Okay, folks.


Space Force HAS NOT BRIEFED the Biden administration.

Psaki posted this an hour ago.

Space Force's TRUE capabilities are unknown.

Currently Cyber Command is comprised of cyber warfare forces from multiple branches of service.

It's a "Unified Combatant Command."

Space Force is ideal for handling ALL cyber warfare, because there are too many chefs in Cyber Command.

This article explains it all.

Since Space Force's true capabilities are secret, and Space force HASN'T BRIEFED THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, that tells you all you need to know.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Space Force already has fully mature cyber warfare capabilities.


The fact that Trump kept Space Force's capabilities secret and the fact that Space Force hasn't briefed the Biden administration means that I WAS right, and Trump defeated the election theft.

Now, before we go crazy, let's talk about this.


But I have no idea how Trump will reveal everything.

Trump defeating the election theft is the most important development in American history, and it may turn out to be the most important development in WORLD history, given how he plays it.

Therefore he's going to be VERY careful in how he reveals it.

But I want you to REALLY THINK about this.

Nobody--including me--thought that something as simple as downplaying the role of Space Force would be the answer.

Biden and his troupe of buffoons DIDN'T EVEN ORDER A BRIEFING from Space Force.

That's how utterly oblivious they are.

This is just one part of the puzzle.

Imagine how many OTHER moving parts there are.

For the first time EVER, spy plane from the 9th Reconnaissance Wing are flying over my house back to Beale Air Force Base.

U2s and Global Hawks.

They're flying south to north. I never see them going in the other direction.

MASSIVELY high altitude. Just the contrails are visible.

AS far as I can tell, none of these flights are registering on ANY commercial flight-tracking sites.

That means the trackers are being spoofed.

Using cyber warfare technology.

The so-called experts rely on their computers.

I simply look upward into the sky. By doing so, I see what the self-proclaimed experts miss.

The military can see these aircraft, and they're flying FAR HIGHER than commercial aircraft.

How did Mike Pompeo get to North Korea and back in secret?

Pompeo was CIA director.

None of the Trump haters in the CIA knew that Pompeo made the trip.

NOT ONE important secret was leaked during Trump's first term.

Remember how many Bush and Obama operations were blown to the press?

Trump figured out how to STOP THAT COMPLETELY.



Trump defeated the election theft.

That's all I can say for sure. I don't know what his status is right now, but I can make a pretty good guess.

It required the cooperation of Pence, Trump's cabinet secretaries, and the Republicans in Congress.

They would either have done it willingly or were tricked into doing it.

But the fact that Space Force hasn't briefed the Biden administration tells you everything you need to know.

Space Force would've been crucial to getting the TRUE vote count.

And with the true vote count, Trump defeated the election theft.


I'm 100 percent sure I'm right.



This is all guesswork.

I could be wrong, so don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm stating FACTS.

I'm telling you my OPINION.

Nothing more.


@ThomasWic an opinion based on evidence and the knowledge that Trump wouldn't let them get away with this

@oystergirl @ThomasWic

WOW WOW WOW! What a clue to what’s going on. This is Pres.Trump’s “Gen. Washington leading his troops into battle.” As Thomas has said, this has been secret and key to exposing all nefarious activity. I remember when the Pres announced its formation. Strange how no one in Congress or Senate protested it, that I can remember. This is very exciting!!!!

@selah18 @ThomasWic Well, they all thought it was a fucking joke. They thought wrong.

@Timmerax @ThomasWic I pray all the time that God will give me the gift of discernment.

@Timmerax @ThomasWic

Thomas' discernment radar never fails to astonish me. My eyes stay forward and still, focused on nothing so that I can see anomalies in everything.

Thomas' eyes NEVER STOP SCANNING. And he sees far more, with a knowledge base that enables him to actively look where nobody would ever think to look.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic in total agreement
I have listened and watched in amazement at the details that start coming together. It is a giant puzzle coming together piece by piece and I am always on edge when we all get to see another section of the tapestry revealed.

@Timmerax @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic Definitely! From reading tweets and toots from @BenKTallmadge, @ThomasWic, Shannon @Avery1776 and many more, it is remarkable how life follows a pattern of jigsaw puzzle pieces. So many things fit into place with many of the same characters and their actions.

@Brandismile1 @YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

It doesn’t make sense to me that Space Force would even be involved with the Press Briefing Room. I am almost 100% positive there is a briefing room the President and his cabinet/staff use for organizations/departments/people to brief him in. So no, I don’t believe when she tweeted at them to come to the briefing room that she was discussing the Press Briefing room.

@Brandismile1 @YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

😂 I mean it would be in keeping with this whole administration😂

@Brandismile1 @YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic how did you get that ? I took it as they had not been briefed by Space force-it is a very telling statement .
The armed forces don’t go to a press briefing ?

@YMKYMFOI @ThomasWic

Perhaps because press pool is almost entirely composed of nonjournalists who do not scan, do not connect dots, and serve their masters?

@ThomasWic Sir you are correct about Space Force. If you remember, Trump stated that it would be “staffed” 100% in the next 18 months. Well prior to CV-19, they had already asked specific Airmen to “apply”. Then a bunch of moves were made on bases with higher ups. Then they stated that no moves/re-train will happen for a few months. I believe this has to do with 1 the crossing of military at current bases( my kid’s supervisor was a Marine not an Airmen) and 2 some higher ups were either

@ThomasWic terminated or moved to an undisclosed location. They ask my kid to “apply” for cyber security and Space Force before Miller made the announcement. This was all stated to me on 1/23.

@ThomasWic Great thread! I love your guesswork! The Left tends has such animosity for our military that they don't bother to know what they don't know. Trump has used their ignorance magnificiently. Our military are truly saviors of our republic.


Thinking logically at the moment.. this makes sense, plenty of it

@ThomasWic Understood.
I appreciate your opinions, Thomas.💜🇺🇸

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