Am I the only one who gets really irritated at TV shows and movies where the girl screams like a banshee whenever something bad happens? See a dead body? Scream. Get attacked? Scream. See a mouse? Scream. Can they not find ONE woman who can act normally? It's disgusting the way they infantilize women and then swear they are all for women's rights. Makes me want to vomit.



How about the fight scene in which the woman jumps on the villain's back and ineffectually pummels him, only to be thrown off and knocked out?

I've seen that 10,000 times.

@ThomasWic @paul_schmehl

They overcorrected this with Captain Marvel/Brie Larson.

Kind of seems like women are doomed to one of two roles in modern media - worthless object or masculine harpy.

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