@ThomasWic I don't know how police can be so patient and let people like that guy go on and on at them. I couldn't do it.


Could hardly understand what he said other than the F word. I doubt that even going Speech therapy would clear up his words - Bluh Fluh Phug Duh thuh F’ing phig. His tongue must be as thick as a Big Mac.

@ThomasWic What an assfuck. Yeah Newburgh isn't the highest IQ area of upstate NY! 😜

@ThomasWic He seems like a really well adjusted, upstanding individual. I can't imagine why you'd think that!

In all seriousness, our men and women in blue don't get enough credit for the patience a great deal of them have. We always see the ones who lose it, but never the times so many of them stay calm, cool, and collected.

@ThomasWic well HE was sure a "pleasant " councilman ..damn! 😂

Face it, we would be pulled from the car after the threat, arrested & jailed.
Police patience often escapes US bottom tier civilians acting like fools in thier presence. The Council should take action on this behavior. Those in elected positions of "leadership" should meet a higher standard.

@ThomasWic What a letdown, I was waiting for them to yank his ass out of that car & haul him to jail.

@ThomasWic 63 years old with a long history of jail time and drug use. Yep...prime candidate to lead the community.


"arrest me or get the f&&k outta my face"

What a fine gentleman they have elected!


'They' get elected and now are above the law...🤦‍♀️



This is what happens when you vote a crackhead to the City Council.

Mountain Dew Camacho is real.

@ThomasWic So, this is the highest & best level of intellect they have to elect as "representatives"? It's a crime against humanity, a sham, & a mockery of our governing system. Rapper mentality, AND vocabulary. Bottom of the barrel.


I'm going to go out on a limb here. I don't think the "Good" Councilman and the LEO will be having a beer at the White House anytime soon.

This is what the leftists want us to devolve into.

Lawlessness and anarchy.

One can only hope that his constituents see this video and vote him out next election.

@ThomasWic amazing they elected a potty-mouthed racist entitled mental midget. Guess it explains how so many dems are elected to power tho


He was baiting the officers so he could get some press. Shame on him. He won't last long.

@ThomasWic I always hope trash like this need the police one day and they don't show up or at least take their time getting there. This pig is pure trash.


I have students that behave like that in the classroom- same skittering around the adverbs verbs and nouns, trying to see which version can be shot down.

Now I'm in a little dip of despair -naively I thought the children would outgrow it.

And then he drove off, leaving his girlfriend in the dust.

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