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You wrote to @YMKYMFOI

"This is speculative nonsense, sorry, but don't mislead people."

You need a remedial course in definitions, I see.

Also, when challenged, you said, "Have a great night; I am not here to argue. If you have proof of anything feel free to share it."

So you just negated your first comment.

Speculation BY DEFINITION does not require proof. If we had PROOF, we wouldn't be speculating.

@YMKYMFOI is tracking unexplained surveillance by military aircraft. It began IN THE SUMMER.

Before Trump left office, he told the military to refresh themselves on the seven separate plans in place that would allow the military to LEGALLY and CONSTITUTIONALLY run the country IF there is no civilian federal government.

The ostensible reason that the military has re-familiarized itself with "devolution"--military rule of the country--is the pandemic.

But the plans can also be used if there's no legal successor to the president and no legal line of succession.

If the Democrats stole the election with the help of foreign countries, that means there's no legal presidential administration right now.

A politician's term of office is automatically invalid if he or she is elected due to fraud.

Several of us here HAVE STUDIED THIS.

It's entirely viable.

A small, geographically dispersed "devolution staff" acts as a caretaker government. It DOES NOT make policy.

All it does is preserve order and the rule of law.

Those of us who study this SPECULATE that Trump ordered the military to surveil the election and get the REAL vote count.

Why do we speculate that?

Because Trump chose an almost totally unknown Green Beret combat veteran as Acting Secretary of Defense, and this man--Chris Miller--publicly stated that since November 9, he and Mike Pence oversaw the most complex military operations in the history of the US Armed forces.

More complex than World War II.

What the hell was he talking about?

Only ONE possibility fits the bill:

Devolution. Military rule.


The military know that Trump and Pence won. Therefore Trump and Pence have been fit into the chain of command as consultants.

But they're actually a shadow presidency.

Devolution allows the US military to NOT consult Trump. But obviously Trump and Pence are in the middle of this, which is why they're invisible.

Trump and Pence are traveling all over the country CLANDESTINELY. They're being flown around by the military.


The reason some of us believe all of this is happening is that all of it is happening.

The surveillance flights ARE taking place.

Trump and Pence ARE traveling clandestinely.

Trump said on January 5, 2021, that he'd worked harder in the past three weeks than at any time in his life.

So far, Joe Biden has not ONCE flown on Air Force One. When his aircraft fly, the air force uses the registration numbers.


Kamala Harris flew a 737.


Not a single federal law-enforcement or intelligence agency says that there's ANY threat to Congress from conservatives.

The National Guard are in DC because Congress is afraid of TRUMP.

The Democrats think Trump is going to send in the federal troops, and the DC National Guard will tell the Guardsmen to fight.

Psychological warfare, baby.

Trump's a master.

So we're not misleading ANYONE. I just told you a boatload of FACTS that you didn't even know.

So instead of shooting off your mouth and insulting people for their INFORMED speculation, why don't you do everybody a favor and do some research?

It'll make you smarter and less belligerent.


I speculate that he can cook
I speculate his name's a hook
I speculate he can register
I speculate this is the ledger

@MMA @ThomasWic
😎 ☕
I agree. Damn he makes my heart smile, take that Monday.

@MMA @ThomasWic
This is such a relief to read, and a moment of cheer on a Monday. Sitting here, cold, grey, raw morning, the news full of two of the most privileged and spoilt people in the world being paid a million £'s to sit in a beautiful garden and whine about how abused they are, an inept, inefficient socialised health service demanding a pay rise from a country mired in debt, what a ray of hope this has provided in a world gone mad


perfect! Hope your birthday was perfect, too!

@MMA I second that, on my second cup of coffee and reading this thread was the first (and likely the best) thing of today. @ThomasWic thank you for your posts, I have never been so happy to hear all this aircraft activity in S. California.

@MMA I don't think he would fit in your cup MM! But it made me laugh bigtime anyway. I agree with you. I also adore a morning dose of Wictor! @ThomasWic

@ThomasWic This is a perfect movie material.

I know, none of this would be officially revealed to the public, but good Lord. The money I’d willing to pay to see this on screen!

@ThomasWic So Biden and Congress are aware of the devolution plan? And there's nowhere they can run and no way they can stop it. I'm just waiting for some of the old timers to start stroking out from the stress. Wow.

@Debbie742 @ThomasWic have you been watching Pelosi? She's right there and bat shit crazy in her rants.

@Jarmccoy @ThomasWic I only watch clips because when she talks, I want to reach thru the screen and gob smack her. But I'm honestly amazed she hasn't stroked out during one of her rants. Lol

@Debbie742 @ThomasWic

Some of the old timers are taking themselves out of the running....

@ThomasWic A friend calls the current situation “Dead Fish Flop”. Ever see a fish pulled out of the lake? The D’s are trying EVERYTHING in their book to control things. Yet it keeps backfiring on them. If actual people weren’t getting hurt it would be funny. Meanwhile, Hubby & I are looking at solid R states to move to.

@JM64 Tennessee was looking good as a conservative State to move to unfortunately L's are leaving their shit hole States and flocking to TN bringing their liberal BS. Soon it will be like Virginia where the whole State votes Red except for 2-3 cities where the greater population resides.

@WD40 @JM64 you just named every blue state. Here in IL only Chicago is blue and the rest of the state is red. It sucks.

@JM64 @ThomasWic

l did the same thing... luckily it was just before ‘hell year 2020’ hit. I created a spreadsheet of several red states and made a decision after about 6 months. Luckily I got a job pretty quickly in my location of choice. Before I made the move I had been living and working in Portland Oregon....not by my own choice really, I never liked the place. It’s world’s largest insane asylum. Got out in the nick of time!!

@JM64 @ThomasWic come to Florida! All patriots welcome! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 central Florida is the best. Lake, volusia, and Seminole are red. Lake is probably the darkest red. It’s super pretty there too! I live in Seminole county. It’s not as red as it used to be. But I think in 2022 it will be a deep dark red again! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

@Autism_mom_Autism_strong Yes we need to get rid of Stephanie Murphy. I thought Dr. Leo would have done it, but it was not to be.

@MsGail61 amen! I was hoping Mark Morgan woud have run for house of reps against Murphy in 2020. I hope he does in 2022. He’s a powerhouse! Literally!


A great way to begin my day! I so enjoy watching this unfold. Many thanks.

@ThomasWic Thanks,Thomas, for sticking around and helping us catch the things we miss, at the very least, but most often pointing us in directions we never thought to look!


Why is this so hard to understand? I don’t know what the hell is going on in this world BUT even this informed speculation makes perfect sense to me. We don’t and can’t know what’s truly,100% happening but damn this sure is a wild ride-leave it to Trump to do it his way👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@ThomasWic a Trump shadow presidency is certainly more believable than a potato in chief that hasn’t addressed the nation or taken questions. To the potato’s credit he’s tried to take questions once or twice but someone above him won’t allow it. Think about that.

@ThomasWic fantastic thread! Since it is canvassing season, and I've been pushing for petition signatures, my social media time has been drastically cut short. But if I'm looking for updates, I know I can count on you and a couple others on here! Thanks for always summarizing our work so succinctly! The research makes a huge difference and people just do not get that part of it because they haven't learned it themselves.

@ThomasWic It’s easy to become hoodwinked by the kabuki theater of Democrats, which is why I ignore most of it. I love your threads because they inform and calm at the same time. I continue to have faith in Trump/Pence.

Do you believe that the courts have been instructed to refuse to consider/hear these election fraud cases due to a partial suspension of Habeus Corpus? It seems to me to be the only thing that makes any sense

@ThomasWic I just wondering how long will this shadow Presidency be? I miss President Trump and want him to be in the White House. I hope that Biden and Harris will be removed from the office soon.

@ThomasWic yes! Love every word of this thread!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@ThomasWic good morning Thomas . I went to bed after reading your first thread then wake to a new one . I believe it is going to be a great Day .

@ThomasWic Your analysis is plausible and likely imo. Otherwise, there's no reasonable explanation for the bizarro happenings in DC, Biden's incapability to perform the duty competently, the multitude of Executive Actions that are policies against America and its people, the NG on site indefinitely. Uncertainty for we the public is uncertainty for the traitors, as it should be while an operation and investigations ongoing.

@ThomasWic anyway we can compile your entire threads so that they can easily be shared? I miss the Threader App on Twitter 😞

@ThomasWic An interesting theory which accounts for the anomalies we see now. But I wonder what the "end game" on this is? Sending the military to take the Capitol by force is obviously NOT an option. Meanwhile, "president" Biden is busy making a mess of things and buyer's (voter's) remorse is growing. Maybe that reaches a point where public sentiment demands his removal and then the truth will be revealed? I've been wrong about everything so far so I'm sure it'll be a surprise. 🙄

@ThomasWic Fun thing to note here is too is that trump actually arrived last night to manhattan. No one even knew he was coming.

That last paragraph encapsulates it all and why it is kept under cover to avoid panic.


“The lady has foolishly attempted to join the conversation with a wild and dangerous opinion of her own.”

Harry Enfield, BBC comedy.

@ThomasWic Thank you for reiterating these facts for us! Trump rocks!

@ThomasWic I too believe that "SOMETHING" UNPRECEDENTED is going on and what @ThomasWic theorizes makes more sense than anything. Bottom line is I was called upon to take a life for this country in Viet Nam and don't want to go meet my maker haveing lost my country to a bunch of traitors who stole OUR ELECTION.

So Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer et al. don't know what's happening? Or do they suspect and are trying to circumvent the devolution? Why is Biden signing all those EOs? Obviously unconstitutional. Is the SC in on it?


Great thread, TW. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the political narrative that makes sense. 👍🇺🇸

@ThomasWic where can I see the callsigns/numbers of the airplanes that Biden has flown on? Is there publicly available history for this? I tried Flightradar but I don’t really know what to look for.

I’m not doubting you, I just want to see for myself!

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