We have to be smarter.

Somebody said there's no more money to be made in the arms industry.

Not even close.

Profitability is HOW MUCH YOU EARN versus how much you spend.

So here we go:

There's no more money to be had in banking, broadcasting, financial services, transportation, software, semiconductors, and...soft drinks than there is in the arms industry.

The "military-industrial complex" doesn't even make the list, give HOW MUCH IT SPENDS.

Here's what you have to do:

When somebody says something, LOOK IT UP.

Get into that habit.

Don't just keep galumphing along, fueled by myths.

To this day, people refuse to accept the fact that it's not possible to conduct clandestine military operations if you go on TV and give progress reports.

Once you start talking about them publicly, they're no longer clandestine.

See how that works?

The problem is a divorce from reality. You've been conditioned by TV, movies, and social media to think that you're going to be given inside information.

It's not going to happen.


The people conducting the clandestine operations are going to lie to your face and tell you that they AREN'T doing anything.

That's why I've been telling you for years to not take things at face value.

The best operations are conducted in an atmosphere of manufactured total confusion.

So I'm sorry, but you're out of the loop, and you will NEVER be allowed in.

I just watched a documentary about three former cops who robbed an armored truck of about $1.3 million in cash.

It was a brilliantly planned and executed crime. They murdered the driver because they rationalized that he knew the risks he took.

Guess how these murderers were caught?

They immediately started buying sports cars, boats, jet skis, and so on.

And they bragged about what they did.

They kept the cash in their garages and flashed it whenever possible.

Hauling them in was child's play.


In Grozny in 1994, the Chechens destroyed two Russian armored brigades using three-man teams:

Rocket-propelled grenade gunner, machine gunner, and sniper.

They forced all the troops to keep their heads down while they picked off the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers one by one.

The Chechens were so proud that they told the world about it.

So the US Marines sent an intelligence team to interview them.

The Chechens drew maps and showed the concentric killing rings, and they explained how the teams kept from being detected.

The marines filed away the report.

Ten years later, Chechens were imported to Fallujah to defeat marine armored columns.

The marines dusted off the report from Grozny and learned all about the Chechen battle plan.

You know how the marines dealt with the Chechen hunter-killer teams?


When you have time, here's a 20-minute documentary about the gun.

Imagine what this weapon does to people.

I saw only ONE report on the use of this gun in Fallujah.

It was from an angry BBC reporter who felt that it was wrong to use a Gatling cannon on three-man teams.

It wasn't FAIR.

Who said war against beheaders has to be FAIR?

All the Chechen hunter-killer teams were killed in the first couple of days.


The marines also leveled buildings that contained hunter-killer teams.

Since the survivors in the rubble wore suicide vests, they were treated as unexploded ordnance.

When the marines came across a suicide bomber in the rubble, they put plastic explosives on him and blew him up.

The terrorists were stunned at the utter ruthlessness of their enemy.

Fallujah in 2004 was the last time that terrorists tried to stand and fight.

Much of our tactics remain classified.


So you need to stop reading something on social media and asking me if it contradicts my theories.

Yes, it always does.


It took me months to work out what I think is happening, but as you've no doubt noticed, I have no idea what the endgame is.

When I tell you that for the first time in our history, our most sophisticated aerial surveillance aircraft are operating over the continental US, that should mean something to you.

It should give you pause before you ask me for my thoughts on someone denying anything is happening.


Our side is going to lie to you.

Every day.

Instead of riding a roller coaster of hope and despair based on surface aspects, try and assimilate the FACTS I'm giving you, and put on your critical-thinking cap.

Given that the stakes are the highest we've ever faced, and given that the former Acting SecDef told us that Pence oversaw the most complex operations in the history of the US military, try and work it out for yourself.


If you still can't grasp it, that's YOUR problem, not mine.

There's nothing more I can do for you.


@ThomasWic They just released the report on the saudis as you said


No. It was reported yesterday. The BBC just reported a new version a few minutes ago.



All the leftist MSM sites are reporting this.
It’s total crap.

Jamal Khashoggi: US says Saudi prince approved Khashoggi killing

@Luwiz @ThomasWic

@Argentum47 Ha! I read that just like Doug Marcaida says it in Forged in Fire: It will keel....😉

@ThomasWic Have you seen the report on the saudis from odni?

@ThomasWic I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that some people that are being watched from the air are also silently disappearing on the ground. As many as possible before someone in China understands the scale of just how many.


Fear is a motherfucker. It gets in the way of critical thinking.

I have learned well from your many threads over the last couple of years and have no need for questions. We all learned so much about war tactics, the Middle East, Flame Throwers, Trump and so much more. Thank you!

@ThomasWic I find what helps is to take the "20,000 ft in the air" approach. One can't predict specifics; as you said we'll never know & they'll never share, nor should they.

By seeing the larger picture, digesting what's happened in the world, & looking to see what those changes affect, you gain more clarity, & in these times, peace.

So much unprecedented stuff is happening in the US and the world that it's folly to say nothing is happening.

People are just pouting that they don't know what.

@ZionHal @ThomasWic
I'm still quite excited about all that's happening now. And it's great to see Biden look foolish.

@ZionHal I’m sick of the pouters. I am confident and thrilled that I don’t know what is happening because if I do, that means that every single evil sob knows too! I’m confident that over 75 million of us made the right choice again in 2020.

@ZionHal @ThomasWic - I, for instance, am pouting that I don't know what is going on. I just do it quietly.

@ZionHal @ThomasWic

Early on in 2017, I started viewing President Trump and his inner circle as an undercover cop type situation. A targeted op meant to achieve a purpose. But like any undercover situation, it's not for the general population to "get it", and especially not the targets. But like you said, there are clues that bring peace, if you use your brain. I have taken the position of an inquisitive, open handed, observer to an obvious operation outside of my understanding. I trust Trump.


It Damn sure means something!
So too bad, so sad for the modern day instant gratification crowd.

I love your threads! Thank you for sharing! We are living through extraordinary times! The best is yet to come!

@ThomasWic recommend watching recent movie “Tenet “ if want to understand the need to and methods used to keep clandestine operations clandestine. Also, recommend turning on subtitles because lot of the dialogue is difficult to hear/follow

@Ellismiller @ThomasWic I hate that about so many movies. They dialog is so quiet you can’t hear what’s being said and it usually important and the background music drowns it out. Also it’s so dark/shadowy you can’t tell who it is or what happened. Both of those can really ruin a movie for me. If I can’t follow the story I’m lost and most of the enjoyment is gone and just frustration left.

As to why this is a clandestine war, US entered WWII because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. When the enemy openly attacked the US opposition to the US entry into the war evaporated, so the enemies of the US are not attacking the US out in the open.

@ThomasWic I think we all got used to the military telling us what was going on when Gen. Schwartzkopf got on TV and presented the war to us.

@ThomasWic Instant gratification is the downfall of our society.
Nobody has the patience to wait things out.
Especially in circumstances we’re currently in.
I have this issue with my sons.
Having to explain to them about time and the process..

As always, thank you for your historical knowledge and critical thinking skills - and the reminder to put on our thinking caps. Hope you are doing ok with your transitional housing move and things settle there down soon!

I just take in everything you post and sit back and patiently wait. That's all we can do, so why stress out about it? The sun still rises and sets and we still have lives to lead. The Dems are going to get their comeuppance, one way or another. And Trump's got this. He's brilliant, so we have nothing to worry about.

From Korean speaker at CPAC..."DRAGON OUT OF THE DITCH"...We must rise up and use our brains.

Just saw a DH8C
(Bombardier RO-6A) Pop-up on radar, making an interesting run over Jersey/PA/DC. Never saw that one over the US before. Interesting times indeed.

@ThomasWic I remember very early in 2017 Pres Trump gave all the Commanders in the field the latitude to make their own decisions and use whatever force is necessary without calling the Red phone in the WH first. Afghanistan and an MOAB bomb on the Taliban comes to mind. We didn’t know about it until weeks after the mission. This War is for all the marbles, not just for us but the world. When all is said and done and we get the GOOD RESULTS, the HOW will not be known in our lifetime.

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