Check out the schnoz on the kid in the third pic. Good Lord!


I was impressed with the pussy pink highlights on the little soy boy trying to run his mouth at the police.


@ThomasWic OhMaGawd Thomas! 😁😂😂😆😎😎😄....YOU ARE SUCH A HOOT


Drug abuse

Characteristics of malicious parent syndrome

Social anxiety disorder, basically the fear of being watched and judged by others

Antisocial personality disorder, a mental health disorder characterized by the disregard of other people


Is "ease of an ass-kicking" a disorder? I can almost hear those legs snapping...


I always wondered what would happen if the cops laughed in their faces.

There was some leftist crone-pundit jabbering on TV, and the host started laughing.

"DON'T LAUGH AT ME!" she screeched.

What if the cops laughed at these bizarre mutants?

@ThomasWic @Seedsaver I thought it was funny the reaction of the purple haired charmer at the end when they/ze/them realised the police were not interested and ignored them. Even that was enough. Quietened right down.

@ThomasWic Not enough soap in their mouths and belts across their butts. I watched the vid; wanted to belt the feral ingrates myself.

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