MUST READ by @StevenDouglas

Concerning our stealth military rule right now.

Steven goes into the details.

I'll emphasize a few points not related to Steven's thread.

It all depends on COMPARTMENTED actions.

Such as the Men in Black.


The military rule we're now experiencing is called "devolution."

Trump and the armed forces implemented devolution to PRESERVE the country, not take it over.

Although the devolution staff is in charge, there's no doubt whatsoever that Trump and Pence are "advisors" whose recommendations are considered orders.


I'm sure Trump and Pence don't give advice unless asked.

Devolution explains the MASSIVE military air traffic.

Nobody in the Biden administration knows or cares about it, because we're all about bullshit now.

The new Secretary of Defense is interested only in race and climate change.

Biden is senile, and everybody else is working on how to punish Trump AND line their pockets.

Domestically, the states are picking up the slack. Fighting back tooth and nail.

Internationally, our allies are holding down the fort.

Believe it or not, NATO is now totally kick-ass.

The Norwegian socialist in charge turned out to be one of Trump's strongest supporters.

He DELEGATED responsibilities, so that smaller countries became pure special-operations units.

Guess which country when on the most dramatic rearmament program on record?


Israeli instructors. The German Panzegrenadiers ARE as deadly as they look.

It's an open secret that multiple countries have converted transports into strategic bombers.

With electronic warfare (EW) defenses, they can cut through anything the Russians have.

The Germans have a STRATEGIC cruise missile.

And the Gulf Arabs can spoof spy satellites.

I have no doubt that we could pitch in without the Biden administration knowing.

But ALL the military knows that something is up.

They just don't know that we're in devolution.

That's by design.

Trump trained the military for this.

And they did it because they have PROOF that it's necessary.

No soul searching was involved. It's not like Seven Days in May.

Devolution happened NOT because the armed forces disagreed with a president.

It happened because our global enemies helped STEAL an election in order to install a puppet who is a de facto enemy agent.

We don't know what happened after January 6 and before January 20.

In order to make devolution perfectly legal and constitutional, Congress would have to have been involved.

My guess is the feud between Trump and McConnell is strategic deception.

The devolution took place because there was no constitutional line of succession.

The correct vote count changes the composition of the House and Senate, and it nullifies the Biden administration.

But there are no laws OR constitutional avenues to solve this mess.

The ONLY solution is devolution.

For now.

It won't last for very long, because the military does NOT like this.

So my guess is that we're going to see the presentation of the theft operation.

The people who did it will be exposed, and then we'll learn that a political solution was crafted before January 20.

There will almost certainly be more strategic deception about who was really in power the whole time.

But we'll all be made to see that China was behind this disaster, so people won't be prying for the details.

I can't tell you what WILL happen, but think of THIS:

Trump figured out how to do a clandestine devolution.

Isn't it time to finally have faith in him?


@ThomasWic I have faith in him, going back to "Carlos Osweda" saying 'I am confident' as recorded by John Ward. It's just...waiting for the moment to happen.

@Arcalian @ThomasWic

I have confidence in Trump, and I believe we are "in the moments" now.
I could surely be wrong, but I do not think there will be one shining moment when everything pivots.
The Titanic is being slowly redirected away from the iceberg.
And so many had no clue we were even in danger.

@Cdubois @ThomasWic well it depends what you mean. if Trump is quietly reinagurated in March, say. Fine. But if Biden/Harris are allowed to continue to wreak havoc until January 2025? Can't stand that. I don't think Trump or the devolved military will either.

@Arcalian @ThomasWic

We are in a time and territory never before experienced by our Country, or the world. So I don't focus on what-how-when, because my perception of those can only be based on past experience. Instead, I do my best to watch, and learn.

I have faith that what needs to happen will, and at exactly the right time. 🇺🇸

@Arcalian @ThomasWic FOUND it! It seems to be soooo appropriate now. BLESSINGS Thomas! Godspeed 🙏

@ThomasWic Just to add a little more to the pile of something unseen that's happening.

Everyone saw people who were blatantly breaking election laws. Seemingly no one has said a word involved, not even in their own defense. Not even the "lowest" offenders that were trying to keep observers out.

What's happened to all those people...

@ThomasWic Only a fool would lose faith in President Donald J Trump.

maybe all of this will happen. i hope it does. but regardless, this is also a top-notch story, dramatically presented. you could be an awesome uncle, lighting up your niece's and nephew's minds with possibilities: brain nourishment. Stories around a campfire with Uncle Thomas Wictor (Bond). this is better than reading Philip K. Dick.

i look forward to reading your threads for the vivid presentation, and, of course, hope your takes are spot on as well.

@ThomasWic Awesome thread! My mind is blown 🇺🇸

I’ve always had faith in Trump without knowing the “how” but knowing that he always finds a way.

To quote him: “Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.”

Thanks for keeping us all hopeful & faithful, Thomas.

@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas
My question is, if this program was developed under Obama, is he in the know now? "In July 2016, Obama signed classified Presidential Policy Directive 40 on "National Continuity Policy," establishing "essential functions" that government agencies were tasked to protect and retain.

Highest Level: National Essential Functions that posit "the continued functioning" of government under the Constitution."

@Crimsonfisted @ThomasWic

Can't read minds, but I assume that Obama knows everything that the HE did and how much of it didn't bear fruit or manifest as he'd intended.

Ice that cake with his full NO-DOUBT-FRUSTRATED awareness of the EXISTENCE of black hole gaps in his current knowledge.

Pretty sweet.


Honestly, I never once lost faith in him. I'm old enough to have watched and listened to his interviews over the years. He proved himself to be exceptional long before his infamous escalator descendance. He knew what this country needed long before we knew, frankly. Jesus Christ Himself will have to smack me down and tell me Trump is not the man we thought he was for me to give up on him.

@ThomasWic Amen Thomas, I truly look forward to each of your threads. 🇺🇸

@ThomasWic I've got not a care in the world knowing Pres Trump has a plan. Just sit back and eat your popcorn!


Have absolute faith in President Trump 💯🇺🇸 He's working the plan to save America.

@ThomasWic After reading this thread last night and also @StevenDouglas thread, what comes up for me consistently is the fact that the Obama administration set this into play before Trump was even inaugurated. We know all that they did re: Fisa and the Russian Canard, but were they thinking to USE these commands against Trump? Did they TRY and address this to the military? Of course Trump figures out a way to use it to the US advantage. Brilliant. Yet again.

@ManuelCerdan1 @oystergirl @ThomasWic @StevenDouglas How could they? No proof of anything. And wouldn't her very request be some kind of sedition?

@ThomasWic Perhaps this “interim time” with the Dems in the WH is being used to produce more desire for a better alternative for leadership for any American who doubted PDJT. Since Biden has sucked at the job so far-America last. Buyer’s remorse turning into a sigh of relief once PDJT is back in there. Probably by design.

@ThomasWic Do you have any theories as to what President Trump & those that hold the devolved powers are waiting for in order to expose this? I believed that he would likely wait until the impeachment nonsense was over with, but I didn’t consider how long afterwards, and can’t find anything (albeit I’m not the greatest at researching) that would indicate a reason to wait (there obviously is a reason if your theory is correct, I just wondered if you had any ideas as to what it was). Thanks.

@ThomasWic Awesome post learned a ton!

For the first time I see why this all had to happening, after Jan 20. You really needed Trump out of office. It could not look like he was just preserving his presidency.

The media would have called this all false...never accepted it. Nonstop repeat of the prior 4 years.

Now this will change everything.

The Great Reset?

Trump was truly selfless and is truly about America First...not Trump first!

A unique non politican.


Does Biden, Harris, etc. know we are in devolution? Are the troops in DC part of devolution?

@ThomasWic As usual, gr8 material! Why are Biden’s Executive Orders being followed if military is in charge?


I’ve never been able to see Trump just walking away from everything since the election. I had no clue what he would do but I believed in him-still do. I’m just so concerned about the damage this faux Administration could do in the meantime. Seems like everyday something new comes out that they’re doing or throwing out there as a trial balloon and it makes me sick. I also think about propaganda and this maybe is what they’re doing-just something to rile us up! They’re dangerous

@ThomasWic The Federal Continuity Directive was issued just days before Trump took office. Is devolution in any way related to Obama's 'shadow' presidency?


“ The correct vote count changes the composition of the House and Senate, and it nullifies the Biden administration.”

I agree with this line of thinking, and that the State Legislatures would determine this. But SLs would still need to be convinced of the correct vote count, and it can’t be simply down to not counting “fraudulent” votes unless they could be unequivocally identified. This count needs to be supported by voters. It seems to be pointing towards machine “anomalies”...

@ThomasWic Could the incontrovertible evidence that showed the correct vote counts not have been disclosed to SCOTUS? And the election be nullified before JAN 20th? I don’t understand that the military was the only solution.

@sschmidt795 @ThomasWic

Still trying to figure out the mechanics of it all as well.

It makes sense that Congress must be involved somehow, because everything we've seen PDJT do as President has been Constitutional!

Maybe "ours is not to know the reason why ...." But as a citizen I am still eager to know! 😅


I've also considered the possibility that the members of Congress who are genuinely (treasonously) corrupt are VASTLY outnumbered by those not compromised and who draw a HARD LINE at treason - ideology be damned.

Trump would have known who ALL of them were, on both sides of the aisle.

With the help of Judas goats, THEY could have been selected as the ones Pelosi dismissed from the floor of the House prior to Pence's continuation.

Pelosi dismissed a SUPER-QUORUM.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

Frankly, I’m waiting for someone to ask during a press conference “why are there U2 spy planes flying over the US?”

While the question would be dismissed, it’d cause others to look up in the sky as well..

@BirdDog @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

I'm not. They aren't smart enough to even comprehend the distinction, much less formulate an intelligent question to elicit an intelligent response.

@BirdDog @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

Perhaps to keep the Deep State from killing innocent people in a False Flag operation. 🤔

@BirdDog @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

The WH’s response would be ‘I’ll have to circle back’ 🤡🤡

@BirdDog @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic "Their just circling back...." will be the answer, which is always the answer because bitch don't know shit!

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