Do you think the sudden STATE-LED refusal to cooperate with Biden is accidental?


Too many of you are STILL slaves to narratives.

This prevents you from slipping the surly bonds of earth, to quote poet John Gillespie Magee Jr.

Today a super-fast, super-quiet turboprop flew low over my house.

It was invisible.


I've known of this technology for a long time, but I've never seen it in use.

As several people on the platform have confirmed, U2 Dragon Ladies--spy planes--are spending LOTS of time over Sacramento, our seat of power.

They began monitoring protests during the summer.

Why would they do that?

Foreign influence.

While so many of you have surrendered, the REAL work continues.

This is not about Trump or even our elections.

It's about the Chinese and Iranians.

We're currently OCCUPIED by Red China.

Don't you get that?

For Trump to turn this around, he has to cast a net you can't even comprehend.

So don't give him any grief.

And open your eyes to who's an enemy agents.

Start with Ann Coulter.

Her current solution?

Convict Trump in exchange for continuing work on the border wall.

Can you think of anything more destructive than this?

TRUMP is responsible for securing our border, which Coulter claims isn't true.

So she offers a two-part solution that nullifies both Trump and border security.

Is there any doubt whose side she's on?

Her entire adult life was spent discrediting conservatives. Trump's movement is getting stronger, WHICH WAS HIS INTENT.

He had to FORCE the country to stop being passive.

So he allowed the semblance of an election theft.

What happens next in the Senate trial?


As I told you, I'm not making any predictions.

I CAN'T make any predictions, because Trump hides his intentions perfectly.

But I CAN watch the skies, and they tell me that the best is yet to come.

So why an invisible turboprop?



A-29 Embraer Super Tucano.


We have COIN aircraft.

We just don't talk about them.

Wonder why not...


@jjmjc @ThomasWic I saw & heard it, but don’t know what I saw or heard. 🤷‍♀️ I’m harmless. I thought the Ginsu bomb was real🤦‍♀️.


Regarding Ann Coulter...any woman who would seriously date Jimmy "Dynomite!" Walker can't be too serious about anything. Let's face it.


Google it and look at images. Tons of them together.


They sure are together an awful lot, deny it or not.

@Clayrjr @carolinacally @HectorHeathcote @ColdInNY

They have no sense of humor whatsoever. Just hate and anger. It sure as hell doesn't make for good memes.

@Clayrjr @carolinacally @HectorHeathcote @2020_DJT @ColdInNY

let’s spice up this convo a bit. if you had to pick one to hit, which one would it be. ann or kamala. no paper bags over the head allowed

@Clayrjr @watch4thedrop @HectorHeathcote @2020_DJT @ColdInNY
I swear, I love being a fly on the wall in the locker room. Some women get offended, but this cracks me up.


You're welcome in 'our' locker room anytime you care to be here.

Could you pass that bar of soap please? 😂 Watch out for @Clayrjr , he's a towel whipper.

@Clayrjr @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @ColdInNY

@carolinacally @watch4thedrop @HectorHeathcote @2020_DJT @ColdInNY

We guys learn early that we have to compensate for our extraordinary ability to disappoint.

Right about the time we finally figure it all out is the same time our collective "members" start to pout.


Hi Drop. 👋

First toot I came across this morning. Now I gotta go barf my morning coffee. 🤮

<sister punching you in the arm>

@Clayrjr @carolinacally @HectorHeathcote @2020_DJT @ColdInNY

@Clayrjr @EarlThePearls

Oh Earl...

Here I am again holding Clay Jack back with a hand to his forehead.

Might want to step in and clear your good name. 😛

@watch4thedrop @carolinacally @HectorHeathcote @2020_DJT @ColdInNY

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