This is so excellent.

Gab users show us what Gab is all about.

First idiot: "I'm so happy!"

First idiot: "How could he do this to us? Now I HATE him."

I'm so glad that @Debradelai blocked all their sorry asses.


@ThomasWic @Debradelai

So, not only do the gab rejects hate Israel, they'll support the "Palestinians" to further drive that hatred home. Brilliant.

@bwa_aptos @Watcher9
I tried Gab for literally 15 minutes. I wanted to follow ppl like Wictor and Rex. I asked a general question about the site (how to find people) and some jackass attacked me with vulgarities. I tried to block him and couldn’t then I tried to delete my account and couldn’t . Needless to say I am not a fan and never logged on again

@Retire_ginsburg @bwa_aptos
My experience wasn't a heck of a lot different, just spread out over a longer period.

I had logged in when I first heard of the place, and quit it after two weeks of white supremacist racism being shoved at me.

I went back when TW tried it, but only lasted a couple weeks longer than he did there.

The ignorant, racist, bullshit is just too much.

@Retire_ginsburg @bwa_aptos @Watcher9 My experience was similar. It was all Nazis and Q magic decoder ring crap.

@ThomasWic I tried Gab for a bit.Quickly left never to return. Parler seems ok.

@ChaplainEric @ThomasWic Me too. Thankfully I found quodverum and have never gone back.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

I brought this thread over to Twitter, Tom, because it was SO AWESOME.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai I joined GAB only because I heard Thomas was there. Soon heard Thomas left there. I never went back. It was a very short trip.

I tried GAB for awhile, and, at first it seemed ok. Some god 1A and 2A posts THEN the 9/11 Conspiracy theorists popped up, the Wehraboos came along, Jew Haters, all. Not to mention scammers .. Nope, I have not returned in about a year, maybe longer.

@masterblaster @ThomasWic
I have not been on gab in a while. Gab despite how it advertises is a failed experiment in free speech.

@ThomasWic I liked it at first in spite of the awkwardness and I still steal their memes to troll twitter but the nazis are too comfy there-they became impossible to avoid if I spent much time there- a big turn off--kind of sad really

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