On Impeachmentgate II

Some parts of this are beyond obvious. Some, not so much.

Everything soon to be transacted by the drunk-on-power, blood-lust-filled House Democrats in this upcoming impeachment trial will be done so in pre-announced, blatant bad faith.

Even more so than the first impeachment, Leftists and Never-Trumpers are pulling out all the stops to destroy 45.



Trumped up charges (pun intended), malicious ad-hoc rules, rigged testimony… Did I leave anything out? It’s all coming.

They aren’t even pretending to pretend. The stage is set for this to be an in-your-face, choreographed kangaroo court for the singular purpose of humiliating and then lynching Donald Trump.

They are even promoting fantasies of pulling off a Steeler-style 2/3 Immaculate Reception vote in the Senate that they can then try to leverage into a 2024 White House blockade.

Maybe it’s just fodder for their rabid base. But then, they truly are insane. so maybe not.

Whatever the case, they have made their goal clear. Its extinction.

First him. Then us.

What is not beyond obvious in all of this is Trump. He has been uncharacteristically quite in recent days.

Today Trump’s lawyers reportedly announced he would not challenge the 2020 election outcome during the trial.

So what’s up?

Rope-a-dope, or perhaps just more rope with which to hang themselves?

Is he granting them a Pyrrhic victory?



You wrote: "The stage is set for this to be an in-your-face, choreographed kangaroo court for the singular purpose of humiliating and then lynching Donald Trump."

Yes, and Leahy for a veneer of the sober-somber.

No matter how many clowns they cast to paint Trump as a heretic, it will not go well for them. They ALWAYS fail at this.

Their MAIN PROBLEM - and goal, is to legitimize themselves by de-legitimizing Trump's claims.

Playing with fire, what's the worst that could happen?


The main question we're asking: Is this the venue Trump has chosen to drop the bomb, or is it just another battlefield along the way to the real Main Event?

If this is THE venue, my gut says that proof won't come in the form of a long dissertation that could be squashed.

It will come as a fuse-lighting statement. A seemingly benign but bold assertion, made almost in passing - which leads FACT CHECKERS and everyone else straight to the actual bomb.

A witness? A link? Dunno.


When will he make them squash themselves? Wish I knew, but it's already in the pipeline, one that no EO has the power to cancel.

Oh, and if it is ONE FUSE-LIGHTING STATEMENT - one that leads them to the real venue for truth that is irrefutable and over which they have no control - it won't matter HOW the Democrats conduct the trial.

And I could be wrong.

That's how *I* would play it, what with so many curious cats hellbent on killing themselves.


@StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2

Here's all we need to know:

Nothing Trump and Pence are doing is NORMAL. All of it is INEXPLICABLE.

Trump is NOT at Mar-a-Lago, because the Secret Service hasn't requested a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR).

And Trump and Pence can disappear, travel, and reappear at will with NO LEAKS.

You don't develop that extremely difficult skill for fun.

Trump's entire family has disappeared. Unexplained military activity is going on allover the country.


@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2 "SOMETHING IS UP." - yes, in the words of Chris Miller, the 'most complex military operation ever', is what's up.

@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2 Don, Jr., is making videos of himself, and I noticed that he's in a different location every time. Palm trees, his NYC office, his hunting lodge.

@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2 all the while Biden is EO the whole country to Chyna? I have missed TW and DC since I was booted from Twitter. I am glad I found you both

@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2

Someone on this board said Miller was talking about Ops in Syria during that statement...

Is that the context?

Hope not.

@StarkRavingMad @ThomasWic @bob_forbes2

No, I posted a video of excerpts where he was talking about how they sweated bullets when going into contested Syrian airspace over nearly perfectly flat terrrain, and how they didn't breathe until it was clear no response was coming from either side. That was just one operation.

When he was talking to Pence he said it in the context of "multiple complex operations", or words to that effect.

@ThomasWic So, I'm not sure who to search for these things, but have you FOUND an anomalous TFR over any part of the country? @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2

@ThomasWic @StevenDouglas @bob_forbes2 And don't forget Scavino's and Pompeo's interesting posts over the past 24 hours.

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