The Aggressively Stupid are unable to see the strategic value in keeping their mouths shut about their plans.



True, add braggart! This is always to our advantage...😁


@baldilocks @JM @ThomasWic
I know right...let me tell you all what I'm about to do...and then "act" all surprised/shocked... 🙄😒

@JM @ThomasWic it's almost a toss up.... who is the best gift to Donald Trump, Waters or Cortez.


As you must know, the prevailing wisdom at the Twit Farm is they must declare essentially a mistrial not being cognoscente enough to know the Democrats can hassle him forever.

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic
Trump is just going to let them charge into their doom.

I take these Democrats are not cognizant of the lure and trap Trump has set up in their TDS rage.

I’m confused🤔 Is Mad Max one of those Man things? Yikes!!!

@ThomasWic I pray trump takes the stand. Only after rudy goes 1st and lays out all the evidence he has found in Ukraine. Trump follows up by declassifying all material relevant to support Rudy's documents. Bury them.

@Wally45 @ThomasWic
that involves the republicans who are just as guilty..what then🤷


There are sooo many, But it would make me scream like my little sister if mad maxine were to be perp walked

@ThomasWic Yep. POTUS has to burn out the cancer or it will continue to spread.


I'm betting that DJT has sufficient documented info to destroy each of them personally exposing their corruption including the freshman ISIS brides.

President Trump is going to Bring Out ALL The Crimes These Corrupt Criminals Have Done! Explains why the Democrats are in PANIC!😂

Rep Andy Biggs just said:

President @realDonaldTrump's attorney, @JaySekulow, promises that the defense team will put the current impeachment case over the Ukraine phone call in the "Context of the THREE YEARS That Democrats Have Attempted to Harass, Impeach, and Remove America's Duly Elected President".

@Trickster @ThomasWic

THAT I most definitely can and will stay awake for! We've been waiting years now for this. It will be worth sitting through a few more days of Dem blather to uncover the true faces of the chronically corrupt usual suspects.

Let the games begin!


Unfortunately for us good citizens, we will have to endure this until then.

@ThomasWic If Waters is worried about money laundering she needs to look into the Biden’s. Oh well, anyway, hypocrites gonna hypocrite.

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