I'm back!

The reason I came back is that it appears that Trump is in no hurry.

But he's going to act.

"We'll do something, but not just yet."

Again, I'm not making a prediction, but the Senate trial would be the perfect venue.

Now, you can never lose sight of THIS:

The stakes are so high that EVERYBODY has to lie.

I knew that Trump would never declare martial law or invoke the insurrection Act because that would play right into his enemies' hands.

There was something much SMARTER, EASIER, and MORE BRILLIANT that he could've done.

I think he did it.

Remember I told you that Trump could destroy all his enemies with one blow?

He could also peel off all the nutters who claim to be on our side.

They're all having to eat their words, which is good. These are the people who revved up the idiots who got tricked into raiding the Capitol building.

I want you to think about something:

I read the FBI affidavits.

They didn't tap any phones.


Got that?

The affidavits contain verbatim transcripts of calls that the nutters made BEFORE the raid.

Calls they made outside the Capitol building.

You know what THAT means?

They've been doing this at every riot all summer.

The mistake everyone on both sides made was to think that this is all about Trump.

He TOLD us that this isn't about HIM; it's about the presidency and Congress and the electoral system.

But as always, nobody listened.

"We're going to do THIS to Trump."

"Trump should do THIS to win."

And the whole time, Trump was making his case for blowing up EVERYTHING.

If I'm right, minds will be blown, and the world will surrender. I've researched the laws, so my idea is doable.


The Senate trial may be the the end of the Democrat party as it now exists.

Like all of you, I want a resolution.

But Trump knows that the longer he waits, the greater the impact of his revelation.

If I'm right, Trump won't make a comeback.

That's because he never left.

Ask yourself ONE question:

Why didn't Trump's great ally Mike Pompeo not say goodbye to Trump?

Everything you're seeing is out of character...unless it's all a charade.

I'm not following anything the Democrats are doing, but I do know that it's already a shambles.

You think Trump meekly surrendered to THEM, and now he'll meekly accept an illegal, unconstitutional trial?

Ignore what everybody tells you:

The REALITY is that the Senate trial is illegal because the purpose of the trial is to determine whether or not an OFFICE HOLDER is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Senate has no authority to try private citizens.

Apparently the trial will start on February 8.

Will Trump act before then?



But I'm glad all the con artists and alleged experts had everything blow up in their faces.

I always tell you that I have no idea what will happen.

I'm spitballing.

The National Guard buildup had nothing to do with promoting a narrative. Nobody understands that.

How did the Democrats call in the Guard?

They have no authority to do so.

It served another purpose. An important purpose, since Trump doesn't use our troops as pawns.

I have some ideas, but it's time to not speculate publicly.

I'm going to stick with published FACTS.

So there we go.

Make sure to watch Bearded Bladder tonight.

Watch the two bladders expel their hot air.


@ThomasWic ermagerd, I hope you'll tell us later when the time is right!😁

@ThomasWic Look forward to you and @Debradelai every weekend. Since I'm on the old continent, I save it for Sunday afternoon coffee! Hope you add some culinary delights to the discussion again! Thank you!

@ThomasWic what a showman you turn out to be Thomas - I’ll be watching

@ORgirl94 @Hotshot @ThomasWic I searched here, YouTube, rumble, and duck duck go to no avail. Who is Bearded Bladder?


He's teasing about the name. It's called "Beard Blather." 😁

@ThomasWic Well, that's certainly a hell of commercial for Beard Blather!! Definitely tuning in...


I'm not quite sure if it is a good thing if bladders expel hot air...😜

@ThomasWic I certainly hope he has something in play. It’s hard to see a country in the future with the dems in control with how fast they’re working to crash the country into the ground.

But even so, hoping our government does something is hard to say at this point as they feel they’re invincible. Even grassroots support at this point is hard to say and even though I have faith in Americans, you also can’t rule out how easily normal people give in to authority.

@ThomasWic if you read the affidavits, so did the dems. They are going to know that if they take this to trial, Trump will produce his evidence. I don’t see this going any further. He, hopefully, will just end this now and blow up everything in their faces. He’s has all the evidence, he has the military in place (hopefully in charge), I believe he’s waiting for the exact right time, and not a moment before.

@akistner @ThomasWic

Even if the Dems know, they’re always arrogant AND stupid enough to do it anyways. I see no evidence to contradict this.

@akistner @ThomasWic

I expect few Ds to have the attention span or interest to read affidavits. Just as I KNOW few Rs in office(s) from local upwards, to read state statutes, their own bylaws, or Roberts Rules of Order, much less frequent the law libraries.
With respect, I disagree with your premise re the Ds in this case.

@ThomasWic can’t watch live but it will be my morning coffee entertainment :-)


With bells on!

BF has been chomping at the bit for BB all week-as have I. His beard is coming in nicely - a mini version of yours Thomas.


I started growing my beard as well, as my own intimate, personal tribute to the Beard Blathers of @ThomasWic and @Debradelai 🙂

@Zemeliko @ThomasWic @Debradelai

BF is really enjoying his. Hope you are having fun with yours!

He could never do it when Mom was still alive-she hated them. He's keeping it kind of late '50s-early '60s beat-jazz. Looks good..


I'm good with it, it's cool, and GF likes it too 🙂

In its previous incarnation I asked my kids whether I look better with or without it. The older one said it's better with the beard. His explanation was that with it I look more like a person no one's gonna mess with 🙂

I wanted to raise to toast on by B-day and share my picture with you as I still hoped Trump would be inaugurated on that day. But that didn't happen, so no picture...

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

@Zemeliko @ThomasWic @Debradelai


Everyone has their own way of dealing with this. This place has been so helpful. I escape into a world of good books, musicals, movies and art. One thing for sure-the Usurper will never be referenced in "Forbidden Broadway" as is OUR President. The little bit of the Usurper's first days I've seen is bizarre enough to be kind of black Dada. The asterisk "Presidency".


great to read you again! I wanted to thank you again for the Zatoichi suggestion... JUST finished watching the first movie and all I can say is WOW 🙏🏻

👍 The way DJT left DC & all the things his team (allies) did & did not say, including the behavior of the so-called current administration (which in my humble opinion is a hoax), it all adds up to this thread. THANK YOU TW. As always.


Normally love it with Sunday morning covefe, but... not this time. Looking forward to it in real time.


The question I have is the level of support Trump needs, and how effective any change would bring. The more people involved, the harder it is to keep silent. Imagine the conspiracy.

For one, Trump needs to look for new banks, preferably US based!



Now THIS sounds like Trump. I’ve been so perplexed and felt like I had to face a Trump failure. I’m hoping he will blow our minds and prove me wrong



You didn't research him, so you never trusted him to win.

As long as you refuse to do your own research, you'll be forever at the mercy of others.


I’m starting to research him now. I watched all your videos multiple times & I read JE Dyers articles twice each. His moves pre & post election perplexed me in light of him leaving on 1/20. I expected him to win which is why I couldn’t reconcile it when he left office. I pray time proves that taking back the WH is his plan. The country is already suffering greatly under 4 days of Biden. It’s easy to misinterpret based on desires vs what a person may be planning to to do. Patience

@TiffanyMauk @ThomasWic

Reconsider what you think Trump's objective is. If you think his objective is simply to remain in office, then his behaviors are perplexing and it looks like he has failed.

If you consider his objective to be MUCH BIGGER - and not about himself - then everything he is doing makes perfect sense.

@Julie @ThomasWic

I’d begun to shift my mindset. That he’d take the head of the R party and lead it by purging RINOs and gaining the house and senate in 2022. Then by the time he ran again in 2024 he’d have a party of fighters and winners behind him. Not sure how the country will fair for 4 yrs with Beijing Biden at the helm though. I guess we know the Ds will be very unpopular by the end of it.

@TiffanyMauk @Julie @ThomasWic my instincts tell me Trump will not be running in 2024.

Why? Because he accomplished what he needed.

You see, most presidents need 2 terms, 8 years to do what they need to do.

That has never been Trump.

He only needed 4 years.

Trump always comes in under budget and under time.

Once the parties crumble, we’ll see a few familiar faces come forward to lead.

@bodiazrising @TiffanyMauk @Julie @ThomasWic He knows he won a landslide for a second term, so I’m confident he’ll serve it. We can’t start thinking about 22 or 24 until we fix this problem. There will never be an honest election again if this stands.

@TiffanyMauk @ThomasWic

Just winning back WH is not going to solve any of the systemic problems.

Regaining WH without reforming academia (A), bureaucracy (B), Congress (C), judiciary (J), Media (M) and MegaTech Platforms (T), will be an ephemeral, and almost meaningless, win. DJT already had that win in 2016. He is no longer interested in that.

To fix big six (ABCJMT), more of us have to wake up to the problem first. How many did exactly that in last 4 years and especially since election?

@TiffanyMauk @ThomasWic

Tiffany, I read 4 books on Trump. You can start with Think Like a Champion :)

@TiffanyMauk @Lisa22 @ThomasWic might I recommend Scott Adams' "Win Bigly" ?
It's an analysis of Trump's use of persuasion and how he consistently encourages his enemies to underestimate him.
It goes a long way to explain why he can look as if he's stupid / clumsy but mysteriously ends up getting what he wants.

@ThomasWic @TiffanyMauk
And thats another effect of this "break", to shed one or two dependancies, be it on Trump, be it on Wictor (for sure there are more) and grow up.

And its happening. Its so enjoyable, to participate in all these interesting threads here on SQV. These are way more important than the occasional idiots, that are also here.

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