You have Gruesome Newsom. I have this Mafioso running my state. BTW, too bad his girlfriend, the faux chef left him. She was 100% alcohol. He could have used her for hand sanitizer.

@2020_DJT @ThomasWic Really? She left him. I did not hear that. Always wondered what she was doing with him.

@Ballerina @2020_DJT @ThomasWic I did not have any luck googling her. What is her name, please? Thanks.

@ThomasWic πŸ˜† I can't get over the clip of Fredo's twin promoting the hand sanitizer. "This is 75% alcohol."..."It has a very nice floral bouquet" It sounded like he was selling a new wine.🀦
Extremely stupid stunt which will get extremely stupid people to ingest it. Mark my words.

@Jaime @ThomasWic No doubt. What food could you possibly pair with lilac wine? πŸ˜†

@HectorHeathcote @Jaime @ThomasWic Well Hector, you must have some odd dominate umami tastebuds. Do you remember the lavender chewing gum? Ugh, it was disgusting.

@Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

No, I liked the licorice gum.... Beemans I think it was.

To clarify, lol... I said I'd "pair" steak and the nasty ol wine. As in, put 'em both on the table. I never said nuthin' 'bout actually drinkin' it.

@HectorHeathcote @Jaime @ThomasWic 🀣 πŸ˜‚ I think I've got a crush on you!🀣

@Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

lol... and I, for one, am loving it. It;s been decades since a woman had a crush on me.

@Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

Oh,..oops... my bad....

It's been decades since a guy had a crush on me

@Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

Let's face it... it's just been decades... fucking decades.... damned long, miserable decades.

Okay, what I meant to say was


@Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

how dare you assume MY gender, whateverthehell you are



Maybe, but not the way my luck runs. I'll probably be a n old-school calculator or some shit.

@HectorHeathcote Try to come back as a tablecloth mate. Then you will get laid three times a day, and pulled off after each meal. 😁

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@HectorHeathcote @Jaime @ThomasWic πŸ˜„ Apparently many of us are.
My aunt is getting bored staying in her NYC apartment for so long. I texted her, 'if you get desperate, maybe start a suds & singles mixer in the laundry room'. She replied; 'No way. Know the singles in my building. Rather be alone.' 🀣

@Baline Careful there, that'll give you bad dreams,,,,πŸ˜‰

@HectorHeathcote @Baline @Jaime @ThomasWic

I think the licorice one was Black Jack, another distinctive gum of the era, stocked in all the little corner mom-and-pop stores.

I loved the flavor and the attractive lettering of Beemans but black licorice - no.

@Baline @HectorHeathcote @ThomasWic
No but I remember those nasty tasting purple square candiesI think called violets.


It tastes like soap.

The gum and candy used to sit next to the cash registers at every newsstand and tobacco store in NYC.

@Jaime @HectorHeathcote @ThomasWic .


I remember the smell....it was so strong, it filled the smaller candy-fountain stores and newsstands.

I never saw anyone buy it and no one in my family used it but it was perfect for the times I snuck a cigarette as a teen.

Never got caught πŸ˜‚

@Jaime @HectorHeathcote @ThomasWic

@Baline @ThomasWic And of course, when it happens, our brave firefighters will say how this wasn't his fault, that people don't pay attention, etc., etc.

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