Laughed out loud when watching this exchange today!

First he schooled a chick on how the government works.

Then he takes down an asshole by pointing out exactly how said asshole did fake news.

Like a BOSS!

@umad80 @ThomasWic. Flamethrower indeed! He gives it to that dude in the end!


Did I hear him say, "BITE ME?!" Obviously he didn't utter those words, but they were there in the air!

@ThomasWic that reporters smug look in her face as President Trump talks makes me so angry. I wish someone would slap it off of her. I guess, in a social distancing way, he did😀

@ThomasWic I have a journalist degree and was an investigative reporter at a local newspaper while in College over 30 years ago. Any information we received had to be verified by THREE sources. Research was essential. Today’s reporters are vapid and vile. They’re profoundly despicable and a disgrace to a once proud profession.

@Scout @ThomasWic DC reporters care more about sleeping around to get sources, being invited to the right parties, and getting introduced to the right Democrats to maybe get govt. job in the next administration.

Its like Roman patronage at this point.

@ThomasWic "We the People" is not the fucking press! These assholes don't represent us, they were not sent by us to investigate and report plus they receive a paycheck from an employer whose very existence depends on attracting audience attention. It's the 21st century and those dinosaurs in legacy media don't know that they're extinct. I can watch a video screen and decide for myself what the speaker said. Their questions are not my questions. They're all probably spreading disease, anyway.


I want to personally wipe those smug-ass smirks off their faces!

But, I think President Trump already did.

I was cheering at my TV yesterday. I'm not going to miss another PConf.

@ThomasWic -

"We're the federal government, we don't stand out on the street testing." 😂


FAUX NEWS is worse than all the others because people still trust them.

You have to do your own research no matter where you get your information.

It's true...

@ThomasWic FYI, my mom is COVID-19 positive and it took 3.5 days to get her results. So it is still pretty slow. She is in TX. I was with her when symptoms started and AZ is refusing to test me. I'm sure we're doing great compared to other countries, but there is definitely still room for improvement.

At one of the briefings,someone stated the medical facilities weren't taking advantage of the Labs they set up So, old habits are hard to change maybe, or maybe people are not wanting to throw business someone else's way, there's no telling. We won't know anything about any of this till it's done.


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