and there but I did know this man can’t sit still-the city that never sleeps was the right city for him. Every time I read a thread from you-all is well👍🇺🇸

@ThomasWic All war is deception. Wish I could get this through the thick skulls of some hopeless friends of mine. If you believe things aren't as they seem, the doubting Thomas's will say you're in denial.


Even the golf outings are strategic, as most everything this guy does. I’m sure he enjoys the game, but a round of golf can serve multiple purposes as it too is a strategic game.


I loved reading your threads about Charles Martel, The Hammer!
Everyone, if you don’t know about The Battle of Tours take Thomas’s advice and read about it!

The Landmark History series book on Charles Martel was one of the MANY books I read to my children during our 20+ years of educating at home, primarily through reading books.

@ThomasWic Bingo. Charles was someone who wasn't sidetracked by the political/religious fights of the day. Clarity is a powerful weapon.


Impossible that Trump is ever just lazing around and spectating.

@ThomasWic using Charles Martell in a Trump thread is impressive. Europe wouldn't have existed the way we know it if not for the battle of tours and Martell. Truly a man who shaped the world and the hundreds of years that followed. After the fall of Rome Europe was in chaos. This battle reshaped the continent. If this is what Trump is working on it could reshape the planet for hundreds of years.


It came to me this weekend: PDJT, when he "shows up," is nearly always in golf togs. Perhaps to let [them] think he is "just golfing."

@ThomasWic Inthought that he already came here. Remember when Kim was missing for several weeks and at deaths door?? It was about the timeframe when Trump had said he would be invited. It was the perfect cover. It was weeks before he was seen again.

I saw Pompeo on the Kudlow show today- first time I've seen him ADMIT to that NK mission!

@ThomasWic Well, since Trump was Un's real friend, as we could tell by his body language and his acceptance of Trump touching him, why on EARTH would he talk to Bin-hiden or his lackeys?

@oystergirl Just strap Hezbollah Hiden Biden to Un's ICBM. Who will miss him? 😂

I agree with you.
It is also magnificent to watch ME countries ignore Biden and address the problem of Iran and their terrorist groups on their own.

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