@ThomasWic Is it bad that I laughed out loud over this? (Don't care... it was funny.)

20 kids playing in the courtyard of my building right now. They are bored and ready to go back to school.

@ThomasWic 👏 That was so great! I feel for the guy, yet couldn't help but laugh. p.s. we need him stat at the President's daily briefings!😆


👀 Ugandan police chief?

I have never seen anything quite like that before.

@ThomasWic The way too frequent profanity doesn't help, and interferes with his message. But I fully understand where he's coming from, as he seems at a breaking point.

@ThomasWic ok, I admit,I laughed.. but I couldnt help it😂

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic

Could have used him on the White House Task Force's daily briefing ...


Can we trade Cuomo for this guy?

I’ll throw in DiBlasio

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