"American troops seeking to enter the country to defend U.S. assets and personnel were denied entry, VICE has learned.

"Paratroopers from the division were, VICE has confirmed, later able to enter Iraq. The U.S. military’s Central Command declined to comment."

More kabuki.

"The United States military wrote to Iraq on Monday saying it would pull out of the country and would be repositioning forces over the next few days and weeks, a letter seen by Reuters showed.

"The authenticity of the letter, which was addressed to the Iraqi defense ministry's Combined Joint Operations Baghdad, was confirmed to Reuters independently by an Iraqi military source."


Who are our enemies?

The Democrats, the press, the Iranian mullahs, and the Iran-led Iraqi militias.

Who has NO IDEA what's happening?

The Democrats, the press, the Iranian mullahs, and the Iran-led Iraqi militias.

@ThomasWic Amen. As it should be. For the author of Liberty is God Almighty.

@MAGATrump @ThomasWic My friend from high school Mike Sozzi grew up in Iran. His dad worked for the telephone company. He LOVED living there and then one day in '79 they had to pack up and come home pronto. There used to be cooperation between our two countries but the mullahs put a stop to that and in that effort to repel America and lock down their people they turned into a country from the middle ages. This period is not so long that many remember freedom and wish for it desperately.

@MAGATrump @ThomasWic

You were there?

Me, STRATCOM Facility off Saltanat-Abad Ave. 72-74.


Army Brat all my life until I joined them. Mom born and raised between Bad Tolz and Tegernsee. Lived at Kelly Barracks and also in Fountainebleau France, different times.

Been through Strasburg several times.


@ThomasWic I was speaking with our Admin person here in Dubai. She asked what I thought of Pres Trump. I told her, she was so glad because she also likes him and Duterte very much. She said a lot of the Asians really like him because of his harsh but funny ways (Both of them)


You are correct and we must remember that.

All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.'


🎶 And Khoimeini cried.

Then one night in desperation
The Terrorist breaks away
He buys a gun, steals a car
Tries to run, but he don't get far

And Khomeini cries

As a crowd gathers 'round
Pieces of a Terrorist
Face down on the street with a gun in his hand
In Tehran.

As his General dies

On a cold and gray Tehran mornin'
Another little shitbag Terrorist dies
In Tehran.

And Khomeini cries🎶

(hat tip: Elvis)

One of President Trump's most amazing feats was convincing all of them that he's a blustering, blundering fool.

don't forget the liberals in Hollywood, they are not are friends either Mr Wictor👍

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