Hat tip @ColdInNY

Some of the Boogaloo militiathings who came out today.

Far right:

Tactical diaper-pants so he can fight and crap all day without worrying about stopping.

Since his mask and slipping-down glasses make him blind, he obviously uses echlocation to gauge his surroundings.

Instead of high-pitched screaming, he using farts.

Echolocation by farting.

So he has to run backward into combat.

Second from right:

A descendant of an ancient race of Nordic seafarers who evolved life preservers of blubber.

Perfect rings around their middles.

She also carries a tactical stapler.

The lighter the skin tone, the more black lives matter.


Gay mountain-man trucker who belongs to some kind of butt-unit, according to the patch next to the Chinese interpretation of the American flag patch.

Since he'll stand and fight, he hasn't bothered to tie the laces of his boots.

He's also bulletproof, which is why his vest offers no real protection.

No bullet would DARE hit him!


A Redcoat fish!

All those careful urban colors with a nice red target-shirt worn over them.

I can't get over how much he looks like a parrot fish.

My mind is officially boggled.

These are the people trying to start a civil war, using Charles Mansons' Helter Skelter idiocy.

@ThomasWic @ColdInNY “militiathings”...hahahahaha. Love it. You have such a way with words.

@ThomasWic @ColdInNY This is hilarious. An LGBTQ flag and a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt and WE are supposed to believe that this is a right wing group? Get the fuck OUT! 😂

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @ColdInNY


Especially since most gays on the right hate waving the rainbow flag!

@Brandismile1 @ThomasWic @ColdInNY Brandi, as long as everyone is being real and not larping I am cool with it. Seen way too many people steal the flag and act like total assholes.

@Brandismile1 @oystergirl @ColdInNY

These aren't patriots.

They oppose ALL government and want to hasten a civil war so THEY come out on top.

Charles Manson's Helter Skelter.

@ThomasWic @Brandismile1 @ColdInNY Thus the comment about Larping. You wrote extensively about mass killers who only wanted attention. Are these asshats any different?

@Brandismile1 @ThomasWic @ColdInNY Show us the white paper. That's the details of how they wish to see change. Mass killers are collateral. I think you know that. Do some research and find the details of how Libertarians will make America better and then we can all discuss. I am not personally attacking you. I am asking for your help. Most of us have not seen the information that made you decide to support that side.

@Brandismile1 @ThomasWic @ColdInNY He was a democrat for many years but he was fiscally conservative, so we would put him as a right leaning centrist. If you can explain how he is a Libertarian, I would be interested in what you have to say.

@Brandismile1 @Dodgerprincess @ThomasWic @ColdInNY Absolutely because he has been trying ALL YEAR to show that we are a FEDERALIST nation, which means, the states are in CHARGE! None of them step UP. They will have to!

@Brandismile1 @ThomasWic @ColdInNY Thank you Brandi for taking a breath. My mother is a Gemini so I completely GET where you are. Please understand that I a only trying to help you get how things work here at QV! Night night!

@Brandismile1 @ThomasWic @ColdInNY So, have they put forth a white paper with details on how things should change? if so please share but most of us have not seen any such.

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @ColdInNY

And the flag needs to be rebranded as an “LGBYN” flag...or whatever garbled abbreviation Biden let fly this weekend.

For some reason, Biden’s new alphabet soup reminds what might happen when a politically-correct millennial breeds with a Registered Nurse.

@ThomasWic @ColdInNY LGBT flag, BLM. Yup. DEFINITELY MAGA. They ain’t even trying, folks

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic

Nay - RedBull and Vidka w a splash of grenadine (for color)..

“I don’t drink for flavor, I drink for effect...” - me 🤪🤪

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic

Applejack made in PA - George Washington’s drink of choice

@ThomasWic THIS is the laugh I have needed all day, folks. Mom was taken to the hospital this morning with a heart attack. She is stabilized, thank God. I love you guys. You’re always there when I need a boost and so don’t Have to worry about being nipped at by demonic trolls. You’re all the best.

@WatchfulCat @ThomasWic I hope your mom gets better and recovers fully. God bless her and your family.


I’m so sorry to hear this. May G-d give her an immediate and perfect healing.. amen


Geez, I need air — the fam is looking at me like I’ve completely lost it .... laughing so hard right now ...


Can’t wait for Mr. Hawaii 5-O description😆

I am dying! 🤣🤣🤣 That is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in forever.

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