Kids, I'm telling you:


The Pences moved to Virginia and opened an office IN TOTAL SECRECY.


Trump has disappeared.

No temporary flight restriction (TFR) over Mar-a-Lago.


No leaks.

This guy is a conspiracy theorist, but he confirms the lack of a TFR over Mar-a-Lago.


He also confirms--without knowing it--that all the spy aircraft returning to Beale Air Force Base are not registering on ANY tracker.

9th Reconnaissance Wing.

They report directly to the president.

I see them fly over my house. I never use trackers. All I do is go outside, tilt my head back, and look.


Trump's enemies are biting the dust.

Alexandra Ocasio-Smollet.

The House plan to blame Trump and only Trump for the Capitol building raid is political suicide.

Trump's lawyers specialize in FRAUD and CRIMINAL LAW, not constitutional law.

Arguing unconstitutionality is a nonstarter.

Everybody already knows that it's unconstitutional.

But the Democrats NEVER change direction.They can't.

Why is Pence across the river from DC?

WHERE'S EZRA A. COHEN, as he's now known?

All of SecDef Austin's decrees don't take place for months.

Trump and Pence can disappear at will.

Craploads of inexplicable things are happening.

Biden and his morons are too arrogant to even be aware of the military branch that PROVED the election fraud.

I know it's easy to say, "It's all over."

That's because you REFUSE to engage in critical thinking.

Why would Trump and Pence disappear at will, and how the hell do they do it?

Why did Trump make all those dramatic personnel and policy changes at the last minute?

Why the "most important thing I'll do in my presidency" address?

If you going to tell me that it's all over, you need to come up with convincing explanation for all of this.

You can't simply dismiss it because you have no answer.

If you have no answer, your claim that it's all over has no value.


Why get criminal trial lawyers to argue a case based on the constitution?

And STOP TELLING ME that Trump is finally realizing that he got bad advice and is now belatedly making the right decisions.

You've done this for his entire first term.

YOU NEVER RESEARCHED TRUMP, so you know nothing about him.

If you know nothing about a person, how the hell can you tell me how he thinks?


Everything happening now is following Trump's lifelong pattern of clandestine actions.

Despite everything written about him, we know almost nothing.

How do I know he studied Russian for four years?

I had to find an ancient paper that listed schools with mandatory classes in Russian.

When Trump attended the New York Military Academy, it was one of only three schools in the country that mandated the study of Russian.

Trump's records were buried to HIDE HIS ABILITIES.

We saw with our own eyes that he understands and certainly speaks Korean.

He reacts BEFORE the interpretation. Twice.

I myself am the only person so far that found EVIDENCE that Trump knew the Saudi royals since 1980 at the latest.

Mohammed bin Salman has spoken English in public ONLY TWICE, both times to Trump.

Why would he do that?

I'm sure it's because Trump speaks to him in private in Arabic.

Melania speaks English, but Barron's first language is Slovenian. I'm sure Trump, Barron, and Melania converse in Slovenian.

All the Trump kids born of Ivana have a very slight accent when they speak English. Listen carefully. You'll hear it.

So to conclude, NOTHING Trump and Pence are doing is NORMAL.

Don't dismiss that.

If you'd researched Trump, you'd know that it's VERY significant.

He and Pence promised to get the REAL vote count.

Did they just sit on it? Or did they do something so astonishing that nobody have ever thought of doing it before?


@Willatty @ThomasWic

My sentiments exactly! Please be right please be right please be right🙏

@Willatty @ThomasWic exactly how I feel . Been so seething mad -emotions all over the place but this complete quiet is eerie in a good way.

This is getting VERY interesting. I’m fascinated.


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

~ Sun Tzu

@basedmagadad @ThomasWic I love this particular quote! This is exactly how I expect President Trump's mind works.

@ThomasWic Thoroughly enjoy all of your posts.
So much critical thinking that the majority of the general public seems to ignore.

@Salsamanfit @ThomasWic Because the education system teaches what to think instead of how to think.

@MommysBigHeart @Salsamanfit @ThomasWic Bingo! My son is 17 and he started school when Obama's first term started. Common core was a disaster. Instead of teaching how to read and comprehend, they just taught you to memorize the words. Luckily for me, my son is a junior in high school now after getting a great math teacher in 8th grade that is going to NASA's aerospace program for a 2yr degree that he will get at same time as hs diploma. Trust me, its no thanks to the public school system.

@MommysBigHeart @Salsamanfit @ThomasWic My husband and I are older parents and he is an only child so I had the time to help him but some of that common core math made absolutely no sense. Talk about taking a problem and make it more difficult with more steps, taking more time, made no sense. My husband was a control room operator at a power plant, well versed in math said he'd lose his job if he did math that way, taking longer with more steps than necessary, while plant waited.


His whole first term, Trump showed us he has a hat full of endless rabbits. Yet people still seem to doubt each time that he'll pull another one out. Why would his second term prove any different? He promised to drain the swamp, so here we go!


I'm going with the latter. Trump will wipe the floor with these evil sons-a-bitches. I'm excited! Will be spectacular!

We pretty much know what "transition" Pence will be using his new office for.


On the bland surface his & the VP's actions as "formers" seem innocuous enough. Their moves, P leaving in AF1 & VP opening a transition office in VA w/little fanfare & his Chris Miller stuff is more revealing. No razor wired fences for them. Truly if PDJT had lost to a real candidate, his team would come get him in Trump One not AF1. Your reasoning is sound TW. Something great is amiss & the traitors are probably seeing ghosts by now. BUT, there is no where on Earth to hide, NOWHERE


Bravo, Sir Thomas. One of your best threads to date. Also, providing a glimmer of hope now isn't a bad thing.


The Democrats' Overton window shifts rapidly in the moment. UNBELIEVABLY ABNORMAL signs are instantly rationalized and normalized in their minds.

Eeyore defeatists parading as 'realists' have the same problem. They see SOME of what's happening and attribute it to Dem superpowers, or dismiss it all as just more evidence of sure doom.

Very few see how truly abnormal it ALL really is; telling evidence that NOTHING IS NORMAL - that major shit ALREADY hit the fan. With more incoming.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

I think the moronic moment where Psaki demonstrates, incredibly, that she thought Space Force was a joke, will go down in history as proof that “they never saw it coming..”

The next several nights my plan is to watch spy thrillers interspersed with catching up on TW/QV.. 2 nights ago was The Hunt for Red October, last night was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.. tonight: 3 Days of the Condor!

But you know what? Reality (or TW’s educated guesses) is WAY better than fiction!

@ThomasWic Russian and Slovenian are very close in pronunciation and parse syntax.

@VladPani @ThomasWic Actually isn’t Slovenian a dialect of Serbo-Croatian? Russian isn’t too far off either. They all share the Cyrillic alphabet but the Russian version has more letters. I wonder if Trump and his kids with Ivana speak HER language?

@ThomasWic Ohhhh boy. I'm getting excited. This is just going to change... everything.

It'd be like going to bed midnight on 9/11 and waking up late in the evening of the same day. The world up and changed when you weren't looking.

@ThomasWic Question: If there's no TFR over Mar A Lago, are you seeing any TFRs in places that maybe shouldn't have one? Are you comfortable enough to speculate out loud where Trump might be? If not, I totally understand. Thanks!

I have a feeling it’s going to be epic! If anyone thinks Trump spent 4 years as President fighting for us, the world actually, keeping every promise he made, just to exit knowing Biden can wipe it all away really don’t know Trump at all. I can’t wait!!

TW, the US NAVY tweeted this a little while ago. Check out the top right photo. That’s our CiC.

@Veni @HuajatollaChic @ThomasWic

If you like that pic, you’ll LOVE this.. this is one of the best posts Sundance ever wrote at The Treehouse!! Read the whole thing, but especially scroll down to the very bottom and watch the video with the title in Arabic.. it’s great!!! Enjoy!!!

@charlotte1958 @Veni @HuajatollaChic @ThomasWic
The Sundance post back in 2018 was prophetic, and is still an excellent read.

@charlotte1958 I’ve never seen that photo of everyone around him celebrating his win on election night. It’s as if at that moment, the weight of the world was cast upon his shoulders. May God Bless the greatest president EVER TO HAVE LIVED 🇺🇸 @Veni @HuajatollaChic @ThomasWic

@Ballerina @Veni @HuajatollaChic @ThomasWic

It’s great, isn’t it?!?! There are a couple of photos from that moment and others make him look like a center of serenity with chaos around him!! Incredible moment!!

And did you notice the photo of Paul Ryan looking like he’d seen a ghost with Devin Nunes skulking in the background?? Wonder what intelligence they’d just shown him!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Thomas, have you ever seen the video, Time Traveling Trumps? It’s very interesting. If you watch it, would love to get your thoughts...

@ThomasWic I'd love to know exactly how many languages he can speak/understand. I doubt, for good reason, we will ever know, but I'm sure it's a fair few.

@JurzeeGurl if he was able to learn Arabic, then I respect him even more, if that’s even possible. Learning languages comes easy to me. But I gave up on Arabic in a month. It is torturous.

@Criseee I can barely speak English, let alone another one. I am however quite fluent in sarcasm and cursing. LOL

@ThomasWic I continue to think of Trump’s speech on the 6th telling Pence “What takes courage is to do nothing.” Then later about being able to go by very different rules when you catch fraud.

@ThomasWic can I ask a question? What is the significance of no TFR around Mar-a-Lago?
Do former presidents usually have them?

@ThomasWic I generally agree with this. I know something is up because none of what's happened since January 6th has been normal.

As for what that could be, I honestly have no earthly idea.

But I've seen major blackouts across the world, major government officials resigning in droves, a military coup in Burma, and Jeff bezos of good old Amazon-CIA-WaPo step down.

And that doesn't even touch the troop movement here in the US.

@ThomasWic I've always said the real enemy here is China. Mike pompeo keeps confirming it in his tweets.

How is it that everything that is happening in the world are all things that weaken China?

That's how I know Trump still is in control somehow...

US Senate is a place where 47 Senators voted to impeach Pres Trump last year and 55 voted that the 2nd impeachment was constitutional last week.Add to that the DNI Report and already public evidence showing the 3rd Nov election was compromised we clearly see that the Senate has no difficulty in blatantly stating that black is white.The quality of evidence necessary to overcome that level of corruption will be mind blowing.

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