A question for @ThomasWic & my American friends here.

Considering the White House statement saying US forces will no longer be in the "immediate area," could this be a concession to Erdogan in return for cooperation in pressuring Iran's regime?

I've also attached a map that is circling on social media, claiming to be an official Turkish plan of a "safe zone" or a "buffer zone" on the Syria border.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Erdogan doesn't learn.

In January of this year, ALL his jihadists lackeys were killed.

We can expect to see more Turkish tanks going up in flames.

The Turkish armed forces are no longer capable of fighting. There's no need to make a deal with them.

They aren't a factor anymore.

@ThomasWic @HeshmatAlavi

Could this be an excuse to deal with the captured ISIS fighters in some way, as the US says Turkey is now responsible for them?


@Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

Lots of people in Syria aren't who they seem.

With the US out of the area, the press loses interest.

That lets some pretty hard men and women get to work.

@ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

I tend to think Thomas is right. Trump will use this to officially pull back the US and then allow GCC to quietly handle things as they see fit. Trump trusts the Saudis, and will give them aid (if needed) quietly.


👍 If asked by the GCC. Trump promised this approach May 2017 in his state visit to Saudi Arabia which included attending a GCC summit. He very candidly, pragmatically, and respectfully stated to the summit attendees that it was time to recognize that the people in the room other than him held the keys to peace and stability in the ME. They call the shots. We would have GCC's back if and how they asked and how.

@ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi


Disappointed I cannot find in searches Trump's unedited full address to the GCC. Do remember taking the morning off work to listen and watch live. Nothing currently searchable presents what I watched live, continuous, on video that day.

@ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi


@SlackerX @ThomasWic @Mipsel

You champ sleuth! Did not come up on my searches, but watching your link now to see if what I watched on that day in May 2017 is in this (very buried on access on typical searches). ❤️ 😘


The mic was just handed to Trump. So far, this is CONFIRMING to me everything Mr. Wictor has said in the past. So cool.
@SlackerX @ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi


Yes! The GCC leaders at this 2017 summit were being addressed by an American President as equals and allies, with respect.

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Yes, you rock, thank you! POTUS addressing the GCC starting 20:13. The meat of the message begins 26:30.

@SlackerX @ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @SlackerX @ThomasWic @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

The trip Pres. Trump took to SA & on to Israel was fantastic. President said he didn’t want to change their lives, they had to control the radicals, etc. but he wanted peace and it was up to them. (Of course, this is my recollection in a nut shell.)

IMO Pres. is working a plan to allow that region to step up & take control of region’s safety. Pres. also said US would not be in immediate area, but not gone from region.

Agree, similar take here.👍 What strikes me from that May 2017 summit is that Trump will not so much "allow" the region to step up... but rather he respected that the US is not the expert in ME affairs... and would therefore stand down, unlike previous admins, unless GCC allies ask for help. POTUS, on his first ever foreign trip as US President, chose to travel Saudi Arabia FIRST, to speak to the GCC summit of many nations. ...

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Unlike former administrations, he did not bend over and bow for the cameras, while behind the scenes orchestrating arms transfers that would disrupt the region. Trump met them face to face, appreciated them as equals, announced the US sticky finger into their business in the ME was done, DONE. He exhorted and encouraged them to drive out radical terrorists. It was up to them.

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And if THEY call wanting specific Ally support, we will be there in the manner they asked. Support, not "the experts", who muss up everything. ❤️

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@SlackerX @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

It has to be this way.

In the past, we were given a false choice:

Isolationism or interventionism.

There's a third way:

Nationalist internationalism.

America first, but we'll help others IF ASKED and if it's in our interests to do so.

@ThomasWic @SlackerX @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi So true and that must have the America/ sovereign hating dems filling their shorts. *explains the colostomy bag that Hillary appears to be sporting.

@ThomasWic @SlackerX @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi
As was said by the British Empire: we have no permanent allies, we do have permanent interests.

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