For @guym

You posted a link to an article with this ghastly photo of Susan Rice.

All the "winners" look like crap.

They're all deteriorating at warp speed.

Meanwhile, the "loser"?

Same as he ever was.
Same as he ever was.
Same as he ever was.

The Biden administration is beyond a joke.

It's a train full of clowns derailed, cartwheeling, bursting into flames, going over a cliff, landing in the ocean and sinking, exploding deep underwater...

Nobody's listening to or obeying Biden.

I keep seeing Hillary, and now she looks like she has quadriplegia.

She doesn't seem capable of walking anymore.

ALL of Trump's enemies are physically cratering.

Why aren't they crowing and doing a victory dance?

My guess is they've already been told the facts of life...


I know people want Trump to act NOW, but we're like Middle Easterners.

The Gulf Arabs made peace with Israel in 2006. They had to wait until 2020 to start announcing it.

Leftist brownshirts are still mobilized. It just wouldn't be feasible for Trump to expose everything at this moment.

But as several of us have been showing you, TONS OF STUFF is happening behind the scenes.

There's an old joke about what dogs would do if they ever CAUGHT the car they were chasing.

Well, the Democrat dogs caught the car, and they have no idea what to do with it.

They have a full-fledged uprising of the states on their hands, and they can't do anything to stop it.

Redistricting will wipe out the Democrat hold on the House.

And the biggest Democrat names are going down like the Hindenburg.

The invisible hand of Trump is behind all this.

The Democrats made the fatal blunder of losing sight of him.

Now he's a night-raider.

We don't know where he is or what he's doing.

But Trump always does everything BIG.

Trump lost the battle of 2020, but he'll win the war of stopping leftism once and for all.

Watch it happen.


@ThomasWic I was just talking about this with friends on facebook. Literally a "Hitler in the Bunker" moment for them.


I feel President Trump looks better now than the day he came down the escalator.

@2020_DJT @ThomasWic

Only President to look younger and healthier throughout his presidency! All others agreed drastically. I think it's because Trump was/is doing good for all. The other presidents had other motives and only cared for themselves and their friends.


I pray your dad doing well, and your mom. Thinking of you!


Your prayers are so appreciated! Dad is so much better. His appetite has come roaring back and his thirst can't be quenched! We're slowly building up his energy and stamina because Vegas baby!!!!! 😁

He is currently watching "Dangerous Animals in Asia"! He's completely engrossed and Mom was watching the Meghan and Oprah interview. "Drama queen and actress!" Is Mom's verdict.


Hugs to you!!!!

@Scarletteverb HOW FABULOUS!!!! I’m up late because who knows why!😘 hugs

@Scarletteverb Trump looked better coming out than when he went in. ALL Presidents look 20 years older when they leave office. Not DJT.

@SocialOwl @Scarletteverb
Pardon my French, but that has to be driving the liberals and the rinos absolutely batshit crazy, and I'm loving it.

@2020_DJT @ThomasWic

I agree. he looked excellent during his TRUE State of the Union address at CPAC.

@ThomasWic Trump “lost” the battle of 2020?

Are you sure about that?

If the devolution staffs are really out there, I wouldn’t really say Trump lost the battle.

@ThomasWic I keep thinking Trump is going to pull a Lazarus act and emerge from the cave.

@Joycevor @ThomasWic Joyce most of my church thought that, many still do. The rest think he's antichrist practically, we leave them alone.

@Joycevor @ThomasWic

He did say, back in Aug2020 if memory serves correct, that he "might have to go away for awhile"

and that's not forever :D

@ThomasWic Always nice to read your threads. I do miss your YouTube videos! Maybe one day I will be able to watch again. Have a good night.

@ThomasWic Oops, I think I replied after someone else before I realized it was a thread...I know better! sowwy 🤐


Night Raider John Singleton Mosby is a relative on my mother's side. Singletons of Waycross & Rome,

Same as it ever was.
Night raiders often redeemed in the morning.

@BeThankful Col. Mosby's wife Pauline Mariah (Clarke) & I have common ancestors from the 1640s - John Edward & Mary (Tomlin) Turner.
I descend from their daughter, Mary M Turner;
she, from Mary M's younger brother James.
That makes the Col's wife & me 6th cousins (3 times removed)
which makes me & you...related!
Yo, cuz, can ya spot me some cash?!😂

Is John Singleton Mosby the one who left those cheatin', schemin' bones in Miller's Cave? Sorry, I heard Waycross, Georgia, and I couldn't resist.

@rwmhubbard @BeThankful
Yeah, that's Gram with the International Submarine Band. I like the Dicky Lee version, too. I'd never heard of him before. It's funny how he makes a song about murder sound so sweet. Here's another song by Faron Young that does the same thing. I had it swimming around in my head for a good long while before I realized he was singing about where the bodies were hidden.

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic This is speculative nonsense, sorry, but don't mislead people.

@YMKYMFOI All of It. Have a great night; I am not here to argue. If you have proof of anything feel free to share it.

@YMKYMFOI @DeepState1776
If good 'ol 1776 had followed Mr. Wictor for any length of time (or done any research for themself on 45), they'd know all of what you've said is true. Pretty ridiculous.

@DeepState1776 @YMKYMFOI

I can pee higher on the wall than you.

But I'm not here to pee.

Have a good night.

@YMKYMFOI @AngryDuey

Hahaha, what a bellend.

"Feel free to share it."
Ok, so now we have to ask
for permission when we post stuff, just so you know, folks.

I bet they failed in their mall cop interview 😂

Wictor freely admits that his material is speculation. He encourages people to look into his claims. That would be “leading,” not “misleading.”

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic
Is Trump still getting intelligence briefings? I know BinHiden said: "What impact does he have at all, other than the fact he might slip and say something?”

@YMKYMFOI I was pretty sure he's getting them, maybe just not thru "normal" channels. Probably better info anyway.

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

And likely certain Trump-friendly foreign allies have been aiding as well in terms of intelligence and military assistance.

@OneRandomGuy @YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

To me this is the big one. They do not want our endless wars and to be destroyed for $$ to the mongers. They want to continue the peace President Trump helped them achieve.

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

All this posterior orifice, of the highest order, should do is to read Michael Moore's book to learn of the Trump security group.

If he bothers to read to hear, not the walking blimp Moore, but the ex Wynn security guy who is also True Pundit.

But learn anything? Nope, he is just here to cause as much troll trouble as possible.

@ThomasWic I actually have lefty friends (I know...I live on a small island). I'm having so much fun poking them about their so-called ”victory”. They are struck dumb by the trainwreck that's happening. Maybe someday they'll learn a little humility.

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