This is amazing.

How could anyone possibly believe this?

It's good that Trump's enemies are so stupid, but at some point it starts to get frightening.

@ThomasWic “ The problem is that you're watching people who you KNOW are lying and stupid, but you're running with it anyway.”

@ThomasWic Saturation, something is going to drip through a crack.


The best part of the article is the line, “Not doing any would not be strategically smart,” Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton adviser, told the paper"

At this point, behaving as if anyone involved in HRC's 2016 campaign has ANY clue what is or isn't "strategically smart" should be considered grounds for involuntary commitment.

@ThomasWic So in less than 24 hours, Trump has tweeted about Greta Thornberg and floated this story. I wonder what he has going on? 🤔

@ThomasWic Any article in which Phillips Reines is quoted is by definition stupid.

@ThomasWic Interesting. He should not waste his time; he is so effective in his rallies; that those who want to hear him can tune in anytime. His message is consistent. He would never let a Candy Crowley moment happen like mitten-muff did; and he has faced and conquered Megyn Kelly types. There is not a man in the liberal media that could lift an honest debate question. I for one would love to see him debate but I don't think it is a necessity and I don't trust the imbeciles.


Stupid, believing Trump wouldn’t debate. He’d be having a great time freaking Dems out with bold truth.


He'd give up tweeting before he would give up the debates.

>> No matter who the Dems pick, I expect that Trump will win in the most lopsided fashion of any Presidential debates in my lifetime. He won't even have to have focus groups or practice sessions to do this. He will just be himself and build off of his incredible rallies!


They play in the sandbox all day while Trump goes to work.

@Wendy @ThomasWic That's what you have to do with kids so that you can get something done. Send them off to play..


They kind of believe ANYTHING anymore

At one time I used to be amazed at what came out their mouths

Now I just laugh

"All will be well"

My hat tipith to you

@ThomasWic That is wishful delusional thinking. In the second and third debate, Trump tore Clinton up and that is without all the intelligence he has access to now plus a record to run on.

It doesn't matter who the dems put on stage for the debates, they are walking into a slaughter house.


This article is so insane it has
"Barium Meal" written all over it

@ThomasWic I have a question. Do you think House GOP will vote for impeachment to get to the Senate in case Dems votes are not enough? I bet POTUS wants a Senate trial but if the votes are not enough what will be the back-up option to expose Democrat corruption?

@ThomasWic That’s pretty insane. Trump loves to debate. Would he miss the kill? I doubt it.


I was talking politics w/a client today. Something I rarely do. He brought it up so I spoke truthfully abt my opinion on what’s happening. He didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but said he’s seen nothing but great changes come from PDJT & he’s voting for him 2020. Then he told me he often wondered who was giving Dems advice because they seem to believe that supporting insanity is a good strategy. After that I told him about your Judas goats theory.


I could see the wheels spinning in his head. Then, he got the biggest smile on his face. He agreed with the Judas Goats theory & said it’s the only explanation that he’s heard that makes sense. Talking to him almost sounded as if I was talking to ppl in social.quodverum. This guy said he hated Trump before he got elected. Now he’s one of Trumps biggest fans. PDJT has picked up huge support since 2016. DEMs are going to be CRUSHED in 2020


If I remember correctly he said that he wasn't going to attend some debates during the 2016 election.

He probably passed that rumor on himself, since they got their britches in such a bunch last time.



Now I remember.

He skipped the debate just before the Iowa caucuses, and held a rally instead. Hahaha, It was awesome.

He should just skip all the debates in 2020 in lieu of rallies.

It would probably be more productive. And yes, the MSM and never Trumpers britches were so twisted their eyes bulged out.

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