On Syria.

The Trump plan is now clear, and it's working.

Until now, the Kurds refused to negotiate with the Syrian government. Now they've made a deal.

The Kurds control one third of Syria, so they'll end up with an autonomous region that's part of Syria.

From what I can tell, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has not been engaged in actual fighting for years now.

But showing the flag is as good as fighting.

The Kurds are making it impossible for Turkey to continue the offensive.

When the SAA arrives, the Gulf Cooperation Council also arrives.

This soldier was videotaped with one of Assad's units. He's obviously an adviser.

Does he look Syria, Lebanese, or Iranian to you?

So the Kurds and Assad are going to work it out.

The US can cripple the Turkish economy.

Finally the EU is on our side when it comes to Turkey.

The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation--Islamist rebels--was totally destroyed by "al-Qaeda" in January of this year, so northwest Syria was cleared of jihadists.

This is the final battlefield of the Syrian Civil War.

Trump is ending the war without causing the same disaster that we caused in Iraq.


Trump is using economic leverage on all our enemies.

Therefore we don't have to go to war.

Assad was a puppet of the Iranian mullahs, and now he's a figurehead. His army has not engaged in actual combat since late 2016.

Syria is full of GCC commandos posing as SAA and rebels.

After the Turks are defeated, there will be kabuki that allows Assad to go to Russia in retirement.

This is the endgame for Syria.

Iran, the Houthis, and Hezbollah are still threats, but regime change in Iran has to begin with the Iranian people.

It can't be imposed from the outside.

So Trump didn't "abandon" anyone. He simply said nobody is entitled to American lives.

So the Kurds stopped cutting bait and began fishing.


@ThomasWic You predicted Assad to Russia at the end of all this YEARS ago. Nothing that is happening contradicts a word you said. Fascinating stuff.


There was a period in which Iranians, Hezbollah, the Afghan Fatemiyoun Brigades, Iraqi militia, the Shi'ite Foreign Legion, and Russian mercenaries were doing all the fighting.

They were slaughtered.

The Russians were the last to stop, after we wiped out an entire Mobile Detachment Combat Group of 600 men on February 7, 2018.

Assad's Syrian Arab Army was reconstituted, but they're essentially actors.

The Gulf Cooperation Council does the fighting now.

@ThomasWic YES,

Saw so many twittermonkeys saying Trump's "betrayal" will "go to the history books"

He will actually be recorded as the greatest peacemaking President ever.


Amazing how no one is talking about the GCC or the Gulf States.

They are blinded by bias.

@zetetic @ThomasWic Definitely. The meds are anti-“diversity” to including all allies taking part in anything that will be good in the end, including on the battlefield. Anti-Saudi to the Max.


And President Trump understands how to use real economic leverage instead of drummed up politically driven economic leverage.

The so called wars he is accused of starting are over before they've begun.

@ThomasWic I've never liked requesting a thread but..... It would be awesome if you can break down how you arrived at your initial thoughts. What did you see? At any rate, it's been amazing seeing how so much of your analysis is so solid. Thank you Mr. Wictor for giving us internal peace through knowledge.

@ThomasWic This is all a new idea for me. So what happens next? The Kurds and the Syrian Govt make a deal and then turn and fight back against the Turks? The US and the EU take economic action against the Turks? After the war is over, a weakened Turkey is ... ummm ... a better NATO partner? What about the Russians and Iranians currently in Syria? If the GCC is the real Syrian Army, what about the SAA?

@ThomasWic listening to the media on this situation was making me crazy. Mostly reporting misinformation. You explained this so well in a brief manner, with actual evidence. Thank you, thank you.

@Iamnata @ThomasWic Sure wish the politicians and media would dig into things like this before shooting their agenda mouths off. It's just heaven sent to have Trump at the helm.

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