This is half an hour long, but it's one of the best half hours you'll spend on the impeachment

McConnell continues to set traps.

He's trolling Pelosi at a Trumpian level, but he's also explaining why the Democrats deserve to be destroyed as a political party.


I watched the whole video and what McConnell said was perfect. He makes it sound like the Senate are the parents and the Dems in the house are unruly brats. Every Dem who participated in this travesty should be taken to the woodshed and then put on a bus with a one-way ticket for home.


Most gentlemanly viscious take down as we can expect to see from a pol. Great learning segment. Overall GOP acquitted itself well during this sham. Gaetz was right, Dems won vote but GOP won the ARGUMENT. And Trump made a point to say at his rally ALL Republicans voted NO on both Farcicals of Impeachment...and flipped 3 Dems. Gonna get good now...

"When the time comes, we must fulfil (our Senate duty)."
Now THAT'S a shot across the bow.
Bring. It. On.

@ThomasWic A shame that this will not be aired by the MSM in its entirety again and again. Straight forward speech by Mitch McConnell and in layman's terms what has taken place in the House and the consequences if left unchecked.


That was a GREAT civics lesson!!

Thank you for posting it.

@ThomasWic cheapening the Impeachment process. Exactly right! Thanks for tooting Thomas.


Staggering - watched it live and I will watch it again.

"The moment the framers feared has arrived"

@ThomasWic Yes. It was worth the time, and I hope this garbage goes the path you've been telling us about. I hope these people are held accountable.


I thought it was a historical speech. I think it'll be remembered for many years and maybe even used as an example again someday.


Yes, He did a great job. I watched it when it came on TV this afternoon. 👍

>> Yep... I just finished listening to his full excellent discussion. Stay tuned.

Brilliant, and adorable, Sessions says these vague charges are laughable

@ThomasWic Listening to him layout exactly what the Dems did in this process really makes me wonder. You mean to tell me, nobody in Nancy's house had the fortitude to come forth and state that the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, is on their oppositions side??? Are they THAT inept?? Or are they so blinded with hate they can’t even see how this affects the Republic’s future? Either way, they are derelict in their duties and should be expunged.


This was Senator McConnell's finest hour.

Thank you for asking us to watch this. I wouldn't have otherwise.

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