As the Democrats will learn the hard way from Red October to Bloody November.


To Labour's credit they are the ones who canceled one of their own.

Fortunately for us (electorally speaking) the Democrats aren't sane enough to take their lead and recognize it as a good move, both morally and PR-wise.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

Definitely. Watching Democrats gleefully dancing through the raindrops of death and economic destruction like Fred Astaire has been sickening.

I'll drag myself naked across broken glass to write in a protest vote against a Democrat dogcatcher running unopposed.

I'm going to watch them burn without a drop of empathy.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

My God, that woman looks like a cross between the two women who work with my dad. (Glorified secretaries!)

They too were/are (one died last year) angry with the world and voted Democrat.

Amazing how that works.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

Let's face it, no pun intended.

Secondly, the only reason she thought nothing of doing it in the first place is that all Liberal speech is protected, just ask the media.

@ThomasWic interesting to see a hate- filled leftist suffer consequences. Would have come as a huge shock to her no doubt as there usually are none. Their vile comments are usually welcomed. It's good to see some pushback.

@ThomasWic this is a perfect example of the usual lack of consequences for vile expressions. Inciting murder against cardinal George pell after his 7-0 acquittal in the Australian high Court. Facebook should be ashamed




She lost her job and Boris is now OUT OF THE ICU. 💪🏻


Do people like this deranged woman really believe that the entire world agrees with THEM?!

Well, she lost both her political position AND her J.O.B.

I hope that wakes her up, but I doubt it will.


Blinded by hate.

We see the world through eyes of anger or peace. Too many people have never faced either for real.

Once you put your foot in a pile of goo that was once a human being, the smell never leaves and consequences become visceral.

Hate rots the soul.
Prayer heals.

Boris Johnson is also a master Troll. He is extremely intelligent to boot. He recites verses from the Illiad in ancient Greek (In the past) not just drolling them out but with inflection. I like the guy a lot.


He was getting heckled by some left wing protestors recently and it was on BBC news. They were shouting something about being a 'right wing facist' He turned on them and gave them two fingers and shouted "Lefty Tossers!" It was all captured on TV 😂 Like a Boss😎

@ThomasWic One of your followers on twitter who is just there to “prove you wrong” told me this guy is better. I looked him up and never got passed his pinned tweet.

Red flag #1 - He floats a theory and then then says you have to buy his book to find out more.

Red Flag # 2 - He says Trump is an illegitimate President bc he actually didn’t win, he cheated via voter fraud. So it wasn’t the Russians after all? HA! Oh brother.

Feel free to do a thread on him ;-)


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