Hat tip @ColdInNY

Some of the Boogaloo militiathings who came out today.

Far right:

Tactical diaper-pants so he can fight and crap all day without worrying about stopping.

Since his mask and slipping-down glasses make him blind, he obviously uses echlocation to gauge his surroundings.

Instead of high-pitched screaming, he using farts.

Echolocation by farting.

So he has to run backward into combat.

Second from right:

A descendant of an ancient race of Nordic seafarers who evolved life preservers of blubber.

Perfect rings around their middles.

She also carries a tactical stapler.

The lighter the skin tone, the more black lives matter.



Gay mountain-man trucker who belongs to some kind of butt-unit, according to the patch next to the Chinese interpretation of the American flag patch.

Since he'll stand and fight, he hasn't bothered to tie the laces of his boots.

He's also bulletproof, which is why his vest offers no real protection.

No bullet would DARE hit him!


A Redcoat fish!

All those careful urban colors with a nice red target-shirt worn over them.

I can't get over how much he looks like a parrot fish.

My mind is officially boggled.

These are the people trying to start a civil war, using Charles Mansons' Helter Skelter idiocy.

Can you imagine being one of these people?

I can't.

Just a reminder:

Here's what would happen to them if they went up against the US armed forces.

One GSG-9 officer takes out an entire field of experienced Airsoft players.




Geez, I need air — the fam is looking at me like I’ve completely lost it .... laughing so hard right now ...


Can’t wait for Mr. Hawaii 5-O description😆

I am dying! 🤣🤣🤣 That is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in forever.

@ThomasWic oh my, it's a hawaiian shirt. I zoomed in and now I can't stop laughing.

@ThomasWic These clowns think they are the new "Wolverines" and doing a re-make of "Red Dawn"

@JimRose oh my! The video is (unintentionally) hilarious, but the comments are priceless! 😂

@Dawnz I especially like the bald guy acting like he actually has a physique.

My 2 yo grandson might be able to use his Nerf toy to take them out.

@JoAnn_G @ThomasWic

I just got me a brand new 14 INCH Lodge Cast iron Fry Pan! That'll take out a few people with a couple of clops on the head - I know, old fashioned, but you use what you have!

@Joycevor @JoAnn_G @ThomasWic

Precisely!!!!! I feel the excitement building, only 48 hours away....

@selah18 @JoAnn_G @ThomasWic I was referring to an understanding of lethal weapons but it is broadly applicable.

@Joycevor @JoAnn_G @ThomasWic

I used to carry a large syringe in my coat pocket with a 16 ga needle because the parking lot at the nursing school was iffy day and night as the school was not in the greatest neighborhood. Some of my fellow students carried scalpels

@selah18 @Joycevor @ThomasWic

WOW! I won’t say what I used to carry when I worked late and had to walk thru a dark parking lot.

@JoAnn_G @selah18 After a work event that I coordinated for the rainbow network - gay employees - I took the ferry home with D, a completely cute freckle faced redhead half my height, who was the network head. We left NYC en route to Jersey City where our cars were parked. Since D was petite I was on the lookout for potential muggers. When we arrived at our cars, I told her, "Don't worry, I was looking out for trouble in case I needed to protect you." "Um Joyce I have a blackbelt in karate."

@Joycevor @JoAnn_G love it!!! I’m small, too. You gotta watch out for us “compact”ones!😃

@JoAnn_G @selah18 @Joycevor @ThomasWic

The BIG GUY granted me a sphere of protection so I could make it to where I am today. HE never told me but I look back now and it has to be why I made it through all the dumb things I ever did.

And all without a single weapon being used.

@JoAnn_G @selah18 @Joycevor @ThomasWic
I just put on a crazy eye and asked the squirrlie types first ... you got a dollar or cigarette? Works in no toting environments. 😉

@selah18 @ThomasWic

I have one my son gave me 3 yrs ago. Don’t use it much. Agree it’s a good use for it.


Well, polish and season that beauty up and hang it in a place you can grab it!!!


Oh, and on YouTube there's a baker from England and there show is "Cupcake jemma" and she has a tremendous recipe for a fudgy warm choclate chip cookie cooked in a cast iron. It's to die for

Thanks for the tip.

I’ve been putting together a few recipes I want to post here soon.

@JoAnn_G Please keep me updated. I'm into all kinds of cooking and baking and artisan breads


It’ll take me a week cause I don’t measure much when I cook so I have to force myself to do it so I can write it down. :)

@JoAnn_G Not to worry! I’m up late because I made yoghurt in my Instant Pot. I drain it for a day and make it into Greek Style yoghurt. I cook when I’m stressed. These are going to be the longest 48 hours


Looks delish! I think that’s the only thing I’ve never made. Would like to try though.

Before I retired I also cooked to relieve stress. I’d make entire meals to take to work and feed 15-20 people. Crazy, I know but it sure helped my stress level.

@selah18 @JoAnn_G @ThomasWic The 8 inch pan is easier to handle. It will do damage without killing your arm in the process 😂

@Ohcomeonnow @selah18 @ThomasWic

Oooo I do have an 8” cast iron cornbread wedge pan. That would leave a nice beauty mark. 🤪

@selah18 @JoAnn_G @ThomasWic

I have 12in, 10.5, 8, & 6...all made in USA, all vintage. I call this backup!

@ThomasWic These kids played too many video games! They don't know what real life is! 😂


OMG indeed. These people do not live in actual reality, but rather their perception of reality forged in their online experiences.

Frightening to think how many are of the same mindset.

@ThomasWic GSG-9 Officers are extremely talented. Some of the best of the best. However the best of the best don't demonstrate their real abilities for a video. And Yes, Effortlessly is an understatement

@ThomasWic too many people think their weapons and clothing are lucky talismans. They have no idea how to fight.


If I had any notion of going up against anyone so trained, or if I had any concern of rogue armed Americans going up against our military so trained, I could lay my head on my pillow and get a good night's sleep.



I noticed the gun safety practiced by "Swoosha." Amateur militia would end up shooting each other.

@ThomasWic It is not these guys I worry about. It is the Boston Dynamics employee who decides to make a killbot that uses these guys as cannon fodder to triangulate targets before firing.

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