I know that too many Trump supporters don't actually have faith in him, but you can't argue with THIS:

Trump has been preparing for impeachment for THREE YEARS.

As soon as he was elected, the Democrats said they would impeach him.

So obviously Trump has gamed it all out.

Even if you don't have faith in him you have have to admit I'm right.,



In three years, Trump would have been able to prepare for all impeachment contingencies.

If the House impeaches, then the House has to choose "managers" who serve as prosecutors in the Senate trial.

Did you happen to see Corey Lewandowski's performance when questioned by House members?

THOSE are the people who will be prosecuting Trump.


Trump will have his own private attorneys, headed by Giuliani.

Trump will also be able to declassify whatever he wants in his defense.

The CURRENT Ukraine nonsense is the result of someone being fed disinformation, and that person filed a whistler-blower report.

In other words, Trump set up the Democrats.


If the Democrats impeach, they lose the election.

If the Democrats DON'T impeach, their base sits out the election.

That's what this is all about.

Trump had THREE YEARS to plan it.

He knows exactly what he's doing. This was the mother of all traps, and the Democrats have fallen into it.


The time has come to STOP WORRYING about what others say or think.

Only Trump matters. He's in total control.

What he did was gain an unprecedented level of support by DELIVERING, and now he goaded the Democrats into threatening to remove him from office.

The "crimes" can't be explained.

And when you can't explain, you LOSE.


There's literally NOTHING to worry about.

Trump prepared for this for THREE YEARS.

Let that sink in.

He doesn't need anybody's advice. Nobody on Twitter or Fox has anything of value to add to the conversation.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

All is well.


@chrislavers @ThomasWic @Angela

With Trump ordering release of the full and unredacted transcript, the entire world is about to find out.

@Cdubois @chrislavers @ThomasWic @Angela ...and while he's at it I'ld like to see the last phone call from Obama to Iran before the $$ dump.

@Cdubois @chrislavers @ThomasWic @Angela
Dems are already saying they need to get transcript directly from Ukraine because they can't trust the one the WH will release. Other left loons are saying the Whistleblower complaint is what will tell the true story. Buckle up. I trust Potus is in charge; but it's going to be wild, and ugly.

@Penn4421 @chrislavers @ThomasWic

They've become nothing but white noise to me.

The "whistleblower" is a partisan hack who passed along secondhand information. They weren't even on the dang call.

"The leaks are real. The news is fake." - DJT

@bjnno1 @ThomasWic @Angela

May I use your meme? I love it. And coincidentally just made popcorn (with real butter and Parmesan cheese)

@ThomasWic @Angela
If the dem mob start the proceedings, those proceedings will have the largest audience in the history of television. The entire world will witness the swamp getting drained of all life.

@ThomasWic @Angela I think he has planned to lead them by the nose from the very beginning. He knew what sort of people they were, long before his announcement even.

@ThomasWic @Angela
In 1 more minute, Nasty Nancy makes her announcement. I wont watch it. Makes me want to punch my TV. I'll await you're take on it, Thomas.

@ThomasWic @Angela Wonderful thread Thomas! I can honestly say I have not been worried in a very long time, and I am indeed enjoying the show. A lot due to you, Brian, Rex and Saul, who I have followed from the beginning, and many others still on Twitt. It all just fell into place using trust and common sense. I thank you and everyone else for that! You all have made a HUGE difference.

@ThomasWic @Angela The fucker has guts!! Man I could never go there! He is definitely sure of himself.

@luvmycountry1 @ThomasWic @Angela

When you have truth on your side, and nobody owns you, you're working from a freedom your opponents do not possess.

It's the ultimate strength.

@Cdubois @luvmycountry1 @ThomasWic @Angela

So true. The Dem's are about to find out how dangerous that freedom is to them.

@SlackerX @luvmycountry1 @ThomasWic @Angela

Exactly. Trump is a foreign entity to them. In their world, it's "normal" to cheat, lie, compromise you opponent, break the law, take money-for-positions on issues, end up being owned by special interest. In other words, Swamp sludge.

Trump's world is the stark antithesis of everything they do, think, and believe.

They are going batshit crazy. And he's not lifted a finger to make it happen. They're doing it to themselves. 😂👍💥🇺🇸


"They are going batshit crazy. And he's not lifted a finger to make it happen."

And, there is a straw in this picture. Reeeee!

@SlackerX @luvmycountry1 @ThomasWic @Angela

@Helen47 @ThomasWic @Angela The Dimms have gotten away with their crap for so long now without proper opposition, they don't know how to handle being in opposition. The left has elected imbiciles and POTUS Trump, being the genius that he is, knows how to manipulate and destroy them.

@ThomasWic @Angela
Thomas I completely trust Trump that he has it all gamed out.

But I love the way you explain things and I especially love hearing the "All will be well".



The brilliance of allowing the swamp to drain themselves is awesome, I mean AWESOME!

@ThomasWic @Angela
Thank you, Thomas. Again. I look forward to peaceful sleep tonite.

@ThomasWic @Angela

Pelosi will give them inquiries, but won’t pull the trigger!
To all Democrats, shhh .. you’re tiresome.

@ThomasWic @Angela Fancy Nancy helped raise some bigly $$ for Trumps champagne without even knowing it. 😂🇺🇸😂😂

@Jaime @ThomasWic @Angela

There will be plenty of ‘champagne’ flowing next Nov 3rd 2020 😁😉...when Trump wins in a landslide!

@ThomasWic @Angela
Thank you Thomas ! I needed to read this 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@ThomasWic @Angela

Amen. And this latest thing is an explosion of genius.
The Dems can see what's happening, what's coming, but they're already in free fall, there's no stopping now. 😂💥👍🇺🇸

@ThomasWic @Angela turned off the radio & didn’t look at twatter. I believe in Trump. His speech in front of UN was amazing. His toying with DEMS has been masterful. I respect Trump. I trust Trump & you helped me get there Thomas. Gonna be a roller coaster ride for awhile 😀

@ThomasWic @Angela Everything you have said is proven by POTUS's trolling spree the last 12 hrs! He's out there for a reason!

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