I've been watching this German kid's videos.

She's a nice kid but serious, so it's interesting to see her really get into a song this way.

As a former bassist, I love watching drummers who lose themselves in the music.

Others' enthusiasm can be infectious. Positive energy is good for you.

@ThomasWic Maybe just maybe we're the first "Aliens"? I feel uncomfortable posting this. But I can't help wonder about the kind of progress humanity could make when given it's freedom to act.


She's superb.

I'm remembering when I saw Sheila E. open for Prince at the Forum in 1985-I actually enjoyed her set more. I loved Prince but he got too into his sexpot shtick that night.


Thanks Thomas. This was really good. Love to see talent, intensity and focus. Also, I had forgotten what a great song 'Get the Funk Out' was!

@ThomasWic She's very good, and also very friendly on the comment section on her site. Made my dream to start drumming at some point in my life shout louder in asking to be realized 🙂 I keep drumming over everything with my fingers and hands, but never started the real thing. Hope it's not too late for that...

Thanks for posting it. Your taste in music is very delicate and special, and I learn a lot from reading your remarks about many songs.

@ThomasWic I've watched almost every video since you tooted about her the first time. She is Superb.


Thanks for sharing these videos, Thomas. The young lady is very talented. She looks happy.

@ThomasWic This video reminded me of "Tina S" the French girl-guitarist. Though Tina's thing is her combination of technique and classic French ennui.

I always wondered what you might think of her. I can only judge what I like, I don't know talent from crap like a pro would.

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