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On Ann Coulter.

Her problem is that she's bitter. Once you're bitter, you can't come back.

This is the moment she said Trump had the best chance of winning in 2016, and Bill Maher's audience screamed with laughter.



I can't imagine being upset that people with non-functioning brains were laughing at me.

Bill Maher is exactly like Coulter. If you hit back, he falls apart.

Christopher Hitchens went on with Maher, and Maher said that George W. Bush is stupid.

"That's something only stupid people say,' Hitchens responded.

Maher's face fell, and he mumbled, "Aw, c'mon."

That was his retort. NOTHING.


When I was on Twitter, over 500 Jew-haters came after me one night.

They gave it everything they had:

You're old, you're ugly, you're crazy, your parents' deaths were funny, and so on.

I used it as an exercise in trying to be as funny as possible in the shortest amount of time.

This was the ringleader.


She started by telling me how ugly I am.

So I told her that her Arabic name sounds very close to "Diarrhea" in English.

I called her diarrhea for a while and then switched to Miss Piggy.

She tried to tough it out but made a Grand Flouncing Exit.

This guy is an Irish psychiatrist and Muslim convert,


He said, "How's your father, Tom? Still dead?"

I said, "No, he recovered. We're having dinner tonight."

THEN I took a screen shot of a little girl on his header. She was holding her finger up to her mouth in the "Shhhh!" gesture.

"What's her secret, Jack?" I asked. "As if we all don't know. Tell us what her secret is."

He blocked me.


"You're just a lonely old man!" they'd say.

"My girlfriend would beg to differ," I'd reply.


This was during the Knife Intifada.

I posted tons of photos of dead Palestinians shot as they attacked with knives.

I captioned each photo:

Beached whale.
Metrosexual in Hell.
Daddy's Little Corpse.
Faceplanted Ali.
Spreadeagled Ladyboy.
Brainless Mohammed.

And so on.


By dawn, I was the last one standing.

Me against 500 Jew-haters...and I won.

Boy, did I grind their faces in it.

"What possessed you to post this photo?" I asked one. "Seriously. Don't you understand that you're a monstrosity with no redeeming physical qualities? A guillotine would do wonders for your appearance. And \don't you wish you hand't called me ugly?"


I was never attacked again by Jew-haters.

In all the years I was on Twitter, I was harassed by gangs of Jew-haters, atheists, leftists, Alt-Rightists, and anime lovers.

I took them all on, and they all regretted it.

None of them can deal with the fact that their opinion of me doesn't matter in the least to anyone.

In the end, it took Alyssa Milano to get me permanently banned.

And she sent the FBI After me.



It backfired on her.

They invited me to file charges on her, but I declined.

They told her that she was in deep shit. I got word that her lawyers asked the feds to please convince me to not go public, so I agreed.

I will never go public with the fact that I yanked Alyssa Milano's public hair and twisted it until she begged for mercy.

Coulter is a flat tire. If I had her money, I'd be smiling every second of consciousness.



But I'm not bitter.

I have every reason to be, but it's not hard to NOT be bitter.

Donald John Trump is my president.

God is good.


@ThomasWic @timr

If you have peace in your heart it’s easy to not be bitter.

Donald Trump challenges all of us. It turns out peace and love (both tough and tender) is the answer.

Thomas you are a treasure and a wise man.

@ThomasWic @timr

And God shines His love, grace and mercy on you. Amen

@ThomasWic @timr
Thomas, you have definitely learned some valuable lessons from the many challenges handed to you.

In addition to not letting anyone get under your skin, you have a wit that can deal with some of the most difficult challenges.

In addition, I've noticed how you are able to analyze complex military & political situations and extract the most valuable observations.

I've learned a LOT by paying attention to you. Carry on. Thanks 😎

@ThomasWic @timr

You're so right, as usual.

It takes more energy to be bitter. It's also very bad for you in general. Happy people live longer. Nobody wants to be around someone that's angry all the time. Thank you for reminding everyone here that we always have control over our own mental well being.

@ThomasWic @timr

Hitchens taking on Maher and his army of morons is one of my favorite videos of all time.

@CM_hd1 @ThomasWic @timr
A few years ago, I saw Coulter on a comedy central roast. I thought, why would she put herself in that situation- everyone was hostile to her and she got destroyed. She looked crestfallen. It was as if she thought they would like her & accept her. I questioned her intelligence after that. She should have known.

@ThomasWic Karma can be a bitch. Someday when Alyssa least expects it, Karma is going to kick her spandex clad ass and splay her across her Italian marble floor and stand there grinning. And I'll be grinning too.

@ThomasWic @timr

Thomas, you are an incredible
human being. Agree 💯 %!!
God Bless PDJT and you!

@ThomasWic @timr

Right on. What a fool's game it is, every single time, to get caught up in what the neighbors think.

Ppppfffttt! What utter nonsense. Third grade level strategy and it continues to amaze me that anyone ever falls for it.

Good on you for the great modeling to others. We need more of this and not less.

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