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"The thing I can't wrap my mind around is Biden officially being CIC, and any clandestine operations being carried out by troops who would be painted as guilty of insurrection."

Well, I'm talking about operations against enemy assets located inside this country, such as foreign nationals and American agents of our enemies.

Also, I'm talking about enemy actions that take place outside the borders of the US.

Can the military keep these operations secrets from the president?


Trump authorized the military to ensure continuity of government if all the constitutional successors are incapacitated.

Didn't know that, did you?

Trump claimed that these plans were put in place to prepare for the pandemic taking out the whole government.


Here's the relevant passage:

"'We're in territory we've never been in before."

Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac are three of only SEVEN contingency plans all playing out simultaneously.

Some of the plans are so compartmented that only a handful of people know about them.

Granite Shadow lays out "extraordinary domestic missions."

The troops have "special authorities" pre-delegated by the president and the attorney general.

This situation is called "devolution."

We've devolved from lawful civilian federal government.

"The devolution staff be located at 'a geographically dispersed location unaffected by the incident.'"

Trump began planning for this in...2018.


But clandestine military rule.

Clandestine war is smart war.


The Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts Martial have several definitions of "unlawful orders."

THIS definition covers the current situation:

"(v) Relationship to statutory or constitutional rights. The order must not conflict with the statutory or constitutional rights of the person receiving the order."


And NOW do you agree that Trump is one of the smartest people who ever lived?

You thought martial law would be like in the movies.


Trump figured out how to make it palatable to the guys who had to carry it out.

AND AS I SAID, almost nobody knows it's happening.

The people running the country are geographically dispersed, and everything is compartmented.

When it's over, it will never be revealed.

This is why Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said to Pence, "We've been through some stuff."

And THESE are the most complex operations ever carried out by the US military.

As Miller said.


And continues to oversee it.

Because it ain't over.

Trump figured out a resolution that will allow the devolution staff to remain unidentified forever.

So to answer your question, Biden isn't president. I said this before, but I didn't elaborate.

I said that Trump went through Congress and his cabinet, but I didn't say HOW.

But since Newsweek had already published all this, I figured it was time to talk about what's actually happening.

The Newsweek article is totally accurate.

They just had no idea what they were revealing.



This makes very good sense. Thanks for opening the door a little wider for us to see what's there.

@ThomasWic Now I have to go out and pray. Holy Smokes, Thomas, what a bomb.

One for the ages, Good sir.

@akelm88 @ThomasWic 🙏 I got teary eyed. It’s almost sad we won’t know because it’s the most amazing thing ever happened to our country. We have a clue thanks to our curiosity and not willing to give up and most of all the insight that Thomas shares with us. It would blow peoples minds who have no clue.


Oh why did I have to read this at 3am. Now I’ll never get back to sleep.

Holy hell!!!

@akelm88 @ThomasWic so how does one deal with the chaos and pain that the Biden cabal are creating with their EOs and Cabinet misanthropic directives? Those 50,000 families from the Leystome Pipelime have been destroyed. So have almost 1/2 a million electric customers in TX—both by corporate greed and Biden’s energy Secretary.

@ThomasWic I hope when this is all over and President Trump is retired, he writes a book describing all of this and how it truly went down. I would be first in line to buy it.

No, it will never be revealed. Not ever. And for good reason. No book no movie. This is the most deadly serious operation (clandestine) in our history.
Thomas is right. People will never know the ‘how’...


@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic in other words, delegated to those not on a power grab mission but a Save America mission.

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic They would know the stakes if they fail. What a responsibility.

Thank you. That is breathtaking, almost literally.

I'm not going to ask whether you found the Newsweek article before or after. I will only wonder.

We are living in such an exciting time of American history, and most Americans have NO CLUE. Amazing. And only Donald J Trump has the balls and smarts to pull this off.

@ThomasWic Thomas, any idea or speculation at to why they replaced O'Shaunessy?


Newsweak story is ACCURATE, you say???

C'est ne pas possible, mon cher!

@karnage @ThomasWic

It's only accurate information as far as it printed the information Trump wanted, which was disinformation.

@ThomasWic With everything being exposed from this agenda by the faux Administration, Trump’s support is growing stronger by the day. Even by those that voted for Biden..

@ThomasWic I did not know this. I did not know how. I just knew that Pres. Trump would make sure that what he did would hurt the American people the least. That we would not see our lives disrupted. He loves us too much. I also knew that there was a reason for the EOs, the emergency declarations for all 50 states (they made a big deal about that) and then another one for DC for the riots.

@ThomasWic This connects some dots. Thank you. Time to start digging.


NO WAY do they see this.

They know SOMETHING is up, but the beauty thing is that the devolution staff can lie their butts off, since THEY'RE in charge.

Having this power delegated to them is what keeps them in line. The responsibility is AWESOME.

People like Ezra A. Cohen--as he now calls himself--are the ones running the show.

Also Chris Miller. I see no reason why he wouldn't still be in the mix. And Pence is too.

People with no need for personal power.

@ThomasWic @dpalen one thing that still puzzles me—why the call for people to march in DC on Jan 6th? What purpose did that serve? Was it done with the anticipation of some sort of violence and that way the military presence would not seem odd?

@ThomasWic Plenty of nuggets there that have taken new meaning.

This one stuck out to me though.

"Military sources say that only the massive destruction caused by a nuclear device – or the enormous loss of life that could be caused by a biological agent – present catastrophic pressure great enough to justify movement into extra-Constitutional actions and extraordinary circumstances plans."


THAT and something never before contemplated except by Trump:

The Chinese and Iranians stealing a presidential election.

If it were just a crook in office, the military would never have agreed to devolution.

But this act of war took out the entire federal government.

Exactly like a nuke.

Trump spent years retraining our officer corps to DELEGATE AUTHORITY.

Now it's paying off.

@ThomasWic Very true, I was looking at it a little more immediate, as in, an intentional release of a biological agent, should make it an easy for the military to go along with it to start.


The question now becomes when do we see the Prestige.

While we will likely never see the details, it will be the interesting to see actions that play out to return us from the false normality we are living in now to actual reality.

Additionally, should your assessments be as accurate as you detail, the international ramifications are equally dire. Should the public fully learn what other hostile nations have done, there will be many who seek retribution... WWIII


@ThomasWic @wildcatf4f4
One thing that has always stuck with me that Trump has said several times, "This can Never happen again, Never"
Trump loves this country & the American people, but he also loves his grandkids much more, and anyone who thinks Trump wouldn't fight tooth and nail to save this country for them, are crazy, he knows what they would do to them if given the chance, that's not a chance Trump is willing to let them have! Look at the destruction Biden has caused at only a month in.

@wildcatf4f4 @ThomasWic

This is what caught my attention.

“ CONPLAN 3400, or the military's plan for "homeland defense," if America itself is a battlefield.
CONPLAN 3500, "defense support of civil authorities," where the military assists in an emergency short of armed attack on the nation.
CONPLAN 3600, military operations in the National Capital Region and continuation of government, under which the most-secret plans to support continuity are nested.”

All wars have been on foreign soil.


I live on an AFB. I have seen recent E4-B activity. I had never seen one before 2020.


Spy planes ALL OVER California.

All our Gulf Arab allies under radio silence.

Qatar--which has some of the greatest clandestine warriors on the planet--suddenly makes amends with the Saudis.

Israel tells Biden to pound sand.

Exciting times.

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