I absolutely love being right.

I've said for a long time that al-Qaeda in Syria--now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)--is actually commandos from the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Listen to THIS:

In the past, Syrians in Idlib Governorate supported HTS against Assad.

NOW, everyone is saying that HTS must "dissolve."

Al-Qaeda agreeing to DISSOLVE?

The reason that this is even being discussed is that HTS is not al-Qaeda.

THIS is where all the hard work pays off.

An interim government will replace HTS in Idlib.

This is the beginning of the end for Assad.

Do you know WHY Turkey, Iran, and Russia are agreeing to this?

In January of this year, HTS dealt the Turks the worst military defeat they'd suffered since World War One.

The Turks had gathered together all the Islamist rebels under the National Liberation Front.

The Turks armed and commanded these groups.

Under Turkish leadership, the National Liberation Front slowly pushed HTS out of Idlib, Hama, and Aleppo Governorates in northwestern Syria.

The Turks were strutting proud.

Well, it was a trap.

The Turks were lured deeper and deeper into Syria.

On January 1, 2019, HTS launched TWENTY-ONE simultaneous ground offensives.

By January 10, 2019, virtually all the Islamist rebels were dead.

The worst group was Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

They were as savage as the Islamic State.

OBAMA supported them.

Trump ended the support.

And HTS killed them all. Zenki was racing to the city of Afrin, when the front of the convoy was bombed.

Does HTS have air power?!

Of course not. But HTS is professional commandos.

This is the abandoned Zenki convoy.

As the terrorists ran to Afrin, they were all killed with mortars, machine guns, sniper fire, and antitank guided missiles.

That was the end of Turkish imperialism in Syria.

The Iranians and Russians watched the slaughter, and now everyone has agreed to a truce AND a post-Assad future.

Note that ASSAD wasn't invited to the conference.

If HTS were al-Qaeda, would they agree to disband after wiping out their enemies?

Of course not.

The first commando unit in Syria was Jaysh al-Thuwar.

In November of 2015, they were killing Islamists with advanced weaponry.

And they had fuel-air munitions that ejected explosive vapor upward.

The vapor then detonated DOWNWARD, directing the blast effect onto men hiding in trenches.

Think of the big Monty Python foot stamping down.

Our mistake in Iraq was winning too quickly, with too much violence.

The Iraqi armed forces and police disappear because they were afraid of us.

All hell broke loose.

And then Iran took over the country.

In Syria, the Gulf Cooperation Council took over al-Qaeda FIRST.

All the al-Qaeda emirs were killed by unidentified gunmen, and the founder fled the country.

So Abu Mohammed al-Julani took over.

Nothing is known about his background.

I always though he looked too NICE to be a terrorist.

He's the only "Islamist" rebel emir left alive from 2011.

Obama used the pre-failed plan of arming and training rebels.

The CIA and the Pentagon trained different groups who ended up fighting each other.

Trump stopped it all.

But the Saudis fooled Obama. They pretended to arm and train rebels, but in fact they were putting their own men in place.

They "hollowed out" the Islamist rebel groups.

Genuine combat footage stopped emerging from Syria in late 2016.

That's when most of the real fighting stopped.

Before then, you could see videos of people getting their faces shot off.

We've seen nothing like that since late 2016.

The Saudi and allied commandos operate in a totally unprecedented manner.

These are Islamists pinned down by machine gun fire.

As they lie there, a commando runs among them, throwing hand grenades.


I've never seen anything like that, but you can't argue with the results.

It's clear that the Saudis and they allies wear body armor unlike anything anyone else has.

If you use "non-Newtonian" material that hardens when the bullets hit and then becomes soft again, you can take shots to the head and not feel it.

We basically have no idea what Saudi and allied military capabilities are.

The videos I've seen are science fiction made science fact.

One bullet-proof man with hand grenades could take out an entire platoon of the enemy.

And that's how HTS utterly defeated the Turks in northwestern Syria.

Very small units of men armed with insanely advanced weapons destroyed Erdogan's dream in nine days.

This is why we don't need to worry about Iran.

HTS is Saudi and allied commandos.

They lured the Turks in and then destroyed them.

The Saudis are currently luring in the Iranian mullahs.

Take a wild guess about what's going to happen.


They are going to make their action look like internal sabotage, aren't they? 🤔


The Iranian people began rehearsing regime change in late 2017.

They practiced rising up all over the country, then moving from city to city, then moving supplies from city to city, and then recruiting members of the security forces.

One of these days, the protests will start, and this time they won't end until the mullahs are gone.

@ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude


As Trump was asked about Iran when setting for the press with PM Morrison in the White House, he seemed not too very concerned but did emphatically sum it up with "they are broke" to put a point on it.

So I am with you in that the uprising will commence sooner rather than later, at the right time.


Amazing thread! Thank you, Thomas. It feels like everything is coming to a head.


This was incredible information. Thank you, Thomas and have a peaceful weekend.

@ThomasWic Thanks Thomas. This is a great summary to the cliff hanger of your other videos. It brings everything together.

It also gives strong evidence on why Trump doesn't feel the need to have many or any U.S. troops over there. Trump would put troops if it was necessary for the safety of the U.S. Obviously, with this going on, he would rather use his resources elsewhere.

@ThomasWic I’ve had this stuff in my motorcycle gear for years. D3O launched in the motorcycle market first at least 8 years ago. I haven’t had to crash test it for real, but it is amazingly comfortable as it molds to you and I forget the pads are there. All the previous armor pad always made there presence known. I did get to crash test the old pads twice and they worked. But I felt the impact and had bruises. I tested the D3O with a ball peen hammer and felt nothing.

@ThomasWic That is amazing. I am curious to know if the military developed this, and it spun off commercial products similar to the spin offs from NASA developments.

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