He was a Jewish Dane who got out of Denmark on the last ship that the Nazis allowed to leave.

When he arrived in the US, he didn't speak a word of English and had $20.

So he thought himself fluent English in six months by watching movies.

He also returned to Denmark to visit his dying mother.

Then he got out again.

He lived to be 91, and he was eternally hip.

What I like about him is the fact that his humor is sharp without being nasty.

He expected his audiences to be intelligent.

You can never go wrong that way.


This a real low point in our culture, artistically and socially.

But we'll bounce back.

In his second term, trump will utterly transform the education system.

You can bet that the groundwork has already been laid.

In the meantime, I watch old stuff.

It's just funnier.


@ThomasWic Once we get the clogs out of our creative systems, we'll be okay. I'm willing to bet we'll have Trump to thank for that.


Saw Dennis Miller back in the late 80's at a college event. His 1st group of jokes sort of fell flat with a smattering of laughter in the large crowd as most didn't understand his humor ... So he said "oooooh, it's that type of crowd tonight" and proceeded to do his usual dumb SNL shtick.

Even back then college students were dumb on purpose.

@BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic Dennis Miller had a talk show on CNBC in the 90's that lasted seven months. I was so psyched at the level of discussion and even the polarity of the guests' stances. I used to watch O'Reilly just to see Dennis. Nothing more enjoyable than seeing his neurons fire out loud. Completely useless trivia: his wife was the babe in the 80's Kajagoogo music video.

@Joycevor @BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic

Steve Allen had an amazing show in the late 70's: Meeting of Minds... from Wikipedia: The series pitted the likes of Socrates, Marie Antoinette, Thomas Paine, Thomas More, Attila, Karl Marx, Emily Dickinson, Darwin, and Galileo, all of whom acted as if brought back from the past. Their dialogue and arguments covered issues such as racism, women's rights, crime, slavery, and religious toleration

Other than Monty Python, it's the best thing PBS ever aired...

@johndoe99 That sounds fascinating, so I looked it up. You can find a lot (if not all) of the episodes on youtube. I missed all that because I was in college without a tv in the late seventies. Thanks for mentioning it. @Joycevor @BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic

@ThomasWic Education Down Under has become Social Engineering Thomas.

@Davel495 @ThomasWic Everything the left touches turns to shit. Uniform, dogmatic, colourless and predictable. Cultural Marxism must be destroyed to its very roots.

@ChanchoGrande @ThomasWic Totally agree mate. Couldn't organise a screw in a brothel.


I remember watching him and Red Skelton on PBS. They are hilarious and do it without being filthy.

@Wiggumc1 @ThomasWic I adored Red Skelton as a child and would sneak out of bed and on my knees peak around the corner of the wall while Mom and Dad watched him on Sunday night. My giggling gave me away every time. 😁


“Low point in our culture artistically and socially.”

We haven’t reached the nadir yet.

Did a favor for a friend tonight. She was given tickets to a local Judy Collins concert (80 y/o!). I went as a good deed to my friend — had absolutely no desire to sit through it.

Her encore song was, “Amazing Grace.” Beautiful rendition of a great hymn.

Was grateful there’d been no Lib garbage spewed.

But as she left the stage, the hag yelled out, “Don’t forget to resist!”



Victor Borge was my all time favorite in a field of greats.

Classy, intelligent, brilliant humor.

I miss him like one would an old uncle. A classy, intelligent, brilliant, humorous uncle.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

A little before my time, at least comedically.

I didn't start paying attention to comedy until George Carlin and Monty Python.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

I know.

Just wasn't paying attention. The only "old" comedians I laughed at in those days were the Three Stooges, WC Fields and Jackie Gleason. Missed out on Borge, Ernie Kovacs, etc.

@karnage @Debradelai @ThomasWic

Thank goodness for You Tube. Prepare to be impressed by his musical talent and comedy. Such a gentleman.

@Debradelai loved the man. Only saw him once live, so funny, such an amazing piano.

@Debradelai what a treat! As the saying goes, There will never be another one like him. It's the kind of laughing, pure enjoyment.


Like @ThomasWic said. Borge assumed his audience was intelligent. That makes him stand out like Mt. Everest in Abilene.

There was a skit where he reads making sounds for punctuation marks. Belly busting funny.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic was it ever.. What a treasure and a gift to us. That piano oohhh the sound.

@Debradelai He is playing Piano Concerto 2 Sergei Rachmaninoff. Makes it look so easy. Ha! Anyway will play it tomorrow my simple version. So beautiful.


Only those with music training can appreciate his uncommon mastery.


Yes, yes, yes! As usual, you say exactly what I'm thinking but can't articulate. My social life is nil, not that it ever was much of one, anyway. Culturally and artistically, the market is, for lack of better words, pure shit. I've never known a time in my 56 years that so many shows had their "final season." Nothing good coming out of Hollywood. It's all hate, and it's fugly.

I am waiting for the good stuff. It'll happen. :)

@ThomasWic My wife and I love Victor Borge. So funny. As far as today's culture, I hate to think that Rob Reiner is considered one of the elite. He truly is a Meathead. And it's really sad considering how brilliant his father was. One of the best episodes of Mad About You was when Carl Reiner guest starred as his character from the Dick Van Dyke Show that was being asked to narrate a documentary on the history of television. It was a truly brilliant performance by Carl.


I’ve been watching old Perry Masons, and the like. Just sick of political garbage.

I don’t watch much new tv or movies. Just think it’s a waste of time. I don’t need brainwashing. My brain, while not the sharpest, does just fine.


It's a no-brainer.

A president isn't supposed to take the stand in his own defense, which is why Trump of course will.

The Democrats invited him to testify in the sham impeachment, and he refused, so they don't see what's coming.

Their invitation to testify was another stunt. They knew he wouldn't, and then they could say, "See? He's guilty."

But his entire defense in the trial will be HIM.

That's why the GOP says they won't call witnesses.

@ThomasWic The worthless dorks in the Fake News expert panels will likely make fun of him stating he's acting as his own attorney or some crap.

Such is how ignorant of the law I've come to expect from them. Oh well, they underestimate our President at their own risk!

@ThomasWic @ADudeFromNowhere Just like they NEVER thought for one second he would release the Transcripts! 3 years and you would think these idiots would have learned by now but they are blinded by the Fear of going to Prison, nothing else matters, just like Comey going on TV, only an idiot wouldn't exercise their right to remain silent, they just keep digging their hole deeper.


And that will be so wonderful, to not only get back to a great education system, but I would expect it to then surpass what we had before.

Who better to get that in motion but this brilliant man Trump.

@ThomasWic I love Victor Borge! Beautiful and brilliant and hilarious. He makes playing the piano look so effortless. I remember when I discovered him, I was a little bit annoyed that he didn't just play without the comedy, he was so good.

@russiantrumpbot @ThomasWic He was a favorite of mine. Thanks for reminding me. I think I am going to binge watch him on you tube later.

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