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"If Trump really won in a landslide, then why do we have Biden sitting in the WH, reversing everything Trump did? Why are competent people in key positions now replaced with those chosen primarily for their race, sexual preference or “gender”?
Why is much that was accomplished in the last 4 years being allowed to be destroyed by these idiots? I hope there’s some good reasons and it’s revealed and reversed soon, before it’s too late."

It happened because Trump is a big-picture guy.

Trump TOLD US not only that the election would be stolen, but he also told us exactly how it would be done.

So why didn't he stop it?

Because by allowing it to go all the way to the conclusion, he trapped everyone involved.

That includes ALL of Trump's enemies, foreign and domestic.

Now, I've figured out a way that Trump could've defeated the election theft. It was EASY.

The reason I'm not telling you is that nobody else on the planet has written about it, so I refuse to be the first, in case I'm right.

All it required was the ego structure to allow it.

No president has ever done anything like this. They were thinking only of themselves, not the country.

Trump would not only had allowed it, he would've facilitated it with Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs).

Not one PEAD has ever been declassified or leaked.

Trump told us several times that he has powers that nobody knows about.

He always warned his enemies to think twice.

The Democrats have been trying to get Trump's PEADs since he took office, but they've been unsuccessful.

Given the national emergency of an election stolen with the help of foreign powers, Trump was able to defeat it.

He told us how.

By getting the REAL vote count.

In order to steal the election, the Democrats needed to have the real vote count so that they could overcome Trump's victory.

Hence the pause in counting, the ballot dumps, and the rescanning of the same fake votes.

Getting the real vote count was a piece of cake, since the Democrats very stupidly hired a company that stole the election by using the Internet.

There are so many ways to hack into a system that I could tell you of 20 off the top of my head.

The Democrats were not just STUPID, they were EXTRA-CRISPY stupid because they used wireless systems in the central hub for the theft operation.

So any number of cyber warfare technologies could've been used.

Ground troops could've set up a temporary network nearby and boosted the signals from the wireless devices.

They were collected in a server, and that's all she wrote.

A temporary network can consist of hovering autonomous nanodrones outside the building.

You could bug the building with nanodrones that land on somebody's back outside, flatten out and mimic the pattern of the clothing, and then hop off inside and find a perch from where it can record.

It can be done with satellites and high-altitude electronic-warfare aerial platforms.

Since much of the counting was done outside the country, the NSA vacuumed up all the communications.

On January 6, the cellphone conversations of the Oath Keepers who went into the Capitol building were recorded in real time.

These people were NOT under targeted surveillance.

ALL cellphone conversations outside the Capitol building were recorded.

Nobody knows how it was done.

The conversations identified the conspirators.

Read the FBI affidavit. They were on nobody's radar screen before January 6.

So there's cyber warfare technology we don't even know about.

People think that the current situation can't be REVERSED.

If I'm right, it was ALREADY DEFEATED.

Legally and constitutionally.

During national emergencies, the president has powers nobody else has.

You can bet that Trump used them.

But the way he defeated the theft was by going first through Congress and then through his cabinet.

Pence--who has disappeared--is key to the defeat of the theft.

That's why Acting SecDef Chris Miller publicly thanked him.

Pence was everybody's anchor.


So the short answer is that by allowing the theft, Trump destroyed EVERYONE.

And he had a foolproof way to defeat the theft.

It APPEARS that Trump will first go through with the Senate trial, just so that nobody can say that he stopped it because he was afraid of the outcome.

Since conviction is impossible, it's another giant waste of time and money, but it's also another trap.


He always has good reasons for doing what he does, and he always wins.




When the magnitude of the election fraud finally sees daylight, there’s a good chance that more than the presidential race totals will be proven fraudulent.

@GuyDavis @ThomasWic

It would not surprise me in the least to find out we have been fraudulently ruled by Democrats for decades.

@holymolyrocky @GuyDavis @ThomasWic Nor I. I’m quite convinced that in Washington State there’s been entrenched voter fraud for more than 20 years at almost every level of government - city, county & state. And now Dems in the state legislature want to further legitimize their fraud by hiding final vote counts from the public.

@GuyDavis @ThomasWic THIS is what I have been many federal and state “officials” have been selected and not elected for the last 20 else can Pelosi and McConnell and Schumer be explained!

@ThomasWic I’d love to hear your thoughts about bezos stepping down from Amazon today. Everything you’ve been telling us is happening in real time now.

Interestingly enough Andy Jassy who is CEO of Amazon web services, who is stepping into the role of Amazon CEO, is also a minority owner of the newest NHL expansion team, the Seattle Kraken.

Can’t make this up!

@Jodie @ThomasWic ...and reports of Adam Schiff now eyeing the Ca. AG gig

@ThomasWic thank you Thomas. More troops have been arriving in DC so I hear from the news. I thank God Trump is not a politician or a greed and war monger. Nice and clean by the book.

@ThomasWic What role do you think Melania plays? I believe she is a very strategic partner - far beyond a typical wife/first lady. She is highly intelligent and played the role of gracious, quiet model very well. Dumb like a fox in my mind.

@Deplorableman @ThomasWic

AND grew up (part of the time) behind the iron curtain

AND speaks multiple languages, including Russian and the main European languages


Agreed that it makes sense for Trump to get through the Senate trial.

One angle that surprises me a bit is why the Dems don't simply postpone the trial to an indeterminate date so they can keep it hanging over Trump as leverage.

Based on what Trump has planned, perhaps that wouldn't make any difference, but in the Dems MINDS perhaps it could (since they don't know what he has planned).

In any case looks like trial going to proceed as scheduled so will be a moot point.


@ThomasWic I remember President Trump did a presser where he spoke of exact numbers down to the hour and minute on elction night into the next morning. I believe President Trump was watching it happen w/others. What a time to be alive!

@ThomasWic certainly would be comical for Space Force to finally brief Biden only to let him know that they have evidence of vote tampering and foreign interference...forcing Biden to be the one to disclose his own demise to the world. Talk about “screwing them back in spades.”

@ThomasWic That's why I'm here, front row seat to TW's thought process.

@ThomasWic thank you. I also recall a series of continuity of gov orders he put through in his final month of this first term. Order of succession for various positions. What could have been the reason for these orders so late in the game?


😂😂😂 not just stupid, extra crispy stupid.. 😂😂😂😂

I wonder what the chances are that Trump will take the stand during the impeachment trial and “face his accusers” as is his constructional right.
That’s sounds Trump-Size to me.
Who will take their eyes off that show.
Go big, or go home.

Well, if you're gonna be stupid, you might as well be extra crispy stupid, right?

@ThomasWic I subscribe to the theory that President Trump allowed the theft to occur so as to permanently destroy the Democrat election machine, and I concur that he has evidence of this theft.

You write that the fraud was already defeated but a core argument in Trump’s impeachment defense is that he is no longer the President. If the fraud has already been defeated and evidence of Trump’s victory exists, would he not actually be President? Or is the reveal what ensconces his victory?

@ThomasWic Why would the Dems go through with the fake impeachment and trail only to give Trump a chance to present evidence to the contrary?

It must really suck to be the losers in all of this.
Just the thought of waking up and living a day as they live theirs, filled with nothing but muck and misery gives me the willies.

And I’m still not tired of winning.
Although sometimes it may look like loss to the outsiders, we do not dwell with those on the bottom no matter what happens in our stories. Therefore, every day, we win.


The Senate trial will ensure that if there is anyone left on the planet who doesn't get how criminally dumb the democrats are, all doubts will be removed.

In technicolor and surround-sound.

The entire country will BEG for Trump to return.

@ThomasWic Thomas, between reading your threads and knowing that Trump never conceded and would never leave without a plan, I am able to wait comfortably for a resolution. Meanwhile, many I know have prematurely thrown in the towel.

@ThomasWic Thomas, when Trump assumes his rightful place as president, is there a possibility of him running again in 2024 due to the fraud of this election and him not being able to serve the full 4 years?
He did tell Pence he would support him in 24 if he didn’t run..🤔👀

@ThomasWic thanks for another great, informative thread & for never ever giving up on President Trump.

@ThomasWic This video of Pres. Trump and family was taken the day of the DC rally. In it, Pres. Trump seems to be intentionally showing us a red folder. In your opinion, is this significant?

@ThomasWic He's beat the dems at their own games every single time. The election hoax is no different. He has confidence because he has the truth and knows how to use it.



Is it possible Trump put together a PEAD that transferred temporary authority, to an interim administration, for a 45 day period?

We've known for months that he can't count on the legislative or judicial branches to do what's right. They've already shown their corruption. The States failed too, though they were making strides right before January 6th.



So, it's futile to think he can present the evidence to Congress next week and trust that they would act appropriately, to remove the illegitimate administration.

Therefore, a PEAD that involved the Executive Branch and Military would be the surest path to his second term.

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