Now I'll explain why I asked for people to tell me the first word that popped into their head when they thought of Bill Clinton.

And you proved my point.

Mo Kelly says he's apolitical.

The reason he hates Trump's guts and criticizes every aspect of Trump's existence is that Mo is SMARTER than the rest of us.

He's the only person in the world--he says--who can see Trump clearly.

Today Mo said that Pelosi and Trump realize one thing:

Impeachment is forever.

That's why Pelosi is delaying turning over the articles of impeachment and why Trump is hysterical.

The only thing Trump cares about is his legacy, so Pelosi is making sure that Trump legacy is forever stained by impeachment.

Then Mo said that he's met with Bill Clinton four times.

Clinton is an oversized personality. He dominates the room, and he had just as impressive a presidency as Trump has had.

But his legacy is forever stained by impeachment.

Mo said that when people think of Bill Clinton, the first thing that comes to mind is impeachment.

I'm willing to bet that NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES thinks first of impeachment when they think of Bill Clinton.

In fact, Im willing to bet that impeachment would not make the list of the first TEN things people think of when they think of Clinton.

Clinton's impeachment is effectively forgotten.

It means nothing.


Trump knew this.

I believe that Trump DELIBERATELY got himself impeached, because it serves multiple strategic purposes.

Mo Kelly said today that Clinton testified in his defense in the impeachment trial.

He didn't.

Mo is not lying. He's hallucinating.

Mo has the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome I've ever seen.

It's funny because he WAS apolitical until Trump was elected.

Bit I knew that not one of YOU--here on a place where almost nobody is neutral about Bill Clinton--would mention impeachment.

This is how Trump derangement syndrome makes people stupid.

Trump haters actually thought that impeaching Trump would mean his political end.

Not only did it not happen, it totally backfired.

I believe that Trump will TAKE THE STAND in his trial.

Lawyers tell me he'd be crazy to do so.

But lawyers GENERALLY lose track of reality. They're taught to think only tactically, and strictly in terms of the law.

They generally don't see the big picture, which is why lawyers who become politicians are usually very mediocre.

Lawyers tell me that Trump taking the stand opens himself up to charges of perjury.

That's tactical thinking, and it doesn't see the big picture.

The big picture is the president of the United states fearlessly taking the stand in his own defense and telling WHY he was impeached.

And then his lawyers present evidence that has not been declassified.

I've written a memoir that I'll publish under a pseudonym.

I keep having to rewrite major parts because I keep finding new documentation that bolsters my theories.

The documentation was hidden away in places that nobody else thought to look.

But I did things such as watch ten hours of silent military newsreel footage.

And I found what I needed.

It's six seconds of film out of over ten hours.

I'm the only person still living who knows that I know.

And I know that this is true, because the topic has been written about extensively.

I know something that not a single intelligence or law-enforcement agency on the planet knows.

And I confirmed it in six seconds of silent military newsreel footage.

I stopped listening to Mo Kelly after he revealed his insanity.

But tonight I was in my car, stuck in traffic, so I listened.

He built up his brilliant theory about how Pelosi has outfoxed Trump.

And then he said, "Impeachment is forever."

Actually, it isn't.

It's forever ON PAPER, but not in the real world.

I knew that none of you would immediately think of impeachment when you thought of Clinton.

The world had forgotten even before Clinton left office.

Several people have told me that Clinton testified at his trial.

It's a manufactured memory.

But if TRUMP testifies, the world will remember.

Impeachment is not forever.

TRUMP is forever.


@ThomasWic Donald Trump would have the perfect opportunity to open "Pandora's Box", and in a way that no one could ignore.

President Trump truly is forever. Fantastic thread!! Thank you! 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️

@ThomasWic Amen, Thomas!
President Trump’s successes will
eclipse any and all of this flotsam
and jetsam that the haters and
traitors espouse! IS
FOREVER!! ❤️ 🇺🇸

@ThomasWic I think of that disgusting blue dress and how Bill should have had a roll of unrolled paper towels to cover his junk with. That dress was proof he was an egotistical perv.


The only show left on KFI is The Jon and Ken show....all the rest have some form of TDS.


People don't even think of Trump as 'the impeached President' at this point. Unless they suffer from TDS.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic
I have kids age 38 and 35 and they were in my home when I was outraged at Clinton, i.e. they grew up with a conservative mom who railed against the lecher-in-chief. Recently I reminded them of his impeachment - to their absolute amazement. IT SIMPLY DID NOT REGISTER!! They are of this age of the ever-changing wikipedia - where truth is what you erase/write-over! (hey -cough- I paid well for their degrees) they are finally seeing, as they pay taxes.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic

It is much ado about nothing.

Every Republican President since Eisenhower had to face impeachment efforts by Democrats who seem unable to accept someone may not vote for them.

It is a grotesque charade to everybody else, and should be laughed out of the Senate.

Literally. Laughed out.

To give in to a pretense of legitimacy is a mistake.

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

@Debradelai Maybe this time they will learn a lesson (not a chance)
They will never learn or understand, will they? I agree, giving in to this pretense of "legitimacy" truely IS a mistake

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

Giuliani is talking about having the Supreme Court throw out the these articles of impeachment due to a violation of the Constitution. I agree because it would help prevent this charade from happening again and again.

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @ThomasWic
I’m 60 and I have always voted Republican although my family were Democrats. There was only one reason I voted Republican it was that I believe abortion is murder. I never followed politics until Trump. I always liked Donald Trump I listened to him every Thursday when he called into the stock channel, I always thought he was a genius. Never in my life would have I believed our government was so corrupt. I have a question has it always been this bad ?

@Debradelai @rarity @Carolbuckle @drawandstrike @ThomasWic Wilson and then most of his administration returned to office under FDR and sealed the deal.

@Debradelai @HockeyMom @rarity @Carolbuckle @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

I love this place. I cant stop reading because I'm learning stuff I never, ever knew.

Wilson? Wow! Now I'm gonna go read about him and FDR!


And look what I found describing Wilson:

"Leader of the Progressive Movement"

That *P* word has destroyed this country, hasn't it?

@Linnie @HockeyMom @rarity @Carolbuckle @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

It is the name of the Fascist party in the US.

Find out about Marcantonio and Kermit Roosevelt and you'll really know what "Progressive" means.


Thank you very much. I am excited to have something to research.

Show more

@karnage @Debradelai @Carolbuckle @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

Wilson & FDR: two über Lib/Progressive racists.

I just read, “The Jews Should Be Quiet,” by Rafael Medoff. I recommend it, but it’s tough reading.

Satrapy: a new word to add to my QV vocabulary list!

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

They’ve all been stupid, inClouding every member of their administrations until they disagreed w the following Republican administrations, then they got “Strange New Respect”

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic
You could say the same to a certain extent with people obsessing over bringing Obama and Hillary to "justice".

People seem to have moved on from the Bill Clinton impeachment.

@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike @ThomasWic But it would be so wonderful to see Zero and Crooked Hillary whimper, cry, gnash their teeth, sweat, moan, and crumble, knowing they are going to jail. And they deserve to.

@SpiceOfOurLife @drawandstrike @ThomasWic
I don't like the idea of riots breaking out in the city by Obama and Clinton cultists. They are better off fading into the trashbin of irrelevancy.


I wonder if they were thinking of Clinton testifying before the grand jury:

'He was the first sitting president ever to testify before a grand jury investigating his conduct.'

I don't think of impeachment at the mention of Clinton, because it did not remove him; it really did nothing meaningful against him. The first thing I think is 'corrupt.'

And that no one gets away with anything.

1) @ThomasWic Wow Thomas, great post!! And makes a great point.And like you,ive seen Mo on tv I cant listen to his nonsense (like fingernails on a chalkboard or worse effect to me).Most of the idiots i either laugh at,or tune out,while I do other things.I change channels if hes on.As for Clinton,thaat was a very cool experiment..The word impeached never came to mind.I had my roomy play along his response was the same as most everyones here

2) @ThomasWic .I think DJT will take the stand and inknown facts will come out,i totally agree! Im looking forword to reading the memoir youve written.


President Trump could give two @#$$ what the left thinks of him

What does he care about?

Us, the American people, and this amazing country. Period.

The peace he WILL bring around the world is lagniappe from his America First policy


Impeachment was a scandal only up until the Clinton presidency.

When Clinton was impeached, everyone on the left convinced us that impeachment was simply a political tool and so we all needed to ignore impeachment and move on.

Now the left wants us to spin around, on command, and revert to the old way of thinking. Just because.



I will say that impeachment may forever for the impeachers.

I believe that this generation of the Democratic Party (who knows if there'll be a next?) will be forever tainted by their baseless and partisan impeachment of President Trump. If there is an asterisk arising from this impeachment it will be attached to the Democratic Party rather than to Trump.


Impeachment has ALWAYS been a political farce.

The impeachment of Johnson was led by a dying political party bitter by being left out in the cold.

They actually passed an unconstitutional law in order to claim Johnson broke it.

Not only is Johnson's impeachment now little more than a bit of trivia for US history buffs, the Radical Republicans are practically forgotten.

They disappeared because they couldn't shift focus away from seeking vengeance and crushing their enemies.

President Trump will be a vibrant memory for the rest of my days.

Never been a president like him and question whether there will be again.

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