On Judas goats.

Somebody asked me to summarize so that they could tell people on Twitter.

Just copy and paste these toots and writer your own thread on Twitter.

A Judas goat is trained to lead sheep to slaughter.

A Judas goat walks at the front of the herd, and the sheep follow into the slaughterhouse.

As part of its training, the Judas is shown a secret escape route.

So the Judas goat leads the herd to its doom but exits through a hidden doorway, so the herd never knows that they were being led by an enemy agent.

Donald Trump began planning his presidency in about 1980 at the latest.

You can see that in the interviews he gave.

"One man could turn this country around."

As part of his 40-year preparation for the presidency, Trump did two things:

One, he befriended REAL Democrats who were unhappy with the increasing leftism of the party.

And two, he planted his own agents who POSED as Democrats and climbed the political ladder.

These were Trump's sleeper agents.

Those people are the Judas goats.

Here's what people don't understand:

A Judas goat will never be perceived as one.

For example, I'm quite sure that Michael Moore is a Judas goat.

Many of Trump's Judas goats are used only once.

After Trump was elected, Soros met with Democratic donors, and they hatched a plan to stop Trump.

Jill Stein demanded a recount. The plan was to delay the certification of the electoral votes.

If the electoral votes were delayed, the election would've gone to the House of Representatives.

They would've elected Hillary. Don't kid yourself. Paul Ryan would've forced the GOP to go for Hillary.

But someone in the Soros meeting was a mole who told Trump about the plan.

So Trump defeated the plan in multiple brilliant ways.

For one, Stein filed for a recount ONE WEEK PAST THE PENNSYLVANIA DEADLINE.

All the big cheeses in the room left it to their minions to work out the details, so they were given the wrong deadline, which means that the Pennsylvania recount was a waste of time.

When the Stein people went to court over Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump's lawyers revealed that Michigan's votes had already been certified and sent to Washington.

The Michigan votes put Trump over 270, so the ENTIRE RECOUNT was an exercise in futility.

A Judas goat told Soros and Company to go for the recount.

So they did, and they had their butts handed to them.

This has been happening since Trump won the election.

The Judas goats mislead the Democrats, and Trump comes out on top.

Take impeachment. Biggest backfire in American political history. But the Democrats are positive that if they JUST PUSH HARDER, it'll work.

The reason the Democrats are no longer skilled at politics is that they are getting terrible advice.

Judas goats are convincing them to commit political suicide.

Someone told Hillary to stagger out of her hospital bed and accuse Trump of DOING WHAT SHE DID.

What we'll happen?

All her own corruption will be exposed. First came Biden, and next comes Hillary.

It was Judas goats who gave us that hideous Swedish girl.

I actually didn't watch this at the time.

It's disgusting. She's the worst possible choice to do this.

All I see is Hitler. Her face is contorted with hate.


Judas goats have convinced Democrats to make terrible decisions AND put utterly loathsome people up front.

Name a single high-profile leftist who is likable.

They all grim, nasty, humorless, and HEAVY.

Trump is funny. People like it.

In the past, leftists always said that they lost because they didn't go far enough.

The Judas goats have convinced them that they finally need to go all in.

That's why we have the demented Green New Deal.

And that's why the Democrats are saying openly that they will raise taxes on the middle class, eliminate our borders, and give free EVERYTHING to illegal aliens.

Here's a term that Democrats no longer understand:


An idea not announced explicitly.

NOW, they say exactly the right thing to drive away voters.

Democrats are promising lawlessness, poverty, and classism that elevates illegals over citizens.

It's madness that can't win elections.

And that's the genius of using Judas goats.

In my recent rewriting of my memoir, I discovered that bureaucracies are shockingly vulnerable.

Once you get INTO a bureaucracy, you can do whatever you want, as long as you provide the right paperwork.

The Democrats are doomed. There are tens of thousands of Judas goats.

Trump is a long-term strategist. He understands that leftists always overreach.

The Judas goats are telling the Democrats to pile on in a frenzy.

"THIS TIME it'll work! Trust me."

The only reason piling on worked in the past was that people never fought back.

Punch Trump, and he'll punch back harder.

So the Judas goats tell the Democrats, "You didn't hit him hard enough."

Did you ever see the movie The Birds?

There's a scene in which Jessica Tandy is questioning her son Rod Taylor.

She's asking things like, "When will they come back? Why are they doing this?"

He's telling her he doesn't know, and suddenly she's screaming at him.


There's a moment of shocked silence. The real person has been revealed.

She's totally crazy, and she hates her son.

The job of the Judas goats is to give us that Jessica Tandy moment.

It's coming.

You'll love it.


@ThomasWic You know, for being all clowns, Democrats aren't very funny.


Well, drive away the voters that don't live in California, anyway.

"Hey, I know we just had a gas tax to purportedly fix the roads and we promised not to do anymore without voter approval, but here's another gas tax."

And then we approved the second gas tax anyway and the roads are still shit.

(And don't tell me it's because the proposition was worded badly - voters being retarded and unable to look up the ballot propositions isn't any more comforting).


California is the world's largest open-air mental asylum.

That is seriously funny

AND seriously scary

California is HUGE.

@maxwhiggery @ThomasWic

Unironically, there's so many examples of this.

Right next to the local community college, there's gas at 4.69 at a Chevron. One VISIBLE DOWN THE ROAD is usually 3.00ish.

@marleneroseb @Cdubois @prchrskd @maxwhiggery

It's a touch higher here in LA , where we drill the stuff and refine it too. Thanks Edwin Edwards daily for his "help"

@maxwhiggery @Kambeii @ThomasWic

Over the years, any time the difference in gas prices in CT & our neighbor states reached the point where I save enough to pay for the gas there & back, I take a ride.

I live quite close to the border now & frequently go the extra few miles for more than gas just to avoid giving CT the tax money.

Ten cent charge on plastic bags stopped my impulse shopping. Buy what I can carry or bring 1 plastic bag. See others doing same. Curious about impact on stores...

@Kambeii @ThomasWic And, reported recently, Newsom is diverting those tax dollars to "trains." Looks like Charlie Brown and the Football, over and over and the CA voters just don't get it.

@ThomasWic @ThomasWic Judas Goats and the Dems are playing the same game that's worked for them forever.

Trump completely changed the game and the rules. He's an expert since he's been playing the game his entire life. The Dems (and RINOS) are still tying to figure out the instructions on how the new game is played by reading the instruction on back of the box.

Rubio looks miserable because he finally GETS IT.

@ThomasWic Bravo. 👏 👏 👏

What the democrats think is "dumb luck", we know is actually judas goats. let em think trump is dumb and lucky though. better for Trump.

@ThomasWic Really missed your writing for a few days... but it WORTH THE WAIT!
This is so amazing and fascinating. God bless our a President.

@WatchfulCat @ThomasWic

You beat me to your statement. That was so fun to read.

We ARE gonna LOVE it!

@WarriorPoet @ThomasWic

C'mon, where's that new design?! It was only up for a matter of minutes.


The goats were almost completely eradicated from the Galapagos Islands due to the Judas goats.

I really do think your prediction will come true: the Democratic party will suffer electoral extinction when this is all over.

Some day, Thomas, you will meet the Angel who's been whispering in Trump's ears all these years. The Angel will likely want to (because maybe he has the desire already) to high-five you. Would be nice to witness such a thing.

@ThomasWic Damn right we will! These freaks deserve everything they get!

Can't wait!
(I guess it wasn't when they all raised their hands at the debate and gave the finger to Americans)

@ThomasWic Brilliant insight. I've heard this from you many timesbefore, but not as succinctly and as thoroughly as this thread. Thank you. Any way to "unroll" this?

@ThomasWic Thanks Thomas for explaining the Judas Goat theory again. It truly is a great time to be alive!

@ThomasWic Hahahaha!!! Love it already❤️👍Thank you for the thread.

@skhillx3 @Trickster @ChaplainEric @ThomasWic

Ever notice the terminally stupid believe wholeheartedly they're the smartest people on Earth .

They do it all the time! which is good for all of us that know the truth! hahaha 2020 is coming.

@ChaplainEric @ThomasWic
It is like the non-knowing reading the holy scriptures.....the words are there but the disconnect in their synapses make it all gibberish.

I wait with Norman Bated Breath......I know did different Hitchcock movie....but I had to use it.

@ThomasWic Now all the Jessica Tandy moments are precious to me! SO MUCH FUN.

@ThomasWic great thread again Wictor. Love your insight on Judas goats it's brilliant. Thank you.

@ThomasWic Boom....Wictor Out ********”mic drop”******* !!🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌈✨

@ThomasWic I have often marveled at how Trump seems one step ahead of the bad guys. I'm certain the Judas goat theory is correct. Great thread

@ThomasWic Excellent work sir.

It was profound to read this first back on Twitter, and it's proven more everyday.


My mom is almost 80 years old. She’s was a lifelong democrat. The democrats now make her cringe. She hates what they stand for with a passion! She’s the type person who speaks her mind regardless of whether or not it pisses ppl off. My mom was a diehard DEM. But she’s been singing Trumps praises for the past 2.5 years to everyone she knows and she’s been blasting Dems to everyone as well. If Dems turned my mom against them there’s no doubt Dems have turned millions more against them

@MarcusJ65 @ThomasWic Ditto with my mom. Only she's 93 and has had more years experience than your mom in being a lifelong democrat.

@torndollarbill @MarcusJ65

Gives me hope for my 86 y/o mother-in-law. Sort of. She chooses to stay clueless- and she's still sharp as a tack.

@Linnie @torndollarbill @MarcusJ65 this is my mother too .. Ijust cannot pathom how such an intelligent woman could be such a moron about politics !!! Yes I said it !!

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