How many times to people have to fall into traps?

The raid on the Capitol was ORCHESTRATED BY DEMOCRATS so that they could impeach Trump a second time AND OUTLAW TRUMP'S IDEAS.

When you see doors being opened to let in the rioters, and you see a refusal to ask for reinforcements, it's clear as day what happened.

Now it's happening with the stock market.

Stupid people are AGAIN the impetus for ANOTHER crackdown.

Clandestine war is smart war.

Doing everything out in the open and bragging about it is not only suicide, it's suicidal stupidity.

Congress is already talking about new laws to FURTHER regulate retail investors.

People are bitching about how the system is rigged, but then they went on a suicide mission to ensure that the system is going to get EVEN MORE RIGGED.

There's emerging evidence that this was another trap.

I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that retail investors on message boards were able to raise the capital to move the entire market.

Besides, the only result is that companies ARE NOT ALLOWING RETAIL INVESTORS TO TRADE.

If the system is rigged, you have to have a plan to get around that. You don't just blunder into the tiger pit.

The reason the stock market is so volatile is machine trading.

When stocks hit a certain price, the machines automatically sell, which of course makes the drop worse.

Another problem is that too many people want everything to be perfect.

If it isn't, they want to junk the whole system.

The Fallacy of the Excluded Middle.

We see it everywhere. All or nothing. One extreme to the other.

Finally, most people refuse to admit that they know nothing about anything, so they simply repeat bullshit instead of researching it.

The critical mass of destructive stupidity makes us ALL suffer.

Guess who damaged Trump more than anyone?


They KNEW that their actions would be deliberately distorted, but they went ahead and acted out anyway, and they made it impossible for Trump to shake the tarring of the Democrats and the press.

TRUMP got his landslide.

And so did the Republicans who now people say they'll never vote for again.

Luckily Trump was able to turn it around. The reason he hasn't announced it yet is that it's going to change geopolitics in an instant.

You have to be careful how you roll it out.

Clandestine war is smart war.

Pulling your stunts out in the open and announcing your intentions WHEN YOU HAVE NO POWER is the height of stupidity.

But part of the learning curve is idiots screwing themselves out of stubborn pride.

And the rest of us have to pay for their terrible choices.



Government takeover control of 401K's? For our own good?

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic ideas been tossed around in the OBO admin... It's the last big take the feds would love to get their grubby little hands on. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic

Some governmental type folks have salivated for years at the idea of a “bail in” for all the banks...

@RonOgletree I have never trusted 401ks and this just may prove me correct.

I'm hating blind banzai charges into things, this stupidity is the latest example of people doing that.


Geez, I'm going to stop being happy about anything...

I admit I know ZERO about the stock market or currency or anything financial, other than shut up and pay my bills...


Me, finding an entire, complete Thomas Wictor thread I didn't see before...
😬 👍 🇺🇸

I recall that Pre-POTUS Trump was often critical of prior administrations such as GWB when they would telescope their war ops and schedules ie Desert Storm 1 & 2.

@ThomasWic Ignorance and the human condition. I can’t look back at what could have happened if the surge of morons didn’t go through the doors. I believe it all happened exactly as it was supposed to. It’s apparent that we have to flush the whole thing down the toilet. I can hear the song Elected...from Billion Dollar Babies, ..I promise the formation of a new party..a fair party, a WILD party... I believe In Trump 🇺🇸🦅

@ThomasWic Trump told us that it would be a tough battle. The trouble is that too many Americans wouldn't recognize "tough" if it bit them in their hind parts. People need to engage COGNITION.

@ThomasWic In all fairness, there were only a handful of "patriots" involved in the Capitol fiasco. You said orchestrated by Democrats - true dat. Patriots were scapegoated and sullied by a few wannabes and the masterminds of this debacle. My gawd, why do we keep falling through the false floor into liberal Hell?

@ThomasWic I've had this perverse thought/question in my mind for a while - is it possible that DJT won his presidency in 2016 the same way Biden 'won' his in November and that the exposé, when it happens, essentially exposes the entire rigged system that's been in place for decades perhaps? It would certainly make DJT look bad for about a fleeting moment to admit this, but in the eyes of the public, this confessional will turn him into a messianic figure...

@mnaskovski @ThomasWic I think that's backwards. Hillary didn't fight her loss because the fraud they commited would have been exposed. That decision helped the fraud continue this year.

@GmanFan45 @ThomasWic he had to have bluffed the 'vote counters' into believing he is 'one of them', a corrupt, rich, power hungry persona..they took the bait, not knowing 4+ (or 8+, 12+?) years down the road, what was coming. This is the -only- type of high-stakes poker that can result in the type of seismic shifts Wictor is predicting. I know, I'm grasping at straws.. but how else do you shake the Earth w/out engaging in such extreme brinkmanship?

@mnaskovski @ThomasWic with the Donald you must look at everything outside of conventional wisdom. But I dont think he lost in 2016. Is that what you were saying? If you unwound the 2016 polls showing him behind you could see massive democrat oversampling, lack of rural voters and assumptoon that 95% democrats would vote hillary.

@GmanFan45 @ThomasWic I know he did not lose... I am just curious how much 'help' he had of the kind Biden got in 2020. To expose the corruption, he had to have given into it, been privy to it, knowingly... That's my guess. The alternative is that somehow the military captured everything that went sideways in 2020, and that evidence alone is sufficient. But what would blow everyone's lid if he cops to his own presidency having been won the same way as dementia Xiden won it.

@mnaskovski @ThomasWic he has said he would give it all up to find out who was loyal so I would put nothing past him. I believe he won 2016 by larger margins than recorded. He has been talking about election fraud in tweets since 2012. He wrote an EO in 2018. He had to know it would effect him in 2016. He plans meticulously. And remember he is a showman.

well if what I/many here suspect is true, Trump and whomever initiated him into this, has played the longest freakin, brilliant con I have ever dreamed or seen, ever. No wonder he's freakin chillaxed as a cucumber, playing golf and trolling Xiden w/his "office of the former President". If this is true, I am in shock and awe of this man. Shock and awe.

@mnaskovski @GmanFan45 @ThomasWic although I don’t think he won 2016 by rigging . I think he won 2016 thru the Democrats hubris blinding them to their need to ‘over-cheat’ . They sure as heck weren’t going to make that mistake twice 😂😂😂

@whereiswes @ThomasWic

Stepping back and observing all this, it reminds me of those Africa Nature shows where it shows various animals coming out to fight each other for smaller game for meals. You’re seeing so many parties all voicing their concerns as they all have a vested monetary interest and it’s just exposing them and their ulterior motives.

@ThomasWic I agree with this being an orchestrated event. At the Capitol, malicious agitators with megaphones duped ‘do-gooders’ into take extreme measures to reclaim their country. Same thing is happening with GameStop & AMC. The attached post strikes me as being from a professional agitator with a megaphone. Is their goal to crash a hedge fund? Destroy capitalism? Or to grease the skids for restricting retail investment? Whatever this is, it smells like the market is being doused with napalm.

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