People kept asking me what I thought of this interview, so I finally put it on while I was packing stuff.

As I KNEW WITHOUT LISTENING TO IT, this guy never bothered to learn a thing about Trump.

More importantly, all his ideas are DOA.

Dead on arrival.

Every single thing this guy suggested Trump do would've backfired, as Trump knew.

Send in the National Guard to secure the paper ballots?!

We can already see how THAT would've played.

We ALREADY KNOW everything he said about the election theft.

The Democrats thought they'd set a trap for Trump, but instead, he allowed them to think they'd won.

He let them take this thing as far as they could.


Because he had a foolproof solution.

It doesn't matter that YOU can't see it.

All that matters is that Trump figured it out.

And I figured out the gist of it.


And that's because nobody expected it.

The Democrats EXPECTED everything this guy said Trump should've done.

So he took it upon HIMSELF to act.


If you study Trump as thoroughly as I did, you see that he never loses, and his solutions are breathtaking.

This guy's ideas are PEDESTRIAN.

They would've plunged us into nationwide chaos.

So Trump let the theft APPEAR to be successful, and then his Judas goats got the Democrats to ADMIT TO STEALING THE ELECTION.


All that's left is for Trump to reveal how he defeated the fraud.


And what did Trump gain by allowing the theft APPEAR to be successful?

1. The total destruction of the Democrats.

2. The total destruction of the press.

3. The total destruction of Big Tech.

4. The total destruction of corporatism.

5. The total destruction of fascism in the US.

6. The totaql destruction of leftists billionaire donors.

7. The total destruction of China.

8. The total destruction of Iran.

9. POSSIBLY the total destruction of Russia.

10. The total destruction of the global enemies of peace and prosperity.

If Trump had taken the advice of kids in their twenties, we would've entered a sewer of unintended consequences.

And what better place to have establishment types than in the White House?

Obviously Trump never listened to them, given his unbroken string of successes.

And the 2020 election will be seen as the most stunning success in human history.

Trump ONLY TOLD US that he wasn't fighting for himself.

He was fighting for US and for all future presidents.

These "patriot" types refuse to grasp that.

A REAL patriot is an INFORMED VOTER.

That means you put down your gun and look things up on the Internet.

When you're informed, you don't do stupid, self-defeating things that put ALL OF US at risk.

I'm not blowing smoke up your butts about Trump having already defeated the election theft.

A single question from a reader forced me to see a gaping hole in my theory, for which I had to see if there was an answer.


I'm not omniscient. I need help finding my answers.

I know that I'm accused of hating to be questioned, but without questions, my theories aren't tested.

That makes them useless.

So A QUESTION allowed me to make my current theory STRONGER and MORE PLAUSIBLE.

The people accusing me of hating to be questioned are talking about themselves, not me.

In other words, they're crazy.

So I've watched the video and found it totally lacking.


@ThomasWic we have to force ourselves to do the hard stuff and stop looking for shortcuts. Trumps going to drive that point home in a way we cannot ignore

@ThomasWic IMHO Trump had enough time in the White House to know sometimes you have to take the bull my the horns and leave nothing to chance. No way he left something as serious as a stolen election in the hands of some of the most incompetent people he’s encountered.Trump got this. It’s the only thing that actually makes sense.

@Jaime @ThomasWic

He knew exactly what was in the works.

He had the tools necessary to detect and defeat it.

He acted.

He's Donald Trump - he wins!

@Jaime @ThomasWic

It's absurd to think he sat back and let it happen, when he had the knowledge and the means to thwart it.

@ThomasWic Thank you Thomas, I look forward to your every comment! I enjoyed your YouTube videos in the past and look forward to BB on Saturdays!


I have found (even on here) that If I question some people's idea too much they can't take it and just block me.

Kinda surprising in that I am just trying to flesh things out, strengthen the story, etc.

45office is a good example

@ThomasWic I’m ready and quite wanting to see what he does. It will be epic.

@ThomasWic i remember a thread you did right after Trump took office Riots were happening .proud boys were out fighting ANTIFA. . You said stay home . That fighting didn't help . You were right .

@ThomasWic I agree with you Trump’s definitely not done yet. I also strongly believe he doesn’t rely on anyone else for help. I know you trust Pence but I don’t for 2 reasons. 1) He comes across as a stiff is unauthentic and talks about his religion too much for a politician. I also don’t like his involvement in the Flynn resignation. That always made me suspicious of him. Does the plan you think Trump executed work without the help of congress Pence and his cabinet?


I love that you're going on a LOT more information than I am. Yet I feel just as solidly as you about Trump's success and what's ultimately in store for us.

Not blindly either.

My MIND is blind to many details, and gets future details wrong all the time. And I don't care.

My GUT, which processes KEY details differently, NEVER lies. And it has never, EVER let me down.

Regardless of timing or what form it takes, Trump won the war long before he stepped onto the first battlefield.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

It’s a peace that passes all understanding! Totally agree and I always keep it at the forefront of my mind when ‘others’ try and infringe on that reality.

After all, the person that has the most at stake is Pres. Trump and his family.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic All people have to do is just LOOK at what's going on, and think. The Executive Orders; what Trump says, doesn't say, and HOW he says it; the optics of what he does and doesn't do...

I haven't figured out the rules of Congress yet but I know, at least partially, the HOW and through who he got the information, and what to pay attention to. I also have studied Trump after he got elected (though not to the depth of Thomas, of course).

@OneRandomGuy @ThomasWic

One of my problems(?) is that I see TOO MANY viable paths, all of which appear (to me) to be Constitutionally sound.

I don't remember who said it, but there's an adage that says, in effect, "If the patient has too many symptoms it means he cannot be cured."

Another way of reading that is a problem with too many variables (too complex) cannot be solved.

Think celestial mechanics "n-body problem", pandemics, climate change, macro-economics, and now, Donald J. Trump.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic
On Beard Blather you expressed the need to listen to your gut instinct.
I totally agree and I am happily sitting here because my research and my gut, plus the healthy research of individuals like you both lead me to a stronger answer.
Here we go

@Timmerax @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic I am with you there, not worried at all.
Also on BB, Thomas spoke of those who just repost inane crap . I spent hours on social media over the years telling people what was lies and why and they still refused to make a simple search to see how blatantly false some repeated crap is . I see it here on QV too, and just can't be bothered to correct them.
I love the conclusion to this thread and agree 100% ; and I didn't even need to watch the video!

@StevenDouglas Steven - I'm being facetious - but growing up in a family of ten kids IS a battlefield!

@Joycevor @StevenDouglas

Sometimes, you only need a sociopath for a mother and 3 siblings under her thumb. I'd take a battlefield over that.

@2020_DJT @StevenDouglas Enduring that is a battlefield. Strong people win. It may take a while before you realize you are the strong person. I have no doubt you are.

@Joycevor @StevenDouglas

Thank you, Joyce. It took a long time before I was able to sort it all out. My sister is also ill. I was always made to feel like I was the one with the problem. Yes, I have my issues. No one gets out of that situation without some problems, but I finally realized that, yes, I'm basically the most stable...which is actually why I'm able to help my sister. Tincture of time is often very helpful. Again, thank you for your kind words. They mean an awful lot. 🤗 ❤️

@2020_DJT @StevenDouglas My experiences have been similar. The time thing is so interesting as we age. I liken it to a photo coming into focus. Our siblings don't all have the magnifying glass at the same time. I highly recommend the book "Toxic Parents" written by Dr. Susan Forward if you need a little boost for your independence. Her daughter is a member here.

@Joycevor @StevenDouglas

I do believe I've read it, but it's been some time. I'll have to see where I put it and make sure it's the same book. Thank you. 🤗
That's great that Dr. Forward's daughter is a member here!

@2020_DJT @Joycevor @StevenDouglas

That's me.

Thanks all for the wonderful comments.

Friday was the year anniversary (Jahreszeit) of mom's passing. We lit Jahreszeit candles and talked to her.

@athena12 @Joycevor @StevenDouglas

I'm so sorry for your loss. I had no idea. What a wonderful woman she must have been. I know she has an awesome daughter!

What a lovely way to remember her. I hope it brought some happy memories and peace.

@2020_DJT @Joycevor @StevenDouglas

Thanks so much.

Yes, she was pretty amazing. We traveled, went to movies, USC football games, watched MST3K, met Christopher Hitchens, went to NYC a lot, saw "Forbidden Broadway" and other shows...and lots of laughs all along the way. Oh, and she loved POTUS Trump.

@athena12 @2020_DJT @StevenDouglas I loved reading Hitchens. I imagine he would've have been an interesting dinner companion.

@Joycevor @2020_DJT @StevenDouglas

Never had dinner with him - I set him up on a "friend blind date" with a male friend in DC and I think they had dinner together.

We met him at some David Horowitz events where he spoke. He was absolutely nice, friendly, funny and down to earth as could be. Great guy.

@2020_DJT @Joycevor @StevenDouglas

Oh, PS I forgot something funny.

Mom, James and I all played bridge at a local club (now closed-no in-person bridge) - in fact it's where James and I met. James is really good, I muddle along, Mom had her moments. One of our games together was the lowest score I've ever gotten. We laughed a lot over it.

@Joycevor @StevenDouglas

That IS the book I read. I'll have to pull it out and read it again. Never hurts. @athena12 (daughter of Dr. Forward) and I are old friends here! We bonded originally over MST3K movies! Thomas Wictor joined in the conversation, as well. Good times.

@athena12 @Joycevor @StevenDouglas

Yes, Joyce is amazing! She's a great friend, as is Steven and you, Athena! ❤️

As one of 13 children, I couldn't agree with you more...😜

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic
Absolutely! I truly appreciate reading the post that both of you put up! After having 3 strokes and 2 seizures out of the blue at 41, it is difficult for me to process a lot of information coming at me at once. I can’t process like I used to be able too. Throw in a child, a big child and a full time job and my thinking and processing abilities are overwhelmed. So I truly appreciate all that you both do. Thanks ever so much.


What I don’t get (🤔 ) is, How would the Cabal’s conspiracy (their words!) have even worked without a totally random global pandemic? That was the justification for almost everything they did to fortify the election.

Was Mother Nature in on it?!

@atreus @ThomasWic

The virus came from nature. It was released and exploited artificially.

That's established fact.

Had NOBODY exploited it for political purposes, it would have been put in its proper perspective by everyone, AND WE WOULD BE THRIVING THROUGH IT, despite its tragic but ULTRA-LOW casualties.

@StevenDouglas @atreus @ThomasWic
And by Trump lifting the moratorium on research in 17, that Obama placed on gain of function research in 14-15, it allowed for Trump to have the scientists get a jump on developing potential antidotes/vaccines for the various threats that were being studied in various labs. As good as the pharma industry is, they had to have a bigger jump than just a few months to develop a potential vaccine avenue for a virus that was not sequenced until Jan.

@ThomasWic I listened to that whole interview, and I nearly turned it off many times, but I didn’t want to draw a hasty conclusion...which was that this young man was trying to sound humble, but was in fact quite the opposite - arrogant and grandiose minded of himself. There is NO WAY a man like trump and of his accomplished trusted loyal inner circle would let that pipsqueak into the loop. He had accomplished nothing that I know of, except to get a 4 year degree. Whatever.

@ThomasWic All I can tell my friends is that whatever Trump is doing, you can bet he found a way to fix this that would be the least disruptive to our little lives.

@ThomasWic You know what's great? You REFRAINED. Earlier today I was hoping for a flamethrower throw down, but after a chocolate cookie and a walk with the dog I realized not responding to crazy is the way forward.


Been following you for quite some time I have never seen you not answer an honest question.

He'll most of the time you even answer the idiots


Thomas, I think it is a mistake for you to focus on the Senate trial:

Democrats' big shift in Trump's second impeachment

1. Chuck and Mitch are still fighting over how to organize the trial

2. Dems want to call themselves to the witness stand, claiming it was a "public crime" 🤡

3. Even Dems want to get this over with quickly.

Trump would be foolish to reveal anything in this setting. 🤡 The 2/19 SCOTUS conference is more compelling at this point.


The genie is out of the bottle.

The Senate trial is projected to be 1 week. Not enough time to make any headway on "the steal".

However, I believe these next two weeks, more and more evidence and articles like the Time Mag piece will start appearing.

Trump's silence is helping him. Once Trump is removed from the equation, there appears to be progress in these cases.

I will admit I don't know much about SCOTUS and their procedures. But 2/19 may be what his team is aiming for.

@ThomasWic I completely respect your insight into all of this. It has definitely opened my eyes. However, I just don’t think Trump did anything. I think for the first time in his life Trump was played and lost. Granted, he was fighting a Global Swamp, but the COVID scheme took him down. There were simply too many swamp creatures for him to fight alone.

@Jakemedlock @ThomasWic but he did not look defeated. Not a single day. His body language was of leadership and command. I don’t think he got played. I think he learned very early on how to play the game better than the swamp. His 2016 win proves this. He only got better and better as they kept throwing curve balls.

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