Today was supposed to be the day that armed militias went to Capitol Hill and all the nation's state capitols.


Remember when Trump said the US military could stop the burning of a city in an hour?

Obviously leftists were trying to set up Trump again.

It was prevented.

Keep that in mind.

Well I just saw some video footage of what it seemed like leftist armed groups in various state capitols. I guess they were paid to show up to confront right militias that didn't show up, just as Trump requested.

@ThomasWic Pres. Trump said to stay home and his supporters made sure that word got around and slapped down all of these fake calls to go to the capitol as fast as they sprang up.

@ThomasWic Protestors are showing up. They just aren't Trump supporters. Until the propaganda media says they are. This would be a good time to more fully expose who's behind these "Trump" protests.

@ThomasWic A very good point. The dog that didn't bark. Perhaps the dog has been leashed?

@ThomasWic I noticed this as well today. I really do not know what is going on with the national guard buildup but I hope it is something good.

@ThomasWic Until you posted this, I had completely forgotten about this set up, Joke was on them...


“You can ensure the safety of your defense if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked.”
Sun Tzu

@ThomasWic They must have the most amazing & detailed FILE on everyone involved since the start of the rioting last Summer.

In Clint Eastwood's movie his best line was day ain't over yet.
We have been praying .

@ThomasWic I love how the torch is in the wrong hand in their graphic.

@TheRob @ThomasWic

Good catch.
They put it in Lady Liberty’s left hand on purpose, to symbolize leftist ideology.

@ThomasWic Dang! I knew I was forgetting to do something today.

@ThomasWic There were a 100 or so Boogaloo boys hanging around the Capitol in Lansing MI. There was more press there than people filming the guns

@ThomasWic guess the leftist had a change of heart since 25k or so troops are in place

In California an Eagle Scout with a flag showed up at the capitol building, also two Biden supporters with signs. Rumor has it after the protest the Eagle Scout helped the Biden supporters cross the street. Very dangerous protest rally.

@ThomasWic it appears the left reused one of their backgrounds to try and fool Trump supports.

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