This is so excellent.

Gab users show us what Gab is all about.

First idiot: "I'm so happy!"

First idiot: "How could he do this to us? Now I HATE him."

I'm so glad that @Debradelai blocked all their sorry asses.


@ThomasWic @Debradelai

So, not only do the gab rejects hate Israel, they'll support the "Palestinians" to further drive that hatred home. Brilliant.


There are many sicknesses at Gab. I have not studied them. I tend to just post and leave. But one sickness I found at Gab is that they don't have programmatic ways for Gab program users to stop communists from invading their timeline. Few of the mechanisms of networked reputation have been put in place, and most of the mechanisms of networked infection have been ignored, barely fixed, or made worse.

@bwa_aptos @Watcher9
I tried Gab for literally 15 minutes. I wanted to follow ppl like Wictor and Rex. I asked a general question about the site (how to find people) and some jackass attacked me with vulgarities. I tried to block him and couldn’t then I tried to delete my account and couldn’t . Needless to say I am not a fan and never logged on again

@Retire_ginsburg @bwa_aptos
My experience wasn't a heck of a lot different, just spread out over a longer period.

I had logged in when I first heard of the place, and quit it after two weeks of white supremacist racism being shoved at me.

I went back when TW tried it, but only lasted a couple weeks longer than he did there.

The ignorant, racist, bullshit is just too much.

@Retire_ginsburg @bwa_aptos @Watcher9 My experience was similar. It was all Nazis and Q magic decoder ring crap.

@ThomasWic I tried Gab for a bit.Quickly left never to return. Parler seems ok.

@ChaplainEric @ThomasWic Me too. Thankfully I found quodverum and have never gone back.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

I brought this thread over to Twitter, Tom, because it was SO AWESOME.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai I joined GAB only because I heard Thomas was there. Soon heard Thomas left there. I never went back. It was a very short trip.

Just what we need foreign bigots
promoting a US Civil War like we don't have enough Assholes here stirring the pot

I tried GAB for awhile, and, at first it seemed ok. Some god 1A and 2A posts THEN the 9/11 Conspiracy theorists popped up, the Wehraboos came along, Jew Haters, all. Not to mention scammers .. Nope, I have not returned in about a year, maybe longer.

@masterblaster @ThomasWic
I have not been on gab in a while. Gab despite how it advertises is a failed experiment in free speech.

@ThomasWic I liked it at first in spite of the awkwardness and I still steal their memes to troll twitter but the nazis are too comfy there-they became impossible to avoid if I spent much time there- a big turn off--kind of sad really

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