@Maturin @Sequoiagaia @ThomasWic
Will be interesting to see what military recruitment trends look like over the next year.

@ThomasWic I'm used to hurry up and wait. Now, for me, it's wait and see. This chess game is beyond me, so I'm content to wait and see, cause I am not guessing anymore. All my guesses were wrong. All will be well.

@juleswenger Wow! So some are being recalled by states, but this crazy amount will still remain? And it's been said that there's no credible threat on DC. Uh huh....

@juleswenger @ThomasWic It says any staying past the 31 day order will be there on a voluntary basis 🤨

@ThomasWic Not to protect that liquor store, that’s for sure!!!

@RaymondR @ThomasWic

Nothing adds up or does everything add up?

I get the feeling that it doesn't matter that those troops, called to DC by Trump, are controlled by Biden.

We have a common enemy, and Biden's 90 day suspension of Trump's CCP EO smells too much like bait.

Cheese. And it looks suspiciously free.

"Come on, tiger, come getcha some."

I could be wrong.

@StevenDouglas @RaymondR @ThomasWic

Yep - I spent all last night writing down every inconsistency, every known cheat, happening (eg ‘digital Pearl Harbor), hearing reveal, Jan 6 timeline, and TW video..

A lot of stuff still doesn’t add up and is sticking out like a sore thumb - mind you, it only sticks out as we’re now looking with a critical eye.. My wife who is such a sleeper normie, is starting to think I’m a crackpot that’ll be pinning up clippings w string on the wall..

@StevenDouglas @BirdDog @RaymondR @ThomasWic is it Northcom that are the ones who are in charge of bringing in troops by any chance?

@BirdDog @StevenDouglas @RaymondR @ThomasWic when you start pinning, please post pics so we can all join you! 🤣 I’m close to that but I’ve resorted to using publisher and inserting red thick lines as my yarn!! (Less damage to the walls) If this isn’t a movie, I’m sure someone could write a damn good one about me and my musings! 🤣

@ThomasWic Joe Biden wants to make America California again and Kamala Harris is laughing out loud and screeching again

Mr. Giuliani dropped an interesting little tidbit on Steve Bannon’s show this morning...

@rusyn_mama @ThomasWic

Just listened and heard nothing new. Rudy has been saying the same thing for months.

No one will listen.

@Erin @rusyn_mama @ThomasWic

Rudy called out the GOPe as worse than the Dems.

Pence, McConnell, Graham, the
RNC, RINO's, .....all the back stabbing GOP turd blossoms. 😧

@Erin @rusyn_mama @ThomasWic

Same ol' same ol'.

I can't watch the show anymore, ever since Trump's farewell...... 😧

Pleading for justice from your enemies is a mug's game. 😜

@Schmeezle1 @Erin @ThomasWic

Rudy mentioned having signed confessions from people who had been told to mishandle votes.

Maybe y’all had heard that one before. I sure hadn’t.

@rusyn_mama @Schmeezle1 @Erin @ThomasWic

We all know the hard evidence is out there, now it's just a matter of which judge has the balls to hear it, because it is DAMNING. Recorded calls, texts, emails, voting machine internet traffic outside of the US on election night, CCTV footage we have not seen yet, etc. Nobody wants to touch it, because it's nuclear. Military Intelligence has it all.

@Schmeezle1 @Erin @ThomasWic @chumbucket

Senate trial is the first chance. One way or another, it needs to be fully exposed. As @REX just said elsewhere here, “the current trajectory is not sustainable”.

@rusyn_mama @Schmeezle1 @Erin @ThomasWic @chumbucket @REX hes right about that. The first 3 days of whatever this is ruling us right now have been an abject disaster. Americans are strong and waking up everyday, but I fear we won’t last 4 years with these puppets at the helm

@ThomasWic I wonder when Pelosi and Schumer are going to start getting nervous about all the military in town?

@jpmzo I saw Schumer ranting about impeaching Trump on the Senate Floor this morning. He is hell bent on impeaching him.

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