Do you remember the Nigerian phishing scam?

"Hello! I am a former CEO of NakkaNakka Inc., and I got out of Zimbabwe with $100 million. I need to put it somewhere, so if you send me your bank-account information and let me deposit it, I'll give you $10 million."

Well, a California university professor became the country's greatest expert on this scam.

And then he fell for it.


The professor spent all his money and started selling things to make more, so his adult children had him declared incompetent so that they could keep him from selling his house.

When the professor regained his sense, he explained what happened.

He said that after being exposed to so many temptations, he figured that THIS ONE had to be real.

He got taken, so now he had to make up his losses.

So he fell for another one. And another one.


It's a combination of two factors:

First, Trump's enemies think, "THIS ONE has to be real. THIS is the one that will bring him down."

And second, they've been taken so many times that they have to make up for their losses.

This will continue until they lose everything.

The Democrats and the press don't have children who can have them declared incompetent.


That expert on Nigerian phishing scams was saved by his kids, but only after he'd blown all his savings and sold all his investments.

The Democrats and the press have blown all their savings, sold all their investments, and are about to sell their homes.

They're going to end up homeless, broke, and insane.


Nigerian phishing scams cleaned out TONS of people.

The very fact that you were taken makes you stick with it so that you get taken again and again.

Gambling addicts have the same problem.

"THIS roll of the dice will be the one!"

Trump is a psychologist. He knows that he's got his enemies hooked now. They'll keep falling into his traps until they're destroyed.

Count on it.


Yes, I remember scam I even got many emails over the years. How people are stupid or naive enough to fall for them is beyond me.

p.s. Trump is the king of stable geniuses and they all can't seem to see it. They are going to learn the hard way. He always gives everyone a warning or chance first before they lose.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

Nick Leeson, who brought down Barings Bank, believed similarly. He kept doubling down on his loss expecting a different outcome.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA Exactly! The same feeling happens with slot machines and lottery tickets. They are addicted to trying to catch Trump. Excellent thread and theory Mr Wictor!

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

That makes a whole lot of sense.

To think, that the Nigerian phishing scam victim is a picture of the Democrats.

@ThomasWic Sunk Cost Fallacy. Everything you said is exactly what took down that pathetic snake in a suit, Michael Avenatti.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA Thomas, you have just dissected “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

@WatchfulCat @ThomasWic @SusanInVA

Exactly what I said to my hubby. Unbelievably accurate assessment by Thomas.

TDS explained perfectly.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA Reminds me of “The Gamblers Ruin” math problem. One of the participants will lose 100% of their capital ( in this case credibility ). Hint: It ain’t gonna be TRUMP.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

What a great comparison to bring clarity to Dim insane obsession with one Trump 'going down' scenario after another. I keep thinking how utterly dumb these people are to keep falling for one MSM hoax then another and another.

Now it all makes so much more sense.

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic @SusanInVA

And every time Trump wins and they look like fools, the more angry at us they become. They can no longer step back and recalibrate, they can only press forward off the cliff.

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic @SusanInVA
When Trump has dirt on them but they have nothing on him. The paranoia of exposure.

@redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents @ThomasWic @SusanInVA

I won't vouch for the source (Gateway Pundit) but Jim is reporting this. Let's see if he is crawling back to find any credibility.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Ukrainian Secret Service Official Leaks Info on How Ukraine Funded Clinton Campaign with Stolen IMF Money

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA
You could say the same of those people who buy lottery tickets. "This one is it!"

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

When I was little my daddy taught me that nothing worth having is free, and if tells you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

I am an old grandma now, and these words are truer today than they were when I first heard them.

Thank you, Dad...

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

Wow, I thought I would never again be surprised by a Wictor thread. This one surprised me. Until reading this thread, I couldn't put my head around the fact that Trumps enemies kept falling for it. Predictably so. Thank you Mr. Wictor for putting my mind at ease. ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA

It's truly as simple as what I wrote.

They wanted so badly for something to be true that they fell for it.

And now that they've invested so much in their narrative, they can't ever stop.

Trump is in total control.

@ThomasWic @CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA

That does make sense. It is really the only thing that does. How else to explain why people like me, a (very) interested Aussie observer can see the pattern, but they can't.
Thank you Thomas. I hadn't been able to understand it before.

@ThomasWic @CancerousToeJam @SusanInVA
sadly the Battleship DNC IMPEACHMENT built for one single solitary purpose has, on it's maiden voyage fired it's 16 inch guns & scored a DIRECT HIT......



(I...can't....EVEN!!! LOL!)

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @SusanInVA

Exactly. 😂 we are witnessing events that if we were talking about them 10 yrs ago we would have had to be talking about a movie or novel. Trump is so far above his enemies, it is hard to comprehend. Half the time I'm asking myself.... wait is this real? Did they really say, do or write that? WTF lol

@CancerousToeJam @ThomasWic @SusanInVA
American Based birthed in the 1920's Died Nov. 8th 2016.

Trump's victory KILLED it, it just doesn't realize it's dead yet.

almost a CENTURY of careful, quietly implemented subversion of the American Nation via our Courts, Movies, Culture, education & News Media is being undone at LIGHT SPEED.

And they know it.

They just can't accept it.


Still wondering who the chosen one over dem side is? Thought is was gonna be Biden/Hillary? But, hmm? Warren/Hillary?

@DuaneCates @NotJustMe you really think Sanders would take the back seat to her? I think it would have to be Harris/Yang maybe.

@Ballerina @DuaneCates
Dunno, but still waiting for Hills to pop up in this mix somewhere. H. A. Goodmans been saying she will ever since he flipped from Bernie to Trump.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA Hahaha Good thread. Miss! Miss! Please hold this machine while I go to the ATM. I got all my money in there. Gets money sits down and nothing. Mumbles to self. Why you son of a b**ch. It’s gonna hit I know it. Miss? Miss? Lmfao 😂😂😂😂

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA It's like a gambling addiction. Just one more hand, and they'll make up for everything.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA
Now if we go back & look closely, we can probably find many instances where DJT has trolled the opposition so that they fall into this trap once more.

He will be doing this all the way to Nov 2020!!!

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA

Brilliant. Makes total sense WHY they keep falling for it time and time again.

@Pjlxyz @SusanInVA

I explained in detail what's happening and why.

Trump is putting out fake news.

His enemies--like gambling addicts--go for each story.

The more they invest, the harder it becomes for them to stop.

It's very simple.

@ThomasWic @Pjlxyz @SusanInVA
Emotional Investment.

As I've said before, the Road to HELL isn't paved with Good Intentions.

That's completely wrong.

It's paved with EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT in the WRONG Things.

Their intentions were ALWAYS bad & now every ACTUAL American knows it.

@ThomasWic @SusanInVA There's also a certain amount of projection going on. They are so corrupt, they are convinced everyone else is too. If only they wait long enough and look hard enough, they will discover the corruption of their enemy.

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