"The Saudis either don't believe the Americans or don't want to believe the Americans, because they don't want to be saddled with the burden to respond militarily to Iran because they understand that in such a contest they would be toast."

In 2016, the Saudis were using their own A-10 Thunderbolt, which they'd re-engined.

The American A-10 uses turbofan engines that whistle.

During low passes, you hear the whistle coming.


This is the lowest A-1O pass I've ever heard.

You can hear the whirling of the parts that make up the GAU-7 Avenger cannon and feed system.

February 27, 2016.


No whistling.

That means it doesn't have turbofan engines.

And THAT means it's not American.

Under Obama, the US Air Force was terrified of losses, so they did not allow the A-10 to be used in Syria.

The A-10 aircraft used in Syria were dark green.

American A-10s are light gray.

How did the Saudis get their own A-10s?

The answer is that they used the plans from the 1970s.

We never sold them a single example that they could reverse engineer.

The reason nobody thought the Saudis could build their own A-10s is that they would have had to build all the jigs used to put the thing together.

Well, when you have unlimited funds, you can do that.

And the Israelis helped.

These videos are all over social media.

I find it incredible that Fox News interviews people who think that Saudi Arabia doesn't stand a chance against the mighty armed forces of Iran.

Apparently they didn't see THIS video.


That is an UNKNOWN Saudi munition.

The physics defy everything that he ever been shown to the world.

The SPEED of the explosion is what's amazing.

Those debris towers were thousands of feet tall.

In the end, it's to the benefit of the Saudis that people are too stupid to understand what's actually happening, but at the same time, we have major media outlets putting out endless .

And these "experts" are always on the side of our enemies.


Iran was utterly defeated in Syria.

I stopped counting the Iranian generals killed by "rebels."

Qassem Suleimani was considered the most skilled unconventional warrior in the world.

The Saudis killed him in November of 2015.

These are the last photos taken of him alive. The mullahs have covered up his death.

What's depressing is that our "experts" simply parrot what Iran says.

"Major-General Suleimani warned Trump--"

Nobody has asked WHY has not made a single unambiguously genuine public appearance since November of 2015.

This guy used to taunt Obama.

There are no speeches of him taunting Trump.

The mullahs DID put out a speech that showed Suleimani giving a boilerplate speech, and the camera cut away while the word "Trump" was spoken.

But we haven't seen Suleimani in Moscow or Damascus, despite being told that he's gone there.

He's an ex-terrorist.

The Saudis intercepted at least one Iranian cruise missile.

Conventional wisdom is that there's no defense against high-speed cruise missiles.

But the wreckage in the desert shows an interception.

The fuel tank caught fire, and the missile broke up in flight.

Almost all "news" is a waste of time at best and misleading at worst.

It has to change.

I expect it will in Trump's second term.


Like everything else about politics, there is no consequence to being wrong. Chow down in the Green Room, wait for the check to clear.

@ThomasWic thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom, it’s greatly appreciated!!

What can you say? It's corporate media. Overpaid to peddle narratives of their corporate masters.


For all their chants to destroy the U.S. and Israel, why isn't this already accomplished? It's because they can't.

So it's not so great a leap to believe that they likewise can't destroy Saudi Arabia. This thread helps to see why.


Long ago, the Saudis said that if they WANTED to, they could level all of Iran.

I believe them.

But it's clear that they won't do that.

@ThomasWic @Wendy
That approach will lead to resentment from the Iranians who will bide their time to get back at Saudi Arabia.

@ThomasWic I think it is because the people of Iran are the Mullahs first victims

@ThomasWic ‘Expert’ is a joke when it comes to MSM or lefturds.


Iran put all their military propaganda eggs into the Suleimani Myth basket. They have way too much invested in him, to the point where his death would be an ominous sudden death by proxy for their own morale.

So now it appears that they're reduced to A Weekend At Suleimaini's reruns forever. And I'm sure Elvis is right there with him.



If you remember the lead up to the first Gulf War, the media and all of the fargin experts had their panties in a wad over the size and capabilities they fed to us about the lauded Iraqi Army.

They also told us of all the woes we would have over our 'toys' not being able to survive desert warfare. The world's fourth largest army, all those tanks. yadda, yadda, yadda.

I told friends the attack would start in an hour and they would see shit that would make their heads spin.


That was at 630 PM EST, January 16th, 1991 before a meeting we were having for the upcoming convention for the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) that weekend.

A person came in late and told us we were at war.

On went CNN and who could ever forget Bernard Shaw and John Holliman reporting for the hotel balcony.

Those people have never doubted me since.

@trueblueTEX @ThomasWic


Just kidding.

Hollimon later revealed that Shaw was hiding under the bed and wouldn't come out on the balcony.

@ThomasWic that's insane. This is the only thing I can reference it against: Ramadi 2005: small VBIED followed by Fuel truck packed with HE.

The video you showed looks like 25x the size, plus airburst to boot.


The best military reporting was Greg Palkot on Fox during the early 2003 Iraq war. He was always really loaded. "Heeeyyyy Shep". It was hilarious.

@athena12 @ThomasWic - he was good.

I think Rick Leventhal also did a wonderful job while he was 'embedded' with the troops....

@ThomasWic Fox News has Leftist Anti-Saudi Syndrome. They hear this crap from so many other media sources that it has sunk into their little pea-sized brains.

@ThomasWic Those "Experts" are living in a pre-Trump world. They still think our military is at an Obama era strength. They don't know about our MDTF, that has been implemented already in Europe. Either, they really are that stupid or they're aware and playing Trumps game.


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