Remember how I've told you about the Yemeni Republican Guard, trained by Saudi Arabia?

Here's ONE Guardsman defeating multiple Iranians and Houthis in hand-to-hand combat.

This is what I've been talking about since 2015.

The Iranian fires at the wrong place, and he's hit with some form of explosive that blows off his helmet, but he isn't killed.

It wasn't a hand grenade.

As another Iranian leaps over the wall, the Yemeni Guardsman appears out of thin air (red arrow) and shoots the Iranian in the head.

The Iranian's helmet flies off, and he collapses.


This appears to be the only footage published so far of these new soldiers in action.

It sounds like there was a hell of a firefight in progress.

I don't have the date or the exact place.

This shows you the state of Iranian training versus Saudi-Yemeni.


Awesome Thomas. Thanks for sharing and interpreting.

@ThomasWic YouTube will not
let me enlarge the video. I have
a very difficult time being able to
see what you are describing, but
it did sound like a heckuva fire
fight! Maybe when I can get this
cataract removed.....👀

@Beemer4Trump @ThomasWic

The only way I can enlarge them is to 'open imagine in new tab'. Then I can enlarge the pictures.

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