Go to @Serendipiterry's toot to get the link for the Red State link to the Tim Magazine article.

I think I can now prove that the Time piece was a setup by Trump's Judas goats.

"Is It All Unraveling After the TIME Magazine Secret Cabal Piece?"

The writer of that VERY ill-advised article is Molly Ball, a committed leftist.

In 2019 she got the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for reporting on the totally inept Trump administration.

Trump's allies fed the press nothing but disinformation so that Democrats thought that Trump was an easy mark.

AsI'm harping on daily now, if anyone had bothered to research Trump, they would've known immediately that the stories of incompetence are false.

You don't make so many diplomatic breakthroughs if you're incompetent.

You don't fix the economy TWICE if you're incompetent.

You don't rebuild the armed forces in record time if you're incompetent.

You don't defeat all attempts to build a border wall if you're incompetent.

And so on.

Molly Ball was the perfect useful idiot for Trump's Judas goats to reveal how the election was stolen and how the people doing it are fascists, NOT Marxists.

The melding of labor, corporations, and a centralize government is FASCISM.

They only pretended to be Marxists to fool all of you.

To be more specific, they're Nazis in that they now concentrate on race.

But our current Nazis are smarter than Hitler in that they only TALK of how evil white people are, when in fact all the power-brokers are themselves white.

The Chinese are also Nazis, but they're more primitive in that they practice REAL racist superiority.

Han Chinese are superior to all other Asian ethnic groups, by virtue of being born Han.

And our current American Nazi party believes in wars of expansion.

And they have street-brawling goons.



The Time magazine article was another Trump trap.

NOW, when he reveals how he defeated the election, he's got his enemies admitting the theft ON THE RECORD.

They did Trump's work for him.

Led by Trump's Judas goats.

Thanks, Molly Ball!

God love ya!

Easily one of the most steadfast Trump supporters ever.

She just didn't know it.

We're getting close to the Great Reveal. Trump is still shaping the battlefield.

Tell me again how delusional I am for saying that Trump defeated the election theft.

Nobody has been able to explain why Time published this article, especially at this moment.

Nobody except for ME, that is.

Judas goats did it. The Democrats signed their own political death warrant.



@ThomasWic Don't you just love the term "Judas Goat", it fits so perfectly.
In the UK we sometimes refer to a ball as a bollock.
Molly Ball will forever be Molly (dropped a) Bollock in my mind 😂

@PeterJHallett @ThomasWic

Peter, I had to look up the meaning! I knew about Judas but I had no idea about a "Judas Goat". Being a vegetarian, I had little interest in slaughter; much less in slaughter houses. However, when I read the description, I am like you. It fits so perfectly! 😎


I’m sure Molly Ball is feeling this way right about now..

(Re - end of Hunger Games)

@ThomasWic the beauty of it is the article you posted yesterday is that Trump does not let ego get in the way. He will fool you into thinking he is a bumbling idiot. Meanwhile his guys are working it hard on the other side and he is golfing somewhere like it is over!

Esther 7:10 - I had that verse on my twatter profile because I *knew* they'd finish by hanging themselves on the gallows they built for President Trump. The fools.
@GmanFan45 @ThomasWic

@ThomasWic Clueless fake news hen vs. a top General on Trump. They’re both laughing for different reasons.


See I barely researched Trump's background and a handful of actions tipped me off to him being more than he appeared.

His public flogging of Jerome Powell and subsequent transformation of Powell into a poodle after the QT in 2018 blew my mind.

Trump is a genius and a relentless warrior. I've been telling friends and family all along to watch how this unfolds! My champagne has been on ice since the election. It's getting close to cork popping time! God bless President Trump!

@BarbaraPatriotUSA I don't care for many alcoholic drinks, but I do like red wine some in the winter, and champagne - every few years at a wedding it seems. I never buy it, guess I don't think about it. Thanks for the reminder - I'll get some tomorrow & pop a cork with you!! It's going to be GLORIOUS!🇺🇸


Why we've had to wait this long. For Trump, it must be like the gears of a clock working. Synchronized watches.

@ThomasWic sir I really enjoy reading your posts. Very interesting and thank you. I have had a hard time getting straight answers about these new MRNA vaccines - even from doctors who are friends - and their safety. Could you kindly give your thoughts and/or a few leads where I can get solid info. There are so many dark theories floating around out there and I know many people who have had really bad reactions. All the best!



He already did what he needed to do.


And it was easy, constitutional, and legal.

With every day that passes, the Democrats dig their political grave deeper.

No need to stop them yet.

You are absolutely right. That is why I think the military will have to take over. All evidence presented in military tribunals, because it concerns treason. We all know that federal courts will let the miscreants off.

@ThomasWic Its quite remarkable to me that there are still Trump "supporters" who are in doubt, or worse, have thrown in Trump's towel for him. A good friend of mine has lost faith, and is impatiently hoping and praying. I said, Trump has proven himself umpteen times through astounding DEEDS; he never walks away from a fight, AND esp when he's already won! I told her to research him (good advice!), Doing that and learning from you and others here has made me completely relaxed. All will be well!

@ThomasWic I was always curious as to how Trump would accomplish getting the masses to accept what he will reveal. Thanks to Trump and his Judas GoatsTM Molly has unknowingly done the job.

@ThomasWic I wonder if Rep. Raskin is a Judas goat to write the letter that he did to Trump. It was so stupid to write this. Either that, or a Judas goat got him to write it.

@haithabu @ThomasWic If I had to wager, I would have to say that the TV show “Colombo” was one of DJT’s favorites. The snooty elitist murderers always assumes they won’t get caught by some lower- caste flat-foot. I can just hear Robert Culp saying, “Colombo, do we really have to go over this again? I have a squash game in 10 minutes.”

@ThomasWic Not delusional at all. You are a student of human nature from what I’ve seen and this article was crafted to give the narcissists, I mean virtue signallers, exactly what they want. Look how smart we are. Look how we saved the democracy. Look at us, we are so moral and good.

Gag me.

@ThomasWic Interesting theory. Now Trump has all the evidence he needs to expose the election theft during an unconstitutional hearing, brought about by those who stole the elections, in a venue having no jurisdiction over him while being presided over by his enemies! Keeping my fingers crossed!

@ThomasWic something else nobody mentions is the Perdue loss. He needed 50% to avoid the runoff and got 49.74%. Knowing this Senate hinges on this seat how the hell does Perdue, McConnell and others fight for the few thousand votes needed to get to 50% when there were multiple categories to find them such as dead voters, unmatched signature ballots and underage voters? If Congress was part of the solution of the true vote count then they didn't need to fight for this seat. He won it!

@barbaraff @ThomasWic no this was not percent of a vote it was percent of the total number of votes

Thank you! Won’t be able to sleep as I anticipate the future of Trump and our fabulous country!

@ThomasWic "Why did TIME publish this article at this moment [in TIME]" has the feel of a circular reference [in programming]! 👌


I’m having a hard time believing how stupid the Left is.

By now, surely only the people who are paid to ignore reality and those who are more comfortable being lead off the cliff than look to see what’s ahead, are buying into all this.

President Trump didn’t just use campaign slogans. He made campaign PROMISES and fulfilled them. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Demorats!

No one has EVER done this for our country. NO ONE.

@ThomasWic @REX
Molly Ball Summed Up
Yeah we did it
Yeah we did it
But our hands were tied
And anyway, Trump lied
Believe us, we did it for you
To save you from the evil few
Yeah we did it
Yeah we did it
Labor/Big T, curious concoction
Greed binds them in their auction
Of our country's future [that]
Looks like a fabric ruptured
Thank us for what we did
We're happy to sit on the lid
Of malfeasance and devilry
It more than just tomfoolery.
Next we come for your soul
It was worth it all told.

@ThomasWic How can these Democrats and the elites be so stupid and yet be so powerful?

Molly Ball must be feeling like a teenage girl who thought it was a great idea to publish her best friends diary.

Molly, what were you thinking?

You're the best.

@MariGee @ThomasWic

Who decided to let her publish this article? Was it Mr. Felsenthal?

@ThomasWic just imagine how many are now running around in abject panic since this article released, thinking what the actual F... Imagine what they are going to say, do or try to conceal.

They know they are doomed, their minds will de decimated.

The next few weeks are going to be an amazing spectacle of criminal human nature.

Their paranoia will escalate exponentially.

Trump did all this in silence.

They will totally destroy themselves before President DJT even speaks.🇺🇸 🌎 🇬🇧

@ThomasWic There's something I don't understand about Judas goats ... are they undercover Trump supporters who lead Dems down a path to ruin ... or are they Dems who inadvertently (foolishly) lead their own to their ruin?

@ThomasWic Smiling as I read
your toot, thinking about Our
President DJT doing his dance!
❤️ 🇺🇸

@ThomasWic What could happen to Biden? Can't see him or Kamala in prison.

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