I've said that Trump is a touchstone and diagnostic tool for mental illness.

But he's something else.

Trump is a measuring device.

He measures your individuality.

Your ability to withstand the siren song of groupthink.

I heard today on the radio that politics is causing Americans so much stress that they're becoming measurably mentally ill.

That is a dismal comment on us as a culture.

Here's what everybody is doing:

They're listening to people who they KNOW ARE ACTING IN BAD FAITH, and they take it to heart.

I don't care if I'm the only person on earth singing the praises of Donald Trump.

No amount of pressure is going to make me crack.

I'm right, and everybody else is wrong.

You bet.

Trump exposes weakness.

Yes. If you listen to the media and take it to heart, you are WEAK.

You are letting bad-faith actors influence you.

Trump didn't "fuck up."

He set another trap. This is clear as day.

But you have to be calm to be able to see it.

What were people thinking? That this would be EASY? That the enemy wouldn't fight back as hard as possible?

Why watch enemy propaganda? OF COURSE the enemy is going to tell you lies.

Blame yourself for not switching off the lies.

"Rudy Giuliani is an idiot!"

Because the enemy told you that he is. And you believe it.

The guy who invented mass infiltration behind enemy lines was a British general named Orde Wingate.

Wingate was eighty years ahead of his time.

Only now is he finally being seen as the genius he was.

Wingate was HATED.

He didn't care.

When he was a captain, he would bring an alarm clock to his meetings with superior officers.

He'd set the clock for an hour and put it on the table. When the clock rang, Ordgate would say, "Gentleman, you've wasted enough of my time today."

Then he'd get up and leave.

Wingate was one of my heroes from WAY back.

I didn't care that nobody understood him.

Their own limitations prevented them from seeing him as he was.

My own foray into military history was very short. The "experts" laughed my ideas out of the room, so I quit.


Privately, I continued collecting my information.

Did you know it's not possible to actually keep military secrets?

I can find anything.

I'm always right.

And Trump is always right. Always.

He prepared for his presidency for over forty years. This is real. You can see it in this profile.

Trump separates the wheat from the chaff.

If you're still looking to the media to tell you what's happening, then you deserve your anger and depression.

You brought it on yourself.


I think of Orde Wingate and his alarm clock.

He was said to have had no friends.

I would've been his friend. In a heartbeat. I understand him perfectly.

The way I do Trump.



You tell 'em, Thomas. Have they no sense of gamesmenship? I'd love to play cards with these people.

I can't believe the level of wimpiness. Some people need to buck up.

I would say it’s surprising the number of people that don’t see the pattern, but nothing surprises me with the left(or the rhinos) anymore. This is clearly a trap. It’s beautiful to watch.


Thank you seems so lame. It's all I got. You make me think. I love that!


The separation of wheat and chaff imagery is perfect.

One Biblical reference is to the chaff being the burned in "an unquenchable fire". Fear, anger and depression are burning fires in the soul.

@bwa_aptos @AvgJo @ThomasWic
So many idioms we no longer understand. Bringing in the Sheaves. Flails on Threshing floors knocking grain loose from the stalk, the cchaff from the seed, and then winnowed, tossed in the air so the wind can blow away the straw and chaff, while the denser seed falls back down, to be gathered up and cherished. The chaff (having done it's job) is no longer useful, is ignored, save for the bit used to fuel fires, or as mulch.

@pyotr @bwa_aptos @ThomasWic

Yes! As we have moved away from farming being a common thing, with many people now having never seen a wheat field or any harvesting, these phrases have no reference. Sad.

@bwa_aptos @ThomasWic

Those are wheat berries, whole grain. Grain=good. Chaff=bad.

These truisms were more easily understood when farming was more common.

@AvgJo @bwa_aptos @ThomasWic
In farming, chaff has done it's job.
Not so much "bad" as "mostly useless", or at the very least "not food". Not even for animals.

@bwa_aptos @AvgJo @ThomasWic
Oh raw, fresh from threshing wheat is edible. Crunchy granola edible. It will Stress test your dentures, but you can't get more Whole Grain.

@pyotr @bwa_aptos @AvgJo @ThomasWic

They turn into a form of gum if you chew them long enough.

Always liked a hand to chew on when my uncle was harvesting. I was in the 8-12 yr old range and we got to go with them out into the field and ride along on the combine and grain truck


"his concern for nuclear holocaust is not one that popped into his mind during any recent made-of-television movie. He says that it has been troubling him since his uncle, a nuclear physicist, began talking to him about it ...
His greatest dream is to personally do something about the problem and, characteristially, Donald Trump thinks he has an answer to nuclear armament: Let him engotiate arms agreements..Negotiations is an art, he says and I have a gift for it."


Oh, I don't know... Shepherd Smith can be very helpful to me when I'm in severe pain. I curse at him for his stupidity, laugh at his paid guests who tow the liberal line and really have a great time when he starts questioning why we're allies with Saudi Arabia. That's when he shows his arrogance and ignorance. I've learned so much from you and my Saudi friends... I'm grateful for the knowledge. Trust me, 15 mins. of Shep can be better than any pain killer when you're educated.

@Montchelle @ThomasWic
I try to laugh, but too often I shut it off "Bad for the blood pressure." says I, and go do something productive.

@ThomasWic I slept all through yesterdays news cycle and it was glorious 😁 I'm so glad I found you on Twitter oh so long ago.. I was a hysterical mess before the election, you calmed me down, showed me the light and got me to READ and COMPREHEND what I was reading. What was once nerve wrecking to watch, is now hilarious 😂 I can't wait to vote for President Trump again 🇺🇸

@bjnno1 @ThomasWic

I can relate. My 'specialty' requires that my work is inside a SCIF (Secure Containment Information Facility) Two computers, both with the same programs. One has no labels, the other has NOFORN labels all over it in addition to the default screen and separate passwords.

BTW, that NOFORN classification was on every page of the Ukraine transcript.

The beauty is I am essentially isolated from the world in that SCIF and it allows me the isolation to ponder the garbage.

@bjnno1 @ThomasWic I cannot wait to vote for him the first time. I am that person that michael Moore talked about . The one who is going to the booth and giving them the big f you to the dems. Different this time because this time they know they “do not have it in the bag” .... still angry I let them get me all confused last time and shame me enough to not vote for him ( no I did not her either) . First time in my adult life I skipped voting on potus . Pissed is an understatement .

@bjnno1 @ThomasWic did not find all of these brilliant follows - Saul - Thomas - Brian- Rex etc . Until after the election. I knew in my gut he was not a racist or moron but I let them make me question it but watching the election night results and their reactions were so incredibly telling and knew I had effed up by sitting not voting for him . Still so angry at myself today . I knew all the negativity was soooooo obviously a red flag but I was so conditioned by their decoration and lies .

@ThomasWic Yep. Just like me. I choose my friends and I can count them on one hand! LOL and that my friend is a good thing. 😂


Many thanks kid sir.

I was electrified on June 16, 2015 when Trump announced. I had seen him rail agains Japan on The News way back when. Never saw "The Apprentice".

It's over a decade that I have cut the cord -- no TV. One by one I have had to dump "conservative" blogs, so outdated, so fearmongering.

Trump is gathering "the wheat"in order to "form a more perfect union." The Golden Age of American Renaissance has begun, and I have a front row seat. GLORIOUS!

@ThomasWic you taught me how to interpret and see through the crap in the news & how to focus on Trump’s genius. I haven’t wavered in my support of him. My friends come to me for reassurance. Thank you for the education

I must say Thomas that I feel similarly about you.

Very few people, with the exception of maybe my wife, can understand why I am so calm on a daily basis.

You have definitely become one of my Heroes.

Between you and Saul I have ripped all kinds of spider webs out of my attic.


Amen. I'm with you. And all along I've suspected that the lefties' screeching about Trump's phonecall was about way more than Biden. The left KNOWS he didn't ask a favor. That's not even why they're panicked. They're panicked because they heard the new Ukranian leader commit to draining his own swamp. Well, they have a number of swamp dwellers who'll be bagged as a result.
This is getting really good!!

@Cdubois @ThomasWic The level of stridency today on FOX was crazy. I keep limiting my viewing and turning to Brit travelogues or music. Dan Fogelberg is a good panacea. Still astonished that one of the most beautiful voices was silenced by throat cancer.


Fogelberg was an authentic troubadour. Thank God we still have what music he made while among us.


@ThomasWic loved the article and as always, your amazing way of telling the story. I feel so sad for the many people who watch the fake news and are truly deranged. If only everyone had the privilege to read your words of wisdom ... God bless you Thomas !

@ThomasWic Right on the money, once again. This affirmed what I'd been thinking myself. Those who CHOOSE to buy into the Fake News media are very weak-minded. They ARE indeed the enemy. Why take marching orders from the enemy???

@ThomasWic I always admired Wingate myself. Did you ever read "A Fire In The Night?" It was a biography about him. As you probably know, Churchill was a great admirer of him as well.


I kicked back & just read this entire article. Unbelievable look into the man who is saving our country...& the world. Gonna summarize this most prescient point:

"The idea he would ever be allowed to go into a room alone and negotiate (nuclear) for the US let alone be successful in disarming the world, seems the naive musing of an optimistic, deluded young man who has never lost at anything he has tried. But he could someday happen."

What an article...what a man!

@ThomasWic Here in Israel he was always regarded as a respected hero, at least as long as I can remember. We have several institutions named after him, including the main school for sport education in the country.

Wingate drove the “Regulars” nuts.
His Chindits suffered some terrible losses, but drove the Japanese even crazier. He and Phil Cochran pioneered AF special ops.
Sadly ,he and a full B-25 crew died together hitting a mountain in fog


Ordgate's ideas were simply too advanced for the technology of the day.

It's only now that we can implement them.

I love the history lessons!

Everybody sit up straight and pay attention!

I myself never went to parochial school so I never had the pleasure of dealing with nuns.

My wife however went to Catholic School. She tells me the horror stories about the nuns all the time.
One of her favorite stories is when she went to school one day and there was a very small trace of mascara left on her eye from the night before.
The nun drug her into the bathroom and proceeded to scrub the makeup off with a dry brown paper towel.

@Zed_Leppelin @ThomasWic

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