Stop telling me to read this guy.

He's a propagandist for the Democrats.

His whole premise is that Trump is a moron who has no idea how to defend himself

I have no patience for that level of stupidity.

Are you referring to Jeff Zeleny or Richard Barr?

@Gildy @ThomasWic
I believe Thomas is referring to the Concern Troll owner of

Have none of these f**ktards realised what happens if Trump is successfully impeached and removed from office? (I know but bear with me).....

We get The Religious Terminator as POTUS, and you can take this to the bank, he will be righteously PISSED at what transpired.

This is a shit show, meant to achieve one thing only - appeal to their base.

I predict 45 of 50 states in 2020 at least

@Gildy @ThomasWic
Also, owner has opined that in the event that Trump is removed, Pence will choose Nikki Haley as his VP....thus completing the circle for <<GASP>> THE IMPEACHERS AND THE RETURN OF THE DEEP STATE.

@blacklabelbraai @Gildy

I like the prediction and agree that Dems reveal themselves as naked opportunists. But where does the confidence in the electorate--the mass of soft-headed people who get their validation from TV and popular culture-- come from? These people vote consistent with their need to belong, and pop culture still strongly tells them that "good" and "smart" people hate Trump. I haven't seen a shift happen yet.

@blacklabelbraai @ThomasWic

Last point 1st. I agree. I think Trump will get between 70-80 million votes.
Going to be historic.
Remember, last couple of rallys around 30% of attendees were democrats.
I'm assuming f*ckards equal d'crats & other TDS afflicted.
And if they remove Trump, the whole country is in for far more trouble than what Pence
might deliver.
Their mistake will be leaving guns in the hands of the 63 million patriots that voted for him. There will be riots. There will be blood.

@blacklabelbraai As for Wicker calling CTH
" propagandist for the Democrats" & "no patience for that level of stupidity", that just ignorance talking.
There are revered posters on this site that could be characterized as peddlers of hope porn. Would that be accurate?
I read both sites. Both sites are informative. Both sites are 100% behind Trump. But I've noticed the same-side mud-slinging has risen lately.


True. The same old bait and switch headlines consecrated by fake news from the days of Bernays.


Roger that. I always look to where people are sourcing their links.

Anything with Gateway Pundit is an automatic click freeze for me.

@ThomasWic do these people really think that Republicans will remove the President from office. Even the Republicans have enough sense that doing that would lead to the end of the Republican party.


The funny thing is, I used to read him when he was writing about Trump running and he was on point about Trump. Haven't read him in awhile so don't know when he started to go off the rails.


I find good articles on the economy on the conservativetreehouse.. Also a lot of links to chopper pressers, MAGA reps + senators.

I agree, the author has a weakness to go to the bad negative side about Horowitz/Barr/Durham and the need for consequences to the Swamp

I throw out that bathwater
and keep the rest!

thank you for all your insites on the middle east.

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