For @Baline

You said you're trying to find the long game in regard to Mexico.

These two guys caused all the trouble we're seeing today.

Vicente Fox and George W. Bush.


Bush and Fox are adherents of the "safety valve" theory of illegal immigration from Mexico.

If we shut off illegal immigration, Mexico will collapse and become a failed state.

The drug cartels will take over, and we'll have Somalia on our southern border.

Then we'll have to invade and nation build.

The Pentagon actually advised Clinton and Bush that illegal immigration from Mexico had to be allowed for reasons of national security.


Of course this is a total lie. The Mexicans used their own chronic failure as a threat.

"We're bad now, but if you don't do as we demand, we'll get even worse!"

The problem is that illegal immigration from Mexico didn't keep Mexico from becoming a failed state.

CORRUPTION made Mexico a failed state.


Foreign companies won't do business in Mexico because everyone has to be bribed to do his job.

The Mexican oil infrastructure is decaying because the Mexicans are too corrupt and incompetent to run it.

Now, we've been told that the war on drugs is a waste of money.

Well, the Mexican cartels are turning to human trafficking and stealing gasoline and oil.

Selling drugs is too risky.

What about legalization?


Did the end of Prohibition get rid of the mafia?

Or did the mafia simply go into other lines of business?

What it comes down to is that the Mexicans have to fix their country. Allowing uncontrolled illegal immigration has ruined California.

My city is now a cesspool. Each house has ten families in it, and there are fifty cars parked on my little street.

Mexicans are scofflaws. They don't believe in the rule of law. Their culture doesn't change when they come here.


So the only solution is to cut off illegal immigration from Mexico and allow the Mexicans to decide whether or not they want to survive.

The stories we're getting from Culiacan are bullshit. The newly formed National Guard did its job.

But the corrupt government let El Chapo's son go, and the family said thank you.

There's video of Naval Infantry soldiers shaking hands with cartel gunmen.


See, the Mexicans LOVE the cartels. They're seen as the ultimate manly men.

Videos of the fighting in Culiacan showed people laughing as they filmed it.

Do you know what THIS means?


That guy was a 17-year-old alcoholic midget social-media star who almost certainly had Down Syndrome.

He would drink and cavort with skimpily clad women.

In one show, he insulted the Sinaloa Cartel, so three gunman showed up at the bar and shot him over 100 times.

And Mexicans think it's FUNNY.


Listen to the horrible music.

It makes you want to vomit.

But in Mexico, it's a sign of machismo.


It's narco music. The subject matter is murder and infidelity.

Our cultures can't coexist. Our values are too different.


Illegal Mexicans become a slave class in the US. Second-generation illegal aliens don't speak ANY language fluently, and they drop out of school.



Mexico used to have a vibrant film industry, an art industry, and respected universities.

In the movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the Mexicans all speak PERFECT Spanish. It's beautiful.

I can't understand today's young Mexicans.

Keep in mind that SUDAN decided to fix itself.

Mexico can certainly do the same.


The only solution is to wall them off and let them decide what they want to do.

If they continue to love the cartels, FINE.

The wall will keep them out, and the attack in Culiacan showed that the cartels have zero military skills.

Personally, I think Mexicans have all the skills needed to succeed. But they've let their culture become debauched and debased.



So until they reject organized crime and corruption, they need to be walled off.

I have to move from my home of thirty years because there's no quality of life here.

"You should stay and fight!"

No. I need at least five years of me-time before I take my dirt nap.

I fought the good fight, and I lost. So now I leave California forever.

California is Upper Mexico, and I want to live the rest of my life in the United States.


@ThomasWic Excellent and informative thread. Thank you for taking the time to explain it all.

@ThomasWic @Baline

I have a client who is a SPED teacher who said the same thing about multiple Mexican families living in 1 home. She has 4 kids in her classroom. These kids have been w/her for 3 yrs. She said 2 of her kids are Mexican & are related. She’s never met the parents—they aren’t involved in the kids edu.They speak no English. She complained they aren’t taken care of & only get to eat at school. School officials went to their home several X’s & said at least 15 ppl live in the house

@MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic @Baline Here in PA I personally know a family from Equator. They arrived here illegally with 2 children. The mother receives "aid" as she states the father is still in Equator. Another baby arrives, more aid as the mother states, "the father is still in Equator. A fourth child and more "aid" again, "the father is still in Equator....

Thanks for that chuckle. I swear the wittiest people in the world are right here on Quodverum. Lol

.@kwinther78 @MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic @Baline

@MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic @Baline why doesn’t the health department and social services and ICE get involved and stop it?

@MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic @Baline our politicians are complicit in human trafficking, cartels and all of the rot.


Mark Reed testimony in 2005 suggests DOD wanted to detain all illegal migrants:

"When DOD refused to entertain the idea that they should only detain drug smugglers upon interdiction, the meeting was abruptly terminated. The safety valve that illegal immigration provided toward the stability of Mexico seemed to be a more compelling national security priority than drug smuggling."


I'm finding in Mexico-United States Inter-Parliamentary documents that safety valve policy was discussed in 1970s.

The screenshot here says the same (from an online legal journal at University of Miami, named JOTWELL).

@zetetic @ThomasWic when the women showed up with children that’s when it all went to hell. Migrant seasonal labor by men is one thing. What we have now is a wholesale importation of welfare depending socialists and nasty people.



A totally failed strategy that strengthened the cartels and reduced the standard of living for millions of Americans.

@Jaime @ThomasWic @Baline dont come to NY. its just as bad here and you cant even get a gun to defend yourself. we’re all just sitting ducks

@ThomasWic @Baline

Thank you for clarifying this, Thomas.

When I read the tooted article yesterday from the NY Post re: Obrador’s decision to let El Chapo’s son back out on the streets — it sounded outlandish. I thought Obrador had to have something better up his sleeve.

I was wrong.

Like you said, that wall needs to be built!

I shudder to think about what we’d be dealing with in the US, had Trump not been elected.


And yet I have otherwise brilliant friends and associates kvetching about "Trump's unnecessary wall."

I think they should all move down to the border, and experience just how "unnecessary" it is.

@ThomasWic @Baline

@Cdubois @ThomasWic @Baline

It’s not about intelligence.

That synagogue is filled with physicians, lawyers, very successful businessman, (one is a Harvard physicist — who’s also 100% bats in the belfry)...but intelligent.

It’s an emotional/political issue, not brains.

Why I DON’T have it is a question that I can’t answer. Many of my family members were murdered also.🤷🏼‍♀️

In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons that I LOVE our strong POTUS!


Yes, that's certainly true. My question is often, how did they become so brainwashed?

I'm the only one left (with both parents now gone) in my family who thinks critically ... yet the rest of them think *I'm* the flaky one.
They're all hard-and-fast libs.

It's mind boggling.

@ThomasWic @Baline

@rarity @Cdubois @Baline

Look at Israel.

They can't bring themselves to take the harsh actions necessary to defend themselves.

That's why the Saudi-Israeli alliance is perfect.

The Saudis have no qualms about taking out the garbage, and they apologize to nobody.

Also, the Saudis are evolving culturally. They've junked tribalism and replaced it with nationalism.

A lack of tribalism is the only way forward.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois @Baline

Just saw your comment this morning.

It’s true — the Saudis & Israelis are a perfect match.

Most Americans, especially Libs, are clueless about the Saudis & Israelis. (I would be too, if it weren’t for SQV, and particularly, YOUR info.)

The Libs also don’t want to know that Obama screwed the Saudis with the Iran nuclear “deal,” bringing the Saudis & Israelis even closer as allies.

Tribalism vs nationalism is such a great concept. Thank you, Thomas.


Yes. The leaders on the left foment tribalism, because without it they can't scream "racism."
Then they denigrate nationalism ... which, for a free society, is the only true way forward.

@rarity @ThomasWic @Baline

@Cdubois @ScottLogan @rarity @ThomasWic I was thinking about this earlier, some unfunny sitcom was on, the sole focus of the show is tribalism. Intrigued, I chose to watch it for a bit. Several commercials during this program showed diverse families and I couldn't help but see the dissonance. All of this is product of the left and I don't think they realize it is so pushmi-pullyu that many people will choose unity in nationalism. 🤞 ✌️

@rarity not just the USA, the world. He is fighting for us all


You know Maestro, North Texas just might be the ticket.

For example, lots of quiet areas West of Fort Worth. Lots of privacy. Cows, horses, Wal-Marts, HEB's , cheap land, low cost of living, and best of all, a BUNCH of TEXANS - Southern etiquette, good cheer. (psst...check out Azle, Granbury, Willow Part for starters)

@ThomasWic @Baline

Thomas you are so right. My younger 56 y.o. sister who is a high school art teacher of over 20 years quit her job after Trump was elected and moved to Zacatecas, MX for about 8 months. She had lived and worked in Presidio, TX for almost all of her 20 year career. She even married a Mexican so she could stay there legally. But it didn’t take long before she hightailed it out of there because of abuse, etc. Now teaching in TX again. She LOVES Narco music.

@ThomasWic @Baline

While in Presidio, she developed the same humorous attitude towards people who were tortured in MX when they crossed the cartels. Specifically loved telling the story of a local TX deputy who had double crossed the cartel so they caught him, beat him, tortured him and drug him through the streets in broad daylight in Ojinaga for all the people to see. Drug him behind a speeding car up and down the main streets until he was dead and displayed what was left of him.

@ThomasWic @Baline

And people flocked to see his remains. In her opinion...she would laugh and say, “Don’t mess with the cartel!” Said the deputy was a nice guy! SMDH...I taught there for one year and left.

@hbgilmore @ThomasWic @Baline

They delight in pain.
Your sister sounds like she has a couple of issues

@ThomasWic @Baline

Which brings to mind an atrocity that my great-grandfather, Texas Ranger Bob Miller and his fellow officers and sheriffs committed in the 1920s. They captured a Mexican man (don’t know if he was legal or illegal or a Texan) who had shot and killed a local sheriff. They tracked them and a gun battle ensued which resulted in the Rangers throwing dynamite into the rail car where they were hiding, blowing them up and killing them.

@hbgilmore A mexican man who killed a local sheriff in the 1920s, in Texas...seems like an eye for an eye.


@ThomasWic @Baline

Then they tied the dead man’s body to the fender of their car and proceeded to drive him to the different local towns as a warning to others who might think of killing an officer. Today, my great-grandfather would be convicted of a crime along with the other officers. I am NOT saying it was right, but the criminal faction of Mexicans respected him. I think he understood their culture. Different time, different methods.

@hbgilmore @Baline

Everyone who laughs at it deserves to experience it.

Then we'll see if they think it's funny.

@ThomasWic @Baline

Most of the Anglo teachers in Presidio who think it’s funny are rabid liberal Trump haters who favor socialism. My sister was a huge Bernie Sanders fan. She disowned me on election night in 2016. Says I am part of a cult now and racist. Umm, okay. She has texted me since then when she decided to move to MX. I did my best to talk her out of it. She says she LIVES life! Says I only exist. She’s an artist. ‘Nuff sed.


Not all of us (artist types) are lacking in common sense. 😉
Hope your sis has a come to Jesus.

@ThomasWic @Baline

@ThomasWic @Baline

I also love MX and the Mexican culture. I taught on the border in Harlingen, TX and loved it! The main thing I miss from down there is the Conjunto music which is very popular there. I miss dancing the Cumbia and going to the American Legion Hall in Harlingen and listening to some of the best Conjunto bands in the area! It was funny in a way. The AMERICAN Legion and very little English spoken there on a Friday night, but I loved it!!

@ThomasWic @Baline

I need to make a trip down there. Go to the AL Hall and put flowers on my Customs and Border Patrol husband’s grave. Then slip over to South Padre Island! Road trip!!

@ThomasWic @Baline

Move to South Texas, Thomas. Conjunto music just makes you HAPPY!!

@ThomasWic @Baline

Oh my goodness! I now REALLY miss South Texas Conjunto music! I still own a dab of real estate down there...a plot of land right next to my husband at the cemetery in San Benito. Think they’d care if I camped out there? Lol.. Naw, I still have friends in San Benito. Happy, hardworking and stellar people down there!

Know how I became a good dancer? My Special Ed students taught me! On Fridays, we’d sing, I’d strum my guitar, but we’d always end w/ Conjunto music!!

@hbgilmore @ThomasWic I have to ask; why did she hightail it out of there if she assimilated to the culture?

@Baline @ThomasWic

It got too dicey for her and THAT’s saying something! She is so stupid. I told her what was going to happen. “No, Holly! You are so prejudiced just like all the Trump supporters!” Ummm, nope, I’m not. MX husband was a macho man alcoholic who beat her. She thought she was tall and tough. He drained her of every penny she had. But she’s the idiot that moved there alone. Found him later. She had cashed out all of her retirement. It’s all gone now. Still loves MX.

@hbgilmore Sorry to read that.
Would have thought the local culture along with the alcoholic husband would have set her straight. @ThomasWic

@ThomasWic Sadly, I know that is true. That's why I am 2 steps away from being a shut-in, by my own choice.


I'm accused by many of being a hermit.
Frankly, at this point, I take it as a compliment.

@ThomasWic @hbgilmore

@ThomasWic @Baline @hbgilmore

My family spent yrs trying to set straight” my crazy sister. Now the family, except mom, is done w/her. She curses 80 y/o mom calling her every name in the book. Mom came over to my home today defending sister because sisters daughter finally had enough of her insanity & got a restraining order. 2 hrs after mom defended sister—sister text her daughter. Sister is bipolar & refuses to get help. As you read the msg below remember my sisters son is 22y/o 6’2” 245 lbs

@ThomasWic @Baline @hbgilmore

BTW—no one is messing with my sisters son. He works full time and spends time w/his GF when he isn’t working. My sister is delusional. Her own children have cut her out of their life. That’s how bad it’s gotten. My mom thinks because my sister is their mother that they should spend time with her. I think they did the right thing cutting mom out of their life. My sister looks like she has a demon in her sometimes. It’s sickening to see.

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