She criticizes the Democrats for reflexively opposing everything Trump does, and then SHE DOES IT HERSELF.

She opposed having troops in Syria.

Trump said he'd pull them out.

She opposed that.

Trump didn't pull ALL OF THEM out.

She opposed that.

Trump is making sure that Islamists don't get Syrian oilfields.

She opposes that.


There's no ethnic cleansing, slaughter, or imperialism.

She denies that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, and she opposes our support of Saudi Arabia.

No doubt: She's the worst Democratic candidate.

Her positions are utterly insane.



@Debradelai @ThomasWic
Initially I kind of figured that from the last word in the first and last sentence...but then there is also a game of the same name and exact spelling (about snakes), not familiar with the I wasn't sure if perhaps there was a connection to it...I'm not the genius that you are dear Saul..

@MEMA @ThomasWic

"Insanake" is a Japanese word meaning, "Traitorous Democrat scum-sucking maggot."

You can look it up!


They all have horrible positions. Either they're just plain bad, socialist, not well thought out, or all of the above.

Democrats have absolutely nothing good planned for America. Nothing.

@Watcher9 @ThomasWic

. . and that is why this whole sham-wow establishment Congress keeps this crap up.

@Watcher9 @ThomasWic

What can they offer the US that Trump hasn't already thought of? Nothing.

@prchrskd @ThomasWic

The things Trump has done are the exact opposite of what the liberals would do if they could.


Each of the RAT candidates is sewer trash; picking the worst of the worst is difficult, however, I trust your judgement!

@ThomasWic i have been warning people about her for 2 months. She is an empty suit full of meaningless platitudes who easily takes contrary views for media attention. See her long format interview with Dave Rubin. There is nothing there but meaningless slogans and platitudes.

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